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1/12/13: Editing of older chapters underway, so content flow between older and newer chapters may temporarily be in conflict.

(Final FantasyxMLP) After giving his life to save Cloud, Zack Fair awakes to find himself not lost in the currents of the Lifestream, but rather lying on a cloud in a strange new world.

A world full of colourful creatures called ponies, who have never heard of humans, much less Shinra or SOLDIER.

His appearance, however, marks only the beginning of something none in Equestria could have foreseen. In the shadow of an ongoing war with the changelings, strange, sudden, and cataclysmic events begin to occur throughout Equestria, events that no normal creature could've caused. The nature and ferocity of these events soon comes to suggest only one plausible explanation, that another former SOLDIER may have somehow found their way to the land of ponies.

Zack's former friend, turned powerful god-like enemy, Sephiroth.

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I'm not familiar with Final Fantasy but i'm going to watch this story ;)

Good god y'all why hasn't this been done SOONER? but other than that very good setting and i hope you can explain how Zack got his mentors buster sword.

Yay, Zack has another chance to live, but is he gonna start thinking about Aerith? After all, he still owes her a date!

:pinkiehappy: this is the expression i'm giving you to how your story is

It will be interesting to see how this will all turn out.

Never seen a Final fantasy crossover before. I'll keep my eye on this.

On a side note; What do you think would happen if Kefka ended up in Equestria? A deranged, destructive, peace-hating and psychotic God? I'd love, love to read a story like that.

743866 It is explained....in the game....

745696 Well, at this point he is, from what I remember, in an incredibly weak state somewhere around Midgar. My memory of the game is fuzzy, it's been a while since I've played it. That is assuming that the author chooses to leave Cloud Strife out of this fiction.

I really hope you do well with this, from a Final Fantasy fan's viewpoint. Not many people can successfully emulate a character's actions and emotions. One thing that I've seen someone do which actually surprised me was this fanfic with Naruto, but instead of taking off from a point later on in the series, he started off at a point in Naruto's life where he was very young and not much of the story revolved around him at that point. In doing so, he/she effectively changed the entire Naruto universe, from the occurrence of events to core elements and motivations of characters. He/She took an idea, and changed it around to make it their own. That being said, I hope you do well. :twilightsmile:


Sadly although I am a big fan of him I will be leaving Cloud out.

I will be trying to use Zack's personality from Crisis Core although I may 'tweak' it here and there...after all the concept of a new life would make us think about the way we acted in our old one and perhaps what we should have done better, so we'll see.

unsent, i know how Zack got the the buster sword, what i meant was how he has it now since he already gave it to cloud after crisis core, how does he have it now. but having read my comment i realize i wasn't specific enough. thanks for calling me out on that.:twilightblush:

no you were plenty specific. I knew what you meant as soon as I read it.


Finally a Final Fantasy 7 MLP crossover!:scootangel:

746536 That is true. I'm glad you've thought this out well. I look forward to future releases ^_^

Final Fantasy 7 crossover??

You sir just earned yourself a follower.


The reasons behind the Buster Sword will be explained in coming chapters as you will see :ajsmug:

If he does not become Gary Stu this will be good. Be careful.


Gary Stu??? :rainbowhuh: forgive my ignorance but I fear I don't follow...

FINALLY a crisis core crossover after the ending This will be a good story I can tell :yay::rainbowkiss:

Yeaahhh, I'm lovin' this need more, sooooon :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

That's an interesting way of getting Zack his signature weapon...
But! It's also well done! I have to give you points for Sticking with Zack's personality thankfully.
I would hate to see him act differently than what I remember him by.
So good sir, You earn the Serpenti Brofist!

May I ask if there will be a set time frame for future chapters? Such as like, once a week or so?

