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(Spyro seriesXmlp) Spike's always been curious about his race, but then again what dragon wouldn't be when all they've ever known is ponies? So when a spell book arrives that may offer some answers to his questions, with a little help from Twilight of course, the young dragon is overjoyed to say the absolute least.

Though when things somehow end up going astronomically sideways, Ponyville finds itself playing host to three unexpected visitors; three scaly visitors by the names of Spyro, Cynder, and Ember to be exact, each bringing their own personal touch of chaos to the small town.

Soon awkward and unusual situations arise, tempers flare with destructive consequences, personal demons and ancient evils threaten to rear their long suppressed heads, and Spike learns that sometimes, if you wait long enough, love will find you.

Inspired by this piece of fan-art I found (not mine) featuring Spike and Ember, and the short comic 'Spyro's back'

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Ember (voiced by Tara Strong) is a pink dragon who... wait what?
DUN DUN DUN!:rainbowderp:
Okay, definitely tracking

Your premise and setup is intriguing, I shall now like and favorite so that I may continue to see this story evolve.:twilightsmile:

A Spyro crossover eh?

I gotta admit, I'm surprised there isn't more of these.

I just realized something... Ember and Twilight Sparkle (Spike's Adoptive Mom/Sister) are both voiced by Tara Strong...


dragons you say, please do go on

811222 o_O REALLY?! :pinkiegasp:

Can't wait for more :D

Well this looks interesting. *Reads*


That said, this is going straight to our favourites.

I really think this could work, The premise of this story is really interesting but the only thing I want to know is, Why did you also bring Cynder and Spyro? Are you pairing them too?

Anyway, Really looking forward to another chapter.


Spyro and Cynder are (from memory anyway) paired in game. They are there for various reasons relating to Spike and Ember but I don't want to reveal too much right away.

813285 you need to think about this
it is ganna be hard to mistake the two if that is what you are going for.
Spyro has horns, wings, his spine scales are yellow while Spike's is green
so Cynder wouldn't mistake them if that is where you wanted to take this
if you were going for Ember for him then forget i said anything.


I understand your point and just to clarify said 'mistaken identities' were never directed at Spike and Spyro (for reasons which you have clearly stated). As said before however I am not one to let on too much before I write it...so you'll just have to wait and see what I meant :rainbowdetermined2:

827650 as i said, if you werent going that way, then pretend i didnt say anything

I like it alot already. :rainbowlaugh:one thing that bugs me though is:

"...was straight looking at..."
every time I read something like this, it throws me right off, causing me to re-read parts all over again.:rainbowhuh:

but still, very good

Fan fucking finally why the fuck did I not see this Before I mean I fucking searched the Internet and couldn't find a fic as good as this so far


Well...wow, thanks :rainbowwild: I'm glad you enjoy :twilightsmile:

859952 enjoy it I fucking love it it's just just fucking amazing I mean I'm a fucking fanatic for spyro

Honestly I have to agree that good Spyro/MLP crossovers are too few and far between. Thank you for helping me indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

>>Bookmaster dude........use some punctuation........:rainbowhuh:

Great story so far, Cant wait until the next chapter.
(And I cant wait until I get enough chapter so I can write a long ass review, Its just my thing XD)


I will happily await your review in due course :pinkiehappy:

860962 no I just live the spyro series and mixing it with mlp just makes it better

I've never got into the Spyro games, but I always love stories that involve dragons as a main character. hope you luck for your future chapters.

Comment posted by pwny deleted May 22nd, 2014

What so this is early on in the games? because by the end of the games she is clam and more like playfull? idk i dont really care i just want to see what happens to spike and what the hell rarity says about it? Dis gonna be good

Where the hell is spyro ah and yes I mistook this for a completely different crossover but it's still good I thought it was after spyro dawn of the dragon not skylanders unfortunately It is not the fic I was looking for but I will definitely read this


I know Cynder changes...but I guess it just gives me more of a character to play with when she's sarcastic...:derpytongue2:

Prior Note: After looking up for characterization purposes I’ve found Cynder is actually very dark violet (almost black but not quite) so I’ll be making a few changes when I can.

Well technically, Cynder was originally black. She only became that dark violet color after Activision took over the Spyro franchise.

I'm going to assume that since this is supposed to be the Skylanders version of Cynder (and I like how you've personified her and integrated her Legend of Spyro backstory into a Skylanders form) that this is also your interpretation of a Skylanders version of Ember as well. If so, I like how you've managed to create her personality. I also like that you pointed out that Ember is like the dragon version of Pinkie Pie. I also assume that's how you created her personality for this story.

Something tells me that Ember and Pinkie are going to get along great with each other.

:/ is this a mix of sky landers and the older spyro games? Cause if so don't forget all types of cynders breaths


Pretty much is a mixture...so yes...I'm planning on having cynder teach Twilight a couple things in coming chapters (metophorically speaking)

Exasperated statement; Apparently Fluttershys limitless fear robs her of inteligence and/or common sense at times.

Nice to see Spyro's finally awake, I was starting to think he'd remain unconscious through the entire story:twilightsheepish:. For some reason Ember rubs me the wrong way, not quite sure why but maybe it's because she's pink:pinkiecrazy:. (I kid, the few seconds of her I ever saw made her seem too submissive.)

And I was fully expecting Spyro to say that being summoned to another world against his will "Isn't exactly new." However, the story said something about the Skylands correct? Considering Cynder didn't pop up 'till the second Spyro and Ember only appeared in games with the original, I have no idea which one he is. Is he the one from the Insomniac games, the ones where Cynder was introduced or Skylanders?

Or something completely separate, a timeline specifically created for this story?

poor Fluttershy :facehoof:

I like all the references of the similar voices, I should keep that in mind:moustache:

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