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Stella F. Sabre. An upstanding member of Princess Luna's Night Guard. A mare of the most profane lexicon in all of Equestria and self proclaimed sexiest mare alive.

She is also embroiled in a lifelong prank war with her boss, the aforementioned Princess Luna.

After one such prank, Luna decides to up the game and really stick it to the batpony. By using a spell that makes Stella irresistibly drawn...

To hugging.


Stella is not amused.

- To be honest, I can't remember what brought this idea about. It's sat in my 'to-do' box for nearly two years I think. Then one day I got a little inspired and finished it.

I will ABSOLUTELY blame Flammenwerfer for this however.

Rated Teen for Stella.

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I got lots of good heartfelt laughs from this.

Mm, you're not the only around here to abuse Stella with extreme platonic closeness. :trollestia:

Cute, hilarious and Stella's in it? Sign me the hell up!

Funny and adorable!

10/fucking 10 my guy. Loved every goddamn minute of this :rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: "Rated Teen for Stella" lmao

EDIT 2: When Stella returns to the feature box

"Rated Teen for Stella"

If I wasn't already going to read this, that definitely sealed it for me. lol :rainbowlaugh:

But what was more unsettling was Luna’s growing grin. That… was not the smile of a sane mare. Of a well rested and level headed one.


“Huh? Was it something I said?” Ember asked as Celestia sighed again. Castle life was about to get interesting.

Then why are you sighing? :trollestia:

“I swear, you can’t even do something like a hug without it turning lewd can you?”

You're about to find out :trollestia:

Epona forbid she hug somepony really weird.


“Good morning Miss Stella,” Mocha Latte smiled at her as she strode in. ”One usual?”

Oh hey Mocha, always nice to see more familiar characters :twilightsmile:

"....Friend?" Stella turned her head. Midnight Song stood in the doorway, blowing her a kiss and waving. "She'd have made it fuckin WORSE!"

Yes, yes she would, and then we would have to rate this story "M for Midnight" :pinkiecrazy:

This was fun :trollestia:

This was awesome!

This should be rated M
Goddamnit Stella xD

Ah, this was delightful. Anything involving Stella is practically guaranteed to be a hoot and a half, and you delivered in spades.

Stella, the best guard:moustache:

Somewhere, Flammenwerfer is rolling in his grave. :heart:

Cuddle Bandit: Embrace the cuddles, Stella.

This 'Stella' is a very fun character, anyone have pointers to other fun little reads (or even larger ones) featuring her?

Can we get art of these scenes, please?

"FUUUUCK YOOOU!" Stella yelled, even as her body walked towards her…


"Thank ye kindly," Stella said and looked to Luna. "What the absolute dried cunt crust of a fucking whore was THAT!?"

"Oh don't gimme that 'I don't know shite' spiel ya fucking moon humpin' cunt! Ye know exactly what I'm feckin' talkin about!"

Such beautiful language. (sniff) Brings a tear to me eye, it does...

Oh yes, yes, This was wonderful. Even with the few writing errors therein, it was so wonderful. So good. So funny.

That was entertaining.

I'm surprised that somepony's ears didn't explode or burn up from Stella's lexicon of ammunition. Luna got her good!

That would have also been a good Prank Fredrick could have pulled on Stella in My Best Friend Stella series.

man that luna pony be trippin why she gota do that

The spell shall be simple and pure,
You will avoid lust’s allure,

That part is very important, considering who we are talking about.

“Was wondering when your lazy ass would get up.” [...]
“Eh, feck off,” Stella yawned. It was early and she was uncaffeinated. “Come over here and help me wake up proper eh~?”

Emeralda: "As you wish. Let me just get a bucket with ice water."

“I swear, you can’t even do something like a hug without it turning lewd can you?”

"No one is perfect; not even me."

“My lips are sealed,” Mocha giggled. “Your food is done, when you’re finished being all cute and fuzzy~”

In that case it will be never done... :raritycry:

It was harmless enough, despite it ruining her reputation, pride and image.

All things considered, Luna could have made it far worse.
But good to see she isn't that devious.

Stella bailed as quick as she could before the rabid fans ripped her apart.

Just imagine one of them asked for an hug, too.
Then another one...

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

10/10 would read again

I am really into non-consensual hugs and cuddles. Where can I find more?

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