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A New Wheel - Northern Desert

You know the drill. Some poor sap manages to buy something from a creepy salesman and is sent to Equus. Now our stranded and weary dimension hopper has to survive war, politics, and others who've managed to get in the same mess as him.

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Chapter 9 - Guess Who's Back, Back Again!?!

“Remind me again why I agreed to this?” Parcel Dove huffed, irritated as the royal tailor took measurements of the mare.

“Because you’re the only one who’s actually qualified to run a kingdom,” The red and white avian chuckled, lying down on a couch like the lazy chicken he was. “And as the new ruler of Ashen Claw, you need to look nice when making a speech for your subjects.”

It had been a few months since the Diarchs of Equestria had chosen to grace the small colony with their presence, in the process signing a trade treaty and funding a reconstruction project for the damaged kingdom. Even with the slight disruption with the Mane Six running off with their king, Philip was ready to forgive and forget since his only real problem with the whole endeavour was his hunger.

“But why am I running it, Philip...isn’t that technically your job?” The unicorn challenged, unhappy by the new responsibility hoisted upon her by her former boss. “One may think that this is your way of bumming off the royal wallet without being a productive member of society.”

“Parcel Dove!” The pokemon gasped, feigning a look of hurt and shock. “To think such a scandalous thing of me, you know me better than that!”

“Which is why I’m accusing you of being lazy,” She retorted, raising an eyebrow at the Yveltal. “unless there’s another reason you chose to resign as sovereign ruler of this little island?”

The tailor gave nervous glances as he did his work, trying to ignore the bickering between the former and current ruler of Ashen Claw. Being in the middle of these two after the former king’s sudden decision had left somewhat of a question to the mood of his former assistant, since she had been the loudest voice to protest such an action.

Philip simply went quiet at her question, turning his head towards the window where he witnessed the last bit of light that he would bask in for that day.

He would admit that his laziness when it came to writing and rewriting laws and tax codes may have been one of the major factors in his abdication to the throne, but it was really due to his insecurity on actually being in charge of a government. This was something new to him, and no matter the support he felt like he would only weigh down the growth of the kingdom.

“We both know that the idea of me leading anything, let alone a kingdom is a terrible idea…” Philip replied, giving the red mare a shrug. “Besides...you’ll do fine!”

“But you were doing fine!” She protested, nearly ripping through some of the fabric that the tailor was working with as she fidgeted. “I mean yeah, you have little to no experience when it comes to actually leading a kingdom...but surely I was enough to help fill in the gaps.”

“Is that what this is about?” Yveltal asked, raising an eyebrow at the hurt tone his former advisor was giving him. “You think that I didn’t have faith in your abilities to advise me?”

The mare gave a shrug in response, feeling somewhat dejected at the question that Philip asked her. While she had respect for the avian creature, she knew full well that his confidence deep down was lacking. And she tried to build it up, to tear down that facade ego and replace is with a sense of confidence...and in the end she failed to do so.

How could she lead a kingdom and give them hope if she couldn’t do it for one creature?

“Man...you really can’t see it, can you?” The pokemon asked, giving her a look of disbelief as he examined her depressed expression.

“See what?” She asked, confused at her friend’s question. In response, the pokemon got up and walked towards the oaken door.

“You’ll see...in due time that is,” He chuckled, opening the door and getting ready to leave the newest queen of the island to her peace. “I’m going to be gone for awhile though, the princesses need me to do a favor for them.”

“Will you be back before the World Council kicks into gear?” She asked hopefully, nervous about meeting the most important and powerful figures on the planet. “We could use the...muscle.”

“If anyone gives you trouble, I’ll be there to put them in their place!” Philip responded, giving the mare a cheeky smirk as he flexed one of his wings. “After all, I’m the ‘Tyrant Toppler’...”

“I swear, Bulk Water is never in charge of naming anything...ever,” The unicorn groaned, realizing that she would also be sharing her new power with a chieftain whose energy rivaled the avian’s. “Speaking of which, how is Bulk Water doing? I haven’t seen him around for a couple of weeks now since he went back to the Red Spear...what exactly are you two cooking up in that jungle?”

“That’s a surpriseeee!” The Yveltal sang, finally choosing to make his exit on that vague answer.

“I’ll send you a postcard,” He called back as he dashed towards the exit of the palace. “and don’t worry, I’ll be fine!”

The loud sound of doors slamming could be heard upon the departure of the energetic pokemon, causing Parcel Dove to let out a tired sigh. Thinking back to the first time they had ever met. Which then lead her to immediately frown because his appearance not only brought about the end of a long standing monarchy, not to mention the large amount of paperwork and overtime she had due to his lack of knowledge of practically everything on this planet.

At the same time...he had a certain childish charm that really brought a much need smile to her and many other faces. So maybe in the end he wasn’t the best person to be in charge of a community, but his presence was something that this place needed. They felt safe, wanted...Parcel Dove could only hope that she could at least provide that feeling in Philip’s absence.

