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There's something that all artists of music fear the most, the new generation. Some can't keep up with it, others just adjust to it and live on. One mare in particular couldn't keep up, she didn't want to. She loved the music she played, and she didn't want to change it. But as time went on, her time in the spotlight slowly ticked away. Her friends always loved her music, ever since they met. But time goes by, time brings changes, and they changed too. They were the only ones left who believed in her, but just like the old genres and generations of yesteryear, those thoughts and beliefs faded away. With no job, in Octavia's mind, she's got nothing to live for. What's the point in making music if no pony's going to listen to it? However, Octavia decides she wants to join Vinyl in performing the kind of music she makes that helps her stay on top.

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AUTHORS NOTE: Despite the name, this fan-fiction has nothing to do with my OC pony, Abstract Spectrum.

Rainbow Dash has always wanted to be a Wonderbolt, ever since she was born. She's watched every show, owned every figure, bought every poster, and learned every trick. When she is finally accepted, her life takes several turns, for better, for worse. She has to somehow manage with life and the problems that become of it. Though on a long, evasive and complicated road, taking the wrong turns eventually lead to a dead end. Let's just hope she can make a U-turn.

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