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When Soarin's training Rainbow Dash for the Wonderbolts they become the best of friends. They both love the same things, do the same things, act the same ways. They both fear that their relationship might grow into something more-And they try to avoid it. Lot's of awkward moments, confusing conversations, and the story goes on~

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Ahhhhhhhhh mcdonalds that made me laugh a good bit.:rainbowlaugh:

Great story so far! It is coming along great. I can see that this is going to be really fun to read. Keep up the great writing!

You are quite welcome. I love Soarin'-Dash stories.

Its... Kinda... Short...? No offence tho

2399943 I'm still currently writing :twilightblush: I only have two chapters written and posted right now though.

Mc Donalds:rainbowlaugh:
The weird thing is that when I finished the story there was an add for Mc donalds :rainbowderp:
:facehoof: oh well

LOVE :heart:THE :heart:STORY:heart::pinkiehappy:
have a mustache :moustache:

2412391 Heheheehehehehweheee I haven't even started chapter 3. But I will try today to start it, and finish it. Just for you and your wonderful comment :heart:

I see that mustache. It's pretty rockin. Thanks.


Its an awesome story! But can I just be picky about one little thing? Sorry, it's nothing massive! It's just the way you have spaced out some of your speech, you should try and have the same amount of spaces for each indent (If that makes sense!) It would make it neater and easier to read!
I am really sorry! It's such a good story! I'm just picky with stuff like that, but it doesn't change my opinion of this at all! :pinkiehappy:

2417594 Thanks! I have no problem with your comment :) I actually appreciate you telling me that it was sort of difficult to read because of it. I was trying to find what was best for the spacing, but I will try to make it better for the next chapter. Thanks again :twilightsmile:

2417620 Ah you're welcome! I'm the same as you, I like it when people tell me how to improve with my writing! :pinkiesad2: Anyway, I look forward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

OMG you put this yesterday :pinkiegasp:
stupid kindle fire:twilightangry2: it doesnt keep me updated I need to use the computer from now on...:facehoof:
:heart:LOVING THE STORY:heart:
WAIT if doctor hooves can travel through time he already knows whats goona happen :rainbowderp:
I NEED TO FIND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:
or you can continue writing the story :twilightblush:
(I put in a lot of icons....mmm....NAH):duck:

2430944 Glad you love it!! I would love if you could find The Doctor... But I've already looked all over the place -n- No sign of the TARDIS. So I guess you'll just have to keep reading!! :D

I loved it. A few grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors aside, it was AM-AZ-ING. It's hilarious. There were a few awkward moments in the writing, and a few things that didn't make complete sense, but it's great nonetheless. I laughed so hard I got strange looks. I'm pretty sure I understood most of the references, (that I found anyway.) Keep it up! I can't wait until there's more!

2442330 AHHH!! Thank you for the comment! I've been trying to fix up some of my mistakes and make my writing better. But You made my day! :D

hm...... regretfully, i do not remember the assembling of this 'day'. Is there perchance a construction manual? lol, I'm joking. No prob!


Relatively... speaking..

I know :( I have had writers block for this stupid thing for months, but I'm trying to get past it.

when are you going to update on this story again? it's awesome!:heart::rainbowkiss:

Seriously....Mcdonalds :rainbowlaugh:

......:ajbemused: WHY.....actually, who THE HELL CARES! :rainbowlaugh:

More more more more mooooooorrrreeeeeeee :flutterrage:

PLZ.... :fluttercry:

ERMYGAWD sooo cute!!! more!

please update this story. I love it so much!:heart::heart::heart:

Nice Maximum Ride reference, by the way.


I glanced over at Soarin and smiled. “McDonalds.”

They have MCDONALDS?!!???!!!!!??!!?!!

I think more is necessary for an adequate fanfic...:raritydespair:

Update plz? :fluttershysad: This story is really good :pinkiehappy:

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