“Stay safe...you stupid furball…”

The day was anything but peaceful, a massive storm had been brewing for hours now as I made his way to Equestria. While I was not one to make such a trip under such sudden requests, Princess Celestia expressed the urgency of the matter and required my immediate presence. This of course did not build up the desire for me to make such a trip, especially through such horrid weather, but her distressed messaged seemed to compel me to make haste.

So brave the storm I did, although I would need to make it clear to Celestia that my attention was not something that would be so easily commanded. She was not my master, nor was I some janitor that would come at her beck and call. That and it was just rude to call on a pal to come out to some unmarked location with no information on what they were being summoned for.

“I must commend the equines on their dwellings,” I mused as I flapped my powerful wings and flew over the town of Manehattan, eyeing the large city with a sense of familiarity. While it had its differences, especially the ponies who inhabited it, I was reminded of Manhattan. “While their technology may seem primitive, their use of what they have combined with magic would suit any regular human well.”

While I had been informed that a city such as this was a rarity on this world, the seemingly innocent busyness of the place called to me. But I was not here to sightsee, so I needed to make my way now and go to this ‘secret location’.

As I made my way through rain and sleet, a cool wind blowing my wet fur and chilling me to the bone. I shivered somewhat, but my body heat remained decent due to the sheer amount of fluff I had on me and being...not fat but poofy! Which was one thing that many had confused about my body, especially since I started to consume a diet of fish and berries...others had congratulated me on working to lose weight.

Cheeky buggers, the lot of them!

As I got near the site in which I was asked to be, however, my jaw dropped at the sheer destruction that had taken place in the area. Trees were alite like troches, craters riddled the ground, and a dark and strange structure was fractured and its pieces scattered across the shrouded forest. Small camps were set up outside and black-chinten equines were around tents and campfires as they nursed their wounds.

I scanned the area and found a nice place to land...well as nice as I could find due to the rubble that littered the ground and the muddy ground that had made the ground difficult to walk on due to the rain and snow that started to come down due to the colder atmosphere of the area. As I made my way over into the camp, I saw countless injured and frightened changelings huddle in their tents or next to the warm flames, eating some kind of soup. They seemed to brighten up at my approach, giving looks of relief and recognition as they saw me.

“Lord Yveltal!” One of the changelings cried out as he hobbled over to me, but as soon as he got a closer look his face dropped. “Ah, so you’re...new here, aren’t you?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” I chuckled, giving the downtrodden insectoid pony a pat on the head with my tail. From what information I was given, there was a Yveltal here before me. So he was probably an regular visitor considering the mood on the changelings. “What exactly is here, Celestia only informed me that there was trouble?”

“This is the outside of Tartarus,” The changeling answered, motioning for me to follow him as he continued informing me. “Prison of those deemed too dangerous on the land of the living...although its main purpose is to act as a gateway to the land of the dead, the Underworld.”

“Why have a gateway to the Underworld?” I questioned, considering that drawbacks to having a door to the afterlife. “Wouldn’t it make it easier for others to break in...or out, what’s your name by the way?”

“Anub'arak,” The changeling said, his light bluish chinten being revealed as his wings brushed off the snow on his back. “As for the risks, well the main issue is the nature of Equus’s magical energy. Due to the magic’s sporadic and volatile tendencies, a gateway to the land of the dead is needed in order to drag some of the more...stubborn creatures to the afterlife.”

“Like Necromancy,” I mused, my smile dropping as we walked closer to the dark building as I realized the implications that come from this now . “But wait...if this place is a wreck then that means someone broke out!”

“Indeed,” Anub’arak sighed as his face dropped with sadness. “We changelings were charged by your predecessor and his deer ally to ensure that this place was protected...but we were betrayed by Queen Chrysalis and she released many prisoners that are both alive...and were dead.”

I gave the him a look of sympathy as he seemed to blame himself for such an outcome. It had been through the faults of another, one that they had clearly trusted, that such a catastrophe and occured and he and his people had paid the price for seeing good in such an individual. The mere identity of Chrysalis angered me, as she was part of a plot that killed Ivory Tuft, the kind ruler of Ashen Claw.

“Don’t kick yourself down mate,” I said warmly, trying to somewhat cheer up the little guy. “Chrysalis is a slithering snake bent of progressing her own power, on ambition that will surely lead to her downfall…”

Before the changeling leader could reply, the shouting of Celestia and a familiar Pokemon of Life could be heard. Making a sharp turn I found myself besides Luna as she watched with worry as her sister and Xerneas, the blue and black pelt of the deer of life seemed to bristle with anger, argued. She seemed to jump a little when my fur brushed up against hers due to the smallness of the room.

“Sir Philip,” the blue alicorn sighed, her usually well maintained starry mane seemed frazzled and her eyes were heavy due to a lack of good sleep. “It is good to see you here, maybe you can aid me in knocking some sense into my sister and Lady Xerneas!”

“This doesn’t involve you birdbrain!” Xerneas snarled, causing me to scoot back a few feet. Luna scowled at her words while Celestia shot the Pokemon a deathglare.

“Since he’s your new partner, it concerns him in every manner,” Luna retorted, the ground around them had been growing rapidly and some of the ground parted as roots sprung up from the earth. “Tartarus has been breached and its inhabitants now free to run amok upon our lands!”

