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Northern Desert

Hello Everyone, I'm Northern Desert and this is my user page. I'm a fan who loves crossovers, Pokemon, Bionicle, Lego, and other general nonsense. Witness now as this silly author writes horse words!


The life of a villain can have its highs and lows. You have to build it up, mold yourself based on what you want to be. The bar for being the villain isn't that high. Hell, all you have to do is preform some evil deed.

An evil overlord on the other hand, that takes things like planning and common sense. You can't just expect to get what you want by throwing magic bombs or having some dastardly plot that has so many holes in it that it will inevitably fail when some heroic group decides to put you under.

It's even harder when you have magic powered deities who will stand in your way, like what I have right now. So no, it's not easy. Sorry buddy, domination of anything takes time.

Back to me though.

The multiverse is filled with countless possibilities. I am now a member of this mess of worlds and universes. Now in a land unknown to those who haven't watch a kid's show, within a body foreign to me, I must face those who are considered gods.

My old identity matters little and I only have one purpose now. And unlike those colleagues of mine, very kind of me to consider my fellow villains colleagues, I have a plan to outdo those who would stand in my way.

So join me on my little quest and watch as an evil overlord builds his way to the top. After all, we all know you came to see the villain, not some ridiculous heroic youth embarking to face the forces of evil.

I am Makuta Teridax, Master of Shadows.

Let's face it, everyone's rooting for the villain............

I just want to thank all of you who have supported my story A New Wheel. I also want to thank Ssendam the Masked, the one who inspired me to start writing displaced fics with his own Teridax.

[This is a Displaced Fic]

[Will have foul language and violence]

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A new Bionicle Displaced! YAY!
And a Makuta one! Double YAY!

Hmm, this definitely shows promise, but you seriously need to find an editor or someone who can clean up all those errors in punctuation, grammar and spelling. I nearly gave up because it's awkward to read.

Well, I must say that this is quite the impressive backstory. Perhaps at some point in time my warriors of Chaos can converse with Teridax.....

Wait, wasn't there already a Makuta one? It was among the first Displaced, ended only recently?

6505019 So? As long this doesn't getting SCREWY WEIRD, the potential so far is worth at least tracking this story.

I like what's been written so far but the one thing that has ALWAYS bugged the crap out of me is that the Displaced almost ALWAYS just keep to the this or that, that their costume turned real knew. PLEASE, have this guy flesh out his abilities! Learn a few more tricks, take up juggling, tap dancing, SOMETHING! Maybe learn a few, I don't know, SPELLS, maybe? SOMETHING!
Okay, through with my rant, waiting for more!:pinkiehappy:

let me know when you want to do a crossover good sir, id be interested to see where it leads. :moustache:

Hell, I could make some loyal Rahkshi minions.

Gotta love the Rahkshi.

6503909 That doesn't sound like a bad idea!
6504124 I love attention. What can I say though, everyone loves them robots!
6505313 That's the thing about Teridax, he is always looking for an advantage to win. So if he has the ability to learn Equestrian magic or use powerful artifacts, then he will abuse the crap out of it!
6507740 I guess you can say.....They Rock :trollestia:

6512803 OH, THANK YOU! Sorry about the rant but that has ALWAYS bugged me, the staying within the confines of what the character they had dressed up as and are now wouldn't even work if they had been dropped on the character's home realm! Heck, it'd be even WORSE then! Even the janitor would know your abilities not even getting into strengths and weaknesses but an unknown location/realm? Only if you have no will to live.

6512959 Yeah, I've broken off the trend of most displaced by setting my character away from Equestria or that turning to stone stuff. While I have no issue with it, I feel like it can be overused and predictable. What I'm doing with Teridax is different in certain aspects. As you can see in the first chapter, he's already going a bit nuts due to his transformation. You will see his slow descent into the deep pits of insanity as he comprehends his new powers and knowledge.

Another thing I have going is the change in his behavior, from childish to serious. My character knows of Teridax's faults and will struggle to not preform the same mistakes. I also have this nifty list to use so that I don't make him some cliche villain.

All and all, I plan on making the playing field even on both sides. Teridax is a being with great power and intellect, therefore he must have foes who are just as powerful.

