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(Star Wars/My little Pony: Friendship is Magic Crossover)

Riggs Dantion, an Imperial TIE-Defender Pilot of Shadow Squadron finds himself on an uncharted world after a horrible hyperspace malfunction. Forced to make planet fall and to make contact with the peaceful locals, this Imperial Commando will face new challenges. But, a dark shadow is starting to emerge from the horizon. One that will threaten this isolated world with the horrors of mindless conflict and endless war.

Will Riggs come out of his hard shell, look beyond his troubled past and help this world from ripping itself apart? Will he ever get his hyperdrive fixed and get off this strange rock? Will Riggs ever see his squadron again?

Only time will tell.

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Is Riggs part of the empire or is he a traitor because i lost track after a bit

6935810 He is part of the Empire, but technically now he is a traitor since he and his squad are part and fighting for Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin forces. The same guy who tired to kidnap the Emperor and take the empire for himself.

This is basically Imperials vs Imperials. The forces still loyal to the emperor and Grand Admiral Demetrius Zaarin forces.

6936359 thx good to know. It's actually pretty rare to find an imperial soldier fanfic or in your case pilot.
Also keep up the good work

6936691 Yeah i know, you usually get stories about famous characters or hero's with there powers and special abilities. Its a nice change to finally get a story about an everyday man (or in this case soldier) Of the Galactic empire.

Also thank you for your support. ^^

I was scared that this concept might be a flop and its nice to know that in the end its not. That it is actually well received.

6936823 your welcome can't wait to see next chapter

6936898 Long finished, it just needs to be proofread and edited by my editor. :P

6938006 Stop being so hard on yourself. I'm glad that you where there to help me make this fic a reality :)

6938016 No you don't, Your getting half the credit for this fic if you like to or not. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is gona be intresting rarely i see a pilot fimfic story here good luck on making the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Interesting story but I got to ask are the ponies and throw or human or just plain ponies because your tag just simply says human

6938356 Again, chapter 2 is already done. All it needs is some proofreading and editing.

6938426 Uhm....i don't understand? But the ponies are ponies, and the main character obviously is a human imperial pilot.

6938440 sometimes when I see human tags Fanfiction on a Fimfiction usually means that everyone is human that's why I had to ask if the ponies are ponies anthromorphic or human

I like TIE Interceptors the most.

6938730 Nope they are all ponies don't worry. ^^ I'm no fan of anthro :P

Only the main character is human.

6939487 I love the interceptor design as well. But they still have the same problems as the normal Tie-fighter, No shields, no life support, and no hyperdrive.

6940261 too bad you're not an anthropomorphic i've read some of the stories and seen some art I'm impressed

6940622 uhm what stories and what art?

6940694 here are some random samples























There's a lot of them hope you get a chance to look at it when you can

6936359 Oh, so not only a TIE fighter game craft but the storyline too. Does that mean we'll be seeing Thrawn at some point?

6941391 Doubt it, since this is going to be a story focused on Riggs and his adventures on Equis. With his ship, droid, weapons, and overall skills and many years of experience. (mostly combat and survival based experience)

Thrawn might be features in some of his flash backs of his past. But no promises.

6941440 A shame. Thrawn managed to have impact for over 30 years after his death... according to the old canon.

6941425 hope you like them both the pictures and the stories

6941506 I really have no time to read them. I am busy with my own art, and i need to start writing chapter 3 soon.

Also as i said i am not interested in anthro at all, sorry. :(

6941538 just wanted to show off some stuff I saw no biggie

Can't wait for the next chapter!

6949152 Once again, Chapter 2 is long done. All it needs is some proofreading and editing.

You are horrible for leaving us hanging!

(But seriously,this is grate.)

7047216 What does that mean? Also is Applebloom in heat again?

7047258 My Editor was busy, so progress was super slow.

As a heads up chapter 3 is almost done as well, all its needs is some editing as well and i have no idea how long that will take. =P

I bet that Riggs is going to crash into the dragon

7047358 that means I love the story and yes, yes she is

7048591 Oh i see...than you better help her than :ajsmug:

7048635 who says I haven't already?:ajsmug:

7049946 Do you have an OC? I can make your dreams true with a sketch.

7049952 yes it's quite the cringe since I haven't made on in a while

7049962 So what is it. Do you have one or not?

7050006 yeah i do ill PM it to you

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6949152 I'm glad this is getting such a positive reception

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