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Abstract Spectrum


AUTHORS NOTE: Despite the name, this fan-fiction has nothing to do with my OC pony, Abstract Spectrum.

Rainbow Dash has always wanted to be a Wonderbolt, ever since she was born. She's watched every show, owned every figure, bought every poster, and learned every trick. When she is finally accepted, her life takes several turns, for better, for worse. She has to somehow manage with life and the problems that become of it. Though on a long, evasive and complicated road, taking the wrong turns eventually lead to a dead end. Let's just hope she can make a U-turn.

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Definitely going to put this in my backlog of stories to read. I am slightly confused about the description of the story, and that the only tag is "Slice of Life", because the former does not indicate the latter whatsoever.

The chapters are a little short, but otherwise, colour me interested.:trixieshiftright:

Nice job recoloring Pinkie there for the cover art.
I see through your cheap tricks, Joker.

Oh and also that face...


666 words?! This cannot be a good outcome. MUST. TRACK. NOW. :pinkiehappy:

I feel sorry for all her friends at the end when she screamed, their eardrums must've been shattered. Even my computer forgot to start a new paragraph because of the length of it :P. I look forward to what happens next.

Why has nopony commented on your phenomenal story?

I am disappoint. :ajbemused:

4.5/5 :yay: for you sir, please continue the good work.

Devilblade out. :coolphoto:

Yes, I know that I will be leaving a positive review here when its done and I'm looking forward to it.

Keep up the great work.

Devilblade out.

Confound this author, he drives me to waiting.


Heh, sorry :twilightblush:

I'll try to update it as often as I can :pinkiehappy:

:rainbowderp: No way this can't happen to poor RD.

I hate you/love you for this awesome story sir.

Please continue.

:rainbowhuh: :rainbowderp: Oh hay.

Rainbow done did it now.

killed by a blow to the jaw
is curious and very bad luck

Getting fired for punching a person and having him lose eleven teeth? Seems pretty legit, although a pipe would definitely have done a better job...


Well keep in mind she also broke his jaw.

Dis gown be gud :3
But I recommend StalinViews though, I had one and they gave a lot of constructive criticism for stories.


Link to his page is hopefully correct, I'm typing from my mobile :twilightsheepish:.

is that a subtle tf2 reference i feel? or does that fraze come from elsewhere?

332791 not shattered, ruptured. if they shattered, well then that would mean that most of the time ponies have terrible hearing because of a non-flexible eardrum.

You have made it into my favorites with this fic sir, well done.

I loved this chapter and look forward to the next one.


Gonna have to agree with you on that... this one was kinda boring and rushed...

Pinkie Pie + Surprise = sisters SO AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

important blood-flow veins

i imagined
half his jaw being forced into his head
and i lol'd

This was a really nice chapter but it got to be a bit jumpy or confusing as to what was going on when Dash joined in on the show. I just feel like that part could have been explained a little bit more. This is definately a great story and I will keep reading on!

"GO!" Soarin' yelled. Suddenly he was flat on his face, and the timer in his mouth, with Rainbow Dash right behind him. He spat out the timer, as his eyes widened from one glance.

"Ten... milliseconds..."

"Wow! I guess I don't know my own speed!" Rainbow gloated, whipping her mane back.

"Un... unbelievable..." Soarin' whispered

This made me laugh very hard. I love this story, and it just keeps on getting better! Keep it up!

Now that was quite the curveball to the face...I love the story and hate you for doing this to Dash. I guess this will just be one of THOSE relationships.

Wow, now that is downright sad. I can't help but try and shake this nagging feeling at the back of my head that, when one of Rainbow's tears landed on the bronze medallion that meant she had become a Wonderbolt turned red or something, that something wierd went down and shit would end up hitting the fan later on. Does that actually have anything to do with what is going on?

More and more awesome...more and more depressing. Keep up this crazy stuff!

Well then, on to the dozen endings...

Ok, you are going to think I am a total prick but...what happened to this? It was going so damn well and then it just went sideways. It is like the end of Inception or something. I loved this story a TON but then the last couple of chapters kind of brought a steady decline for me. I feel that if you clarified some stuff and added a few details it would be once again insanely amazing.

Pinkie Norris Approves!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I love this story! I can't believe it was a dream! :D :pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss:

666 words. Oh shit.

Ten bits says I'm crying. *sniffs* Yeah I am.

Welp, time to watch Iron Chef America.

That's it. I'm watching.

Perfect. Just perfect.

'It was only just a dream.' -NeYo, Just A Dream

"I think I love him!" She shouted, her mouth hoof later.

"Yeah, sure you do." He said at dusk, rolling her eyes.

"But I kissed him! And he did not shove me away, that must mean he likes me too much!"

"Rainbow Dash, just because you've got to Wonderbolts mean ... wait, what? When and why?"

"A few minutes ago! And if I knew, why then you would not need a new door now, do you?"

"What did you do?"

Spitfire looked up from his desk and studying newspaper, when Soarin 'suddenly burst through her office door.

"I think she likes!" He shouted, covering his mouth with hoof later.

"Yeah, sure you do." Spitfire said, rolling her eyes.

"She kissed me! What have I, that I should also like!"

"Soarin, just because there's a new girl in our team does ... wait, what? She kissed you? When? Why?"

"A few minutes ago! And if I knew, why then you would not need a new door now, do you?"

"What did you do?"
It amused me mostXD

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