Teridax is the perfect example of the chessplayer in the shadows, and I plan to use that to its fullest. Because in the end....

He has to win, no matter the cost.

By Tzeentch, you have done well. Also, for some reason, I loved the Makuta rave thing.

Also, on occasion, you should do something in Matoran. You know their language, right?

Granted, Idk how the hell you can do such a thing. But others have done it.

I am thinking Eris being the "She".
This really had some serious possibilities and it just gained some more! :pinkiehappy:
I am SO looking forward to more.

6513029 like I have said before, I'm willing to do a crossover if you want. and in the process give your makuta a few worthy enemies possibly.

OK, some typo's but you got Terdax down quite well. This has potential. May I suggest a pre-reader?

Evil volcano lair confirmed? Let the dream be real!

Screw the Evil Overlord List, volcano lairs are awesome!

6513719 Go the way of "Superjail", way in the middle of the volcano lava/magma pool:pinkiecrazy:

I applaud you, sir! you have made me favorite both of your stories! Though, the only criticism I have is this all happens a bit quickly...

Is she Madness?
Or as said by a comment before .... Essence.

6513662 Do you want yo pre-read it? I would be grateful if you would consider it!

Sorry if i sound rude but i noticed a mistake in your story's desc

You can't just expect to get what you want by throwing magic bombs or having some dastardly plot that has some (<---So) many holes in it

UPDATE! And two of them! :pinkiehappy:
I am SO loving how you have this guy both intelligent AND capable. Something that's surprisingly hard to wright and coming across it real life? It's like coming across a He-man or any of the Joe's that're actually WILLING to upend the status quo and KILL the bad guy.
Though in that GI-Joe movie "Resolute" they actually do kill one another, surprise, surprise!

The whole lot of the interactions made my morning, except where Dissy got violent but it's understandable considering what was happening

6537534 Yeah, It really irks me that heroes find that by imprisoning their enemies in so dark hole, that they are being merciful. Put the poor bastards out of their misery.
6537556 Discord is an interesting character, and I hated what Tirek did to him.

when he said bye like that i was thinking of dbz popo abridged

6537567 It's not like the "Good guys" are actually TRYING to "win" in the first place!
They've got it made far to well with the bad guys alive, well and free. GI-Joe for example
Joes to country mortal enemies to the US: "Cobra is in and operating in your country!"
Country leaders Squealing like little girls: "GET'EM OUT! GET'EM OUT! GET'EM OUT! GET'EM OUT!
Joes spend two maybe three days ousting Cobra then spend a week or two touristing.
Seriously, WHO in their right minds would throw away THAT setup?

Yeah, they're fucked.
Exclamation: Please sir, stop!

Oh my god, it's almost like he is using a list (cough cough evil overlord list cough cough.)

I got something to beat his displaces google, fimtube you can watch any displacement from their first days of being displaced to how they are now.

Beet that and no you can't use this, this is my idea.

Another one of my trinkets was a vial of blood. Not simple blood, mind you, but blood from a Cthulhu displaced. Nice guy. He also had a girlfriend, they both seemed happy with each other. I got the blood during one of his recent scuffles…I’ll make a note to keep an eye on them.


finally someone who thinks about the villans of mlp like i do

6553475 The main issue with MLP FIM villains is that they are meant to lose. I find issue with this since I personally love the villain in fictional stories/media. So, my hopes for this story is to give the world of MLP FIM a decent villain. They already have the power to fight back and hold their own, so why shelve out pointless villains that only last a week at most.

6539506 XD that gif!

6553557 i hope there is going to be a villian who is like king ecbert from vikings because you should never mess with him

6553557 but on the map of equestria are beyond that is known who knows what hides there or mabe celestia knows and is just hiding it

Finally! someone uses the fucking list. You, my good sir just gained a follower:)

Whelp, time to get into the bunker. ( looks off into the distance ) Shade, prepare the black hole cannons.

Oh man the ponies are doomed they will not survive good work on this keep up the good work and can't wait for next one

Good job you are good at making story's I hope you make more stories like this

Good chapters can't wait for the next one

It's Alive! And Eric did this? Was not expecting that. Ok, maybe I was a little, but only because I read that other story with the bird guy.

He screwed up doing the villain's monologue thing while he had his enemy at his mercy.

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