“Only because you refused to reinforce the gates,” Xerneas shot back, growling at the alicorn of the night’s butt in. “Your arrogance that a mere dog and some changelings can stop those who seek to rouse the dead!”

“And had you informed us of Grogar’s presence,” Celestia roared, flames burst upon the ground and her mane roared with fire. “had we even known that he still had a hold onto this world, one that you knew of, then we could have prepared for such darkness! Instead you chose to keep such knowledge hidden, thus leading to us not being able to counter such dark influences!”

The two of them looked ready to fight it out when Luna and I rushed in and held back our respective partners. Her cool aura cooled the flames of her infuriated sister while my deathly aura withered the violent plants away. Xerneas attempted to wrestle from my grasp, but I held her in a tight bare hug.

“Both of you stop it,” I shouted, causing Xerneas to fold her ears at the volume of my voice right next to her ear. “Who the hell is Grogar and what does he have to do with what happened here, what happened here!?!”

Xerneas halted her struggling and I let her go, she snorted in frustration and shook her pelt. Celestia also seemed to calm down, although the scorch marks on the ground was a painful reminder of her dangerous temper. Luna let out a sigh sat down on the cool grass beneath us.

“Grogar was a powerful sorcerer, a species known as a goat, that ruled over the city of Tambelon with an iron hoof,” Luna said mournfully, the history of such a tyrannical rule had shadowed Sombra’s by a long shot. “He was an expert in necromancy and dreamwalking magic. Truly was his evil known to be the greatest in all the land, dwarfing any other foe we have faced.”

“And yet he lost,” I mused, for he clearly had to be defeated by now if I had never heard of him before. “I assume that was you and your sisters doing?”

“Nay,” Luna said, shaking her head with a small smile on her face. “We were mere foals at the time, we’re not that old.”

“So this Grogar guy did what, convince Chrysalis and her group to break him loose?” I questioned, earning a mournful nod from Celestia and Luna. Taking a deep breath, I exhaled and thought over the problem at hand. “So, what do we do about it? If he’s with Chrysalis...well then my best bet is that they’re hiding somewhere until they can make their next move.”

“Luna and I will be informing our allies of the matter and buffing up the defenses around Equestria,” Celestia replied, having already sent letters to the other nations. “Grogar is many things, but stupid is not one of them. My best bet is that he’ll target the national meeting, try to take us all out in one place...which makes us perfect bait for you and Xerneas!”

“Meanwhile, we’ll be clearing out any of Grogar’s goons that broke out with him,” Xerneas said, her anger diminishing as the mood to fight this new threat soon rose her spirits. “Sombra, Tirek, and a bunch of other thugs who are probably terrorizing the world as we speak.”

At those words, the two alicorns and the deer made their way to exit the ruins and go perform their required tasks. However, I was somewhat taken aback by this sudden predicament. My guess was that they were use to something going horribly wrong and for them to get up and clean up the mess.

“Wait…” I said, causing them to stop and give me curious looks. I looked over at Xerneas, my eyes alight with awe and glee at what I was starting to process. “You and I--” I said, pointing at her and then at myself, “Are going around the world to battle Underworld jailbirds. A quest to save the world?”

I then witnessed something that I had not expected to ever occur from the Life Pokemon. Her face broke into a grin and gave a small snort as she saw my bubbling excitement. An oddity since I assumed that her liking of me was none-existent.

“Yup, we’re going to traverse the world and hunt down some ghosts and old school villains!” She grinned, giving me a wave with her foreleg and walking past the stunned celestial sisters.

“Roadtrip to save the world!” I squeed, my childish dreams of being a heroic adventure once again blossoming and I flapped my wings a took off after her.

“Do you even know where you’re going!” Celestia shouted as she and Luna ran out to see Xerneas going and a fast pace and me flying right behind her.

“I’m going on an adventure!” I yelled back with a cheeky expression, grabbing the surprised deer’s antlers and flying off into the storm. “We’ll send you a postcard!”

Author's Note:

Yveltal's back, tell a friend!

That's write guys, he's back in action! I just want to thank everyone who waited so patiently to see this come out...man it's been a long time. I ran through several issues, one of them being writers block. But I have overcome such things and hopefully get this story back into gear!

Now one of the biggest choices that I've made is one regarding Philip's kingship...or lack therefore of. While I wanted to keep him in the position he was in (Trust me, I really did!) I felt like his character would be the person who would turn down such responsibilities due to his lack of experience. Yeah, he made the people happy, but making them happy is just one part in the overall job of a ruler. Maybe he'll take power once his adventure is over, maybe he wont!

The story will go back and forth between Philip and those on Ashen Claw because they are still important, and having them separate from Philip will let me build their characters more without him casting a shadow over them.

Plus, I wanted to use that adventure tag a little. Explore the world I've built and show you guys what I can dish out!
Plus this:

Anyway, thanks for both your patience and time and I can't wait to continue this journey that has really helped continue my time here on Fimfic. Without your support I would never have felt confident enough to write other stories or even help groups out...like this guide I wrote! Feel free to ask any questions about the guide through PMs or on the thread, and leave a comment on this story about what you would like to see!

Your friend,

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