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Hello Everyone, I'm Northern Desert and this is my user page. I'm a fan who loves crossovers, Pokemon, Bionicle, Lego, and other general nonsense. Witness now as this silly author writes horse words!

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[Rated T for foul language and small amount of violence!]
[Crossovers with Undertale and MLP]
[Warning!!! Displaced story!]

Equestria's local draconequus, Discord, is not pleased with his standing in the land of ponies. He doesn't want to be tolerated or feared, he wants to be praised and admired! And yet all he seems to be is that annoying neighbor that others seem to barely deal with.

With his betrayal in joining Tirek and being useless in Starlight Glimmer's recent time shattering attack, Discord has found his happiness saved twice by Princess Twilight. While she and her friends will be remembered for centuries as the ponies who stood up to countless challenges and saved the world itself more than once, all that will be remembered of the draconequus was his short tyrannical reign.

That is not something Discord wants, and he's desperate to find a way to gain the admiration and fame that his seven friends have achieved through their countless selfless acts of duty. So, how does a draconequus like Discord go about winning the hearts of Equestria?

By creating a fake quest with false dangers, villains, and world threatening circumstances of course! In order to be the hero of the story, he needs to create one first, and there's an entire multiverse full of resources he can use in his quest.

Now he just needs to find the right 'partner in crime' to help him start his 'quest'...

A big thanks to SnapDrakeGames for looking over the first two chapters and editing it!
Also to DJSkywalker who gave some great ideas for this story!

New and improved Displaced story set for one comedic adventure. I appreciate criticism and suggestions, and thank you for giving this story a chance and reading it!

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[hiatus for now, this project is far bigger than I originally planned and I need to rethink some things regarding the story!]
The planet known as Equus is home to many magical and unique creatures. Has the planet had its ups and downs? Yes, with countless challenges that threaten to shake the harmony of the world. However, where there are those who seek to destroy the harmony and peace of the land, there are also those who seek to preserve it. Good has always come out on top, battling against impossible odds and overcoming difficult challenges not through strength, but with wit and kindness.

But now a new change has come to this world, one alien and different then some might like. For Arceus, the creator of all Pokémon, has brought to Equus himself and his people. Can these two different worlds coexist and work to continue a future filled with hope and peace?

For now an old evil awakens, and with him comes about a plan set in motion long before the Princesses of Equestria or many of the other kingdoms that exist in the world. This baddie is back and he's looking to stay, and it is unlikely that he will go down as easy as the other villains the heroes of Equus have had to face.

This is a Non-Canon Wayverse story! This story is inspired by Zeusdemigod131's story, "A New World, A New Way"!

"A New World, An Old God" is also inspired by World Of Warcraft's "Old Gods", Gravity Falls "Bill Cipher", and H.P. Lovecraft's "Outer Gods". Also defined as Eldritch Abominations , these creatures are not of our world nor any other, and are unfathomable in their own regard.

While these creatures are terrifying in their own regard, the story shall take the creatures in a lighter tone, following more along with Adorable Abominations trope. So, don't let this deter you from taking a peak at the story!

Editors: The Ever Fabulous Glitchhunter5000! Glitch helps out a lot, so I want to thank him for pitching in!

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The Volatile Hydreigon, an infamous Pokemon pirate crew lead by a man named Hadrain. When not exploring their world or investigating the many secrets is has to offer, the outlaws raid other sea vessels for supplies and money. But when the taking of a tourist ship goes from bad to worse, a strange force plucks the pirates from their world.

Now stranded on an island shrouded in mystery and no intact ship present, the crew must look to survive in their new home. But with these swashbucklers separated and their captain no longer the human he once was, can they reunite a brave the challenges this new world has to offer? Will their ambition to explore these new seas come to life, or will they fail to rebuild what they once had?

This is a side story to "A New World, A New Way" by Zeusdemigod131! This story is also inspired by the Mystery Dungeon series, exploring is magic my friends!

MLP:FIM is owned by Hasbro, Pokemon is owned by Nintendo! I own no rights to either series.

A shout out to Glitchhunter5000 for proof reading chapters 1&2!

[Rated T! May contain naughty words and cartoon violence :3]

Cover art is in the works...by that I mean I have nothing yet, so if you know of anyone let me know! Constructive criticism is appreciated and I hope you can tell me what you like and don't like about this story.

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The life of a villain can have its highs and lows. You have to build it up, mold yourself based on what you want to be. The bar for being the villain isn't that high. Hell, all you have to do is preform some evil deed.

An evil overlord on the other hand, that takes things like planning and common sense. You can't just expect to get what you want by throwing magic bombs or having some dastardly plot that has so many holes in it that it will inevitably fail when some heroic group decides to put you under.

It's even harder when you have magic powered deities who will stand in your way, like what I have right now. So no, it's not easy. Sorry buddy, domination of anything takes time.

Back to me though.

The multiverse is filled with countless possibilities. I am now a member of this mess of worlds and universes. Now in a land unknown to those who haven't watch a kid's show, within a body foreign to me, I must face those who are considered gods.

My old identity matters little and I only have one purpose now. And unlike those colleagues of mine, very kind of me to consider my fellow villains colleagues, I have a plan to outdo those who would stand in my way.

So join me on my little quest and watch as an evil overlord builds his way to the top. After all, we all know you came to see the villain, not some ridiculous heroic youth embarking to face the forces of evil.

I am Makuta Teridax, Master of Shadows.

Let's face it, everyone's rooting for the villain............

I just want to thank all of you who have supported my story A New Wheel. I also want to thank Ssendam the Masked, the one who inspired me to start writing displaced fics with his own Teridax.

[This is a Displaced Fic]

[Will have foul language and violence]

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So, I go to Comic-con to have fun with my friends and have a normal experience. I even resisted the temptations around me so I would not go cosplay as something. Go me. Unfortunately, the universe knows no bounds when it comes to screwing around with me.

Now stranded in a world and a body no longer my own, I'll have no choice but to face the politics and war that surround me. That and I also has to face the fact I'm in charge of a new kingdom and I have to look out for them as well.

My name is Philip. But some recognize me now as Yveltal, Pokemon of Destruction and Lord of Death.

Well, without further adiue, down the rabbit hole we go!

Displaced fic so if you hate that don't read. Displaced as a Shiny Yveltal!

Rated teen due to some violence and foul language!

We've got a great editor, Blood Angel Kirito who will edit things when he can, so don't rush the poor guy :3

The cover art is a clip from the amazing, and fluffy :3 , art series of SoftMonKeychains. So check out her work. She gave me permission to use her art as long as she gets credit, so thanks for that!

Crossovers will be done once I get situated!

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