Oddly enough I tend to avoid anything associated with Final Fantasy 7(well technically I was indifferent to it), 8, 10, 10-2 and 13 like the plague yet, I actually this fic. Maybe it has something to do with fact that you do a good job at keeping the protagonist description simple and not overly complicated, you give room for readers who know jack shit about his origin to fill in the blanks and come to their own conclusions. You didn't spend four paragraphs explaining and gushing over said character. Another point I'd like to bring up is the use of side characters from MLP: FIM, you see because they don't have a lot of lines like the mane10 characters(Spike and the cmc's included), you gave yourself leeway in terms of character development.

In addition to the fic being well written and formatted. The pacing is nicely done as well, it clips by at a moderate speed and doesn't crawl at a snails pace not does it feel too fast.

Peace Out.

Oh and personal favorite Final Fantasy character is Sabin from Final Fantasy 6, the dude suplexed an evil fucking train.


I will try for once a week...however I am currently in the middle of my exams so I'm not making any promises for next week :applecry:

765256 Oh no, that's completely fine. I was just wondering because a bunch of times I start reading these and I look at when they're released and I see like "may 3rd, may 23, june 12543" and etc. But thanks for answering my question ^^

"Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero you need to have dreams....and honour." My favourite quote of all time.

tis going to be epically amazing.:moustache:

love how the story is developing and i may be mistaken but was it the aga level or higher level spells that split in three. also can he use all the materia abilities naturally or is he stuck with certain ones.:rainbowhuh:

last but not least first.

oh yeah forgot how the hay was zack standing on a cloud. i mean yes theoretically being a human/jenova hybrid he may develop the ability to fly but in crisis core only time he ever did was after he was dead and that was done with another's (guessing angeal) help. he never grew the wing or anything like sephiroth, angeal, or genisis.

True he may not be able to truly fly but, the fact that he's a human/jenova hybrid makes him able to tap into the natural magic around him. And seeing as cloud walking can be performed with magic it isn't hard to understand how he is performing said skill.

Soarin' was just lucky that Zack wasn't a fighting/monk class because in any Final Fantasy game(that includes the bad ones) the fighter are always the strongest character class. If Zack was cocky like Edgar from FF6, he would have said "Even without the sword I can still kick your ass." I'd like to see Soarin' try to lift the sword and give himself a hernia in the process or break his teeth because it's way too heavy.

I can't wait to see Zack pull off spell materia...

We all know we want it!

I still love the fact that you aren't deviating from Zack's personality, it keeps me from guessing what the hell he's going to do.

And the whole bodyguard thing?

I see what you did there.

765179 I love that fucking picture so fucking much XD

i guess thats true.
oh yeah i think it was tri firaga, tri thundaga, and tri blizzaga that i was thinking about earlier along with the materia double cast for six of what have you's.:twilightsheepish:
also does zack still have his summons materia because celestia knows i spent like an hour playing crises core fighting the shinra army at the end only using the pheonix summon then i gave up cause its pointless but then i turned around used it and curaga when screen only showed three left. probably one of few who ended with zack dieing with a full health bar. how does that happen.:rainbowhuh:


Summons will be included but I don't want to over use them or include them too early on...I actually thought for a moment about using Bahamut/megaflare (think that's how it's spelt) instead of meteor shots for last chapter, but then I realized there probably wouldn't be a lot of Cloudsdale left afterward

good to know about the summons and your right about megaflare/bahamut it would destroy cloudsdale. oh and for the love of luna no bahamut fury dont need to blow up half of equestria and the moon.

So far seeing this as the first crisis core crossover I find i great :pinkiehappy:, and now to wait for the next chapter :twilightsmile:

I don't have any issue with starting the shipping here. I will say this as a fan of the series, I'm just glad you didn't decide to use a crap Final Fantasy character like Titus, Squall or anyone from 13. I do think it would be funny have Soarin' end up with Selphie(FF8) because she would be annoying and never shut the f**k up.

Peace Out.

I love this story, please continue:moustache::moustache:.

I like this story so much! Keep Up the Flank Kicking Awesomeness!


On my honor it shall be done!! :rainbowdetermined2:


nice to see another chapter up! Can't wait to see the other ones and what they have in store! you have once again impressed me. I have no doubt I'll be impressed again come next chapter.

The mane six is in the tags. When will they appear?

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