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When the "Super-Stallion" movie franchise is destined for a reboot, the crew of the film, led by their director; Final Cut, relocate to Ponyville, seeking out the newest talent to act and help out in the film.

When the Mane Six and the rest of Ponyville catch wind of this news, they all decide to get involved... some in more helpful ways then others. Friendships are tested, morals are questioned and uncomfortable tights are worn as everypony gets ready to be a star.

This story will track the entirity of the film. From announcement to the reviews.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Cover image by Rainy Meadows.

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This a first fic for me. So comments are appericiated :ajsmug:

871216 AHHHHHH:pinkiesick: I am too lazy to read fic again. how about i just like your fanfic and i move on. Deal?:derpytongue2:

880809 okay. this has been happenng to me all day:pinkiesick:

I'll give this a look later. It looks interesting, I'll give you that.

881457 And I'll gladly take it sir

decent beginning and setup, writing style doesn't make me want to bash a skull in like some stories do.

Will keep an eye on this to see how it turns out.

VERY glad you didn't try to put your own personal spin on the canon characters like some do, change what others expect and it just leads to a disconnect for the reader.

881952 Well, if we changed their personalities, what's the point? Thanks for reading!

:rainbowwild: "That was... AWESOME!"

:duck: "I would disagree, darling."

:moustache: "It's okay Rarity, I still think you're perfect."

:raritystarry: "Thank you, my little Spikey-Wikey."

:facehoof: "I hate you all."

Okay, now that I've had my fun, lets talk story. Hilarious, but you had some errors. You missed capitalizing Spike's name once in the prologue and once in chapter 1. Most best is not a thing it's just best. There were also a few typos, that I imagine were a side effect of being excited and typing so fast. I look forward to more.

882924 Thanks for the catch mate. Just fixed it then. Thanks :ajsmug:

884547 Happy to assist a rather awesome looking fic.

885559 Thanks mate. The next chapter will be up in a couple of hours :ajsmug:

Haven't Rarity and Rainbow had this problem before? :applejackunsure:
This ought to be good.:ajsmug:

Angle is the gap created where two lines meet. Angel is the winged humanoid associated with god and also the name of Fluttershy's bunny.

Bag of oranges not bad of oranges.

To fucking funny man. Rarity's skill for business seems to be kicking Applejack's ass. I think Refined Taste might just be fucking with Final Cut at this point which is hilarious :rainbowlaugh: Director's aren't crazy they're eccentric and Final Cut is all kinds of eccentric :raritywink:

888745 We'll, that's embarrassing. Thanks man. Just fixed them.

890475 That's okay, I had a 5 in my with. Hope to see a little more Spike in the next few chapters. Keep up the good and hilarious work.

890494 Well, as you could have probably guess from the title of next weeks chapter, it'll be mostly the CMC, but don't worry, Spike has a big role in the chapter after that.

890506 Yay! :yay:
To many people have no idea how to use tags properly. Spike specifically is the most incorrectly used tag on the site. 20 chapter story and Spike writes the letter at the end so they tag him, but it's his one and only appearance, at which point I want to choke an author.

890534 Yeah... don't worry, he'll have a big role soon. Without spoiling anything, let's just say that the set up for chapter 4 will give you an idea of what he'll be doing.

890550 PYROTECHNICS! Kidding, unless I'm right, in which case go me! I'm quite excited to see his role in this whole thing. I'm excited for the whole thing at the moment though :raritywink:

Uh....'Mare of Steel'? You remember that a mare is an adult female horse, right? Super Stallion, remember?

Use either 'Colt of Steel' or 'Stallion of Steel'.

I recommend Stallion of Steel for its alliterative appeal.

890703 Whoops, Fixed! Thanks for reading :ajsmug: Hope you're enjoying it either way haha


You've got some issues with spelling and capitalization from what I remember reading this morning....

Aside from that? I'm enjoying it. Looking to forward to seeing this story goes.

890890 Yeah... side effect of typing too fast I suppose :derpytongue2: Next chapter will be up in a about an hour :applejackconfused:

immorality is being immoral, a favorite activity of mine. Immortality is living forever. Being immortalized is being known forever.

and we are here to our flanks off. Need a work in there after to.

Trollestia is funniest Lestia.

Going with the flow insanity here comes Final Cut!

CMC citizen bitch slappers go!

:eeyup: <--- Funny how much sense he can talk into someone.:twilightsheepish:

892195 That's why I love him so much :eeyup: Hope you're enjoy it

Brownie Point to anyone who can guess what the title for this chapter is referencing

893184 Sorry, I meant the title for the upcoming chapter: 'All the wierdos in the world :derpytongue2:

Spike, the blog king! Or maybe he's researching, hoping to get the part of Rarity's second in command.

Did you just recommend that I leave a part? party*

That's the only one I noticed this time around well done.

P.S.Strangely enough the title reminded me of Wayne's World, but I doubt that's it.

Just finished reading this and I must say that I am impressed. Some minor errors hear and there, but the characters are in character. You have fav from me!

Just finished reading this and I must say that I am impressed. Some minor errors hear and there, but the characters are in character. You have fav from me!

894727 Google the title, but don't post the answer

Looking great, especially with this humor going on!

Rarity looked back at Spike, she smiled at him warmly. "I'd never dream of it."

Somebody gets a cookie for making me smile :pinkiehappy:

slight lip in her legs. limp not lip

The two ponies looked at him as hey kept typing away. he not hay

Hilarious as usual man. Best line of the chapter "I might as well inject teenage rabbits with red bull." Brilliant!

An appearance from Iron Will, and you don't make him look like an ass which way to many people do for no apparent reason. Dude is just doing what he's good at. And shipping, lots of shipping.

her costume consisting of several leather straps, a whip and heels. Spike shall find nirvana this day! :moustache::raritywink:

:rainbowlaugh: "I might as well inject teenage rabbits with red bull."
I'm still laughing at it!:rainbowlaugh:

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