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A New Wheel - Northern Desert

You know the drill. Some poor sap manages to buy something from a creepy salesman and is sent to Equus. Now our stranded and weary dimension hopper has to survive war, politics, and others who've managed to get in the same mess as him.

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Chapter 2 - Falling and Striking down Tyranny

We sat down in a local restaurant, happily munching on our food. We’d found a good Mexican place to eat at while we took our break from the convention, everyone in their normal clothes. I was enjoying a delicious chimichanga, Helen and Ben had tacos, Marty was having burritos.

“So,” I said between mouthfuls. “Here’s the score: Ben with a whooping 20 points, Helen trailing behind at 18, and Marty in last with 15.”

The others pondered over the score. “We’ve got a day left,” Ben mumbled. “So it’s still anyone’s game?” We chose to end it a day before our last time here, since we could just do whatever we had missed.

“It looks like it,” Marty huffed, a little peeved at his score.

“Ah, cheer up big guy!” Helen giggled. “You still have a chance at second place!”

“Ha ha,” he snorted.

I shrugged and continued with my meal. We finished our food and went back to the hotel for some rest. I wasn’t a bad hotel, but it wasn’t the best either. By the time I got to take a shower the knob to turn it on and change the heat broke and clattered to the floor. Yeah that wasn’t fun….

I was having a great time and got to meet some interesting people. Of course, I felt a little left out due to me not bringing a costume. But it's the way the world works.

My cell phone went off as I was just settling in. I picked up the phone and swiped the answer button instinctively. "Hey," I yawned.

"Hey," the caller responded. "Am I calling late?" I looked up at the clock, He was about three hours behind San Diego's timezone.

"Nah," I said. "You coming down soon, Adam?" I asked him.

"Yeah, I'll be there tomorrow in the late afternoon," Adam answered. "My shift just ended. How's Helen?"

I snickered at his question. He and Helen had been dating for two years now. "I'm hurt," I said dramatically. "My brother calls me and his first thought is about his girlfriend!"

"I'm sure I've deeply wounded you," my brother retorted. "Okay, how's it going Philip?" He asked.

"Oh fine," I mumbled. "Everyone's doing this costume thing and I feel left out!" I let out a fake cry of grief.

"Oh," Adam said, realizing what I was talking about. "Helen mentioned the competition, she even made me dress up for it!"

"Really?" I asked in surprise. "You're showing up in a get-up as well?"


"How did she get you to do that?" I asked.

"Meh, she told me it'd be fun," he answered. "Anyway, tell everyone I said hi. I've got to go on the plane, see ya tomorrow!"

"Bye," I said farewell to my brother, hanging up the call.

I got settled in again and began to chill out, slowly drifting to sleep. Tomorrow was gonna be a long, and fun, day.

Ashen Claw Prison was probably the worst place one could be on such an awful night.

Droplets of rain dripped through the steel barred windows as a storm brewed outside. The disheartened prisoners sat together, sharing their last moments together and hardening themselves for their execution. The court case was set against them from the beginning. Only the satisfaction from finally telling everypony what they thought of their “king” kept their spirits from plumitting.

“Well,” Hardened Steel sighed. The six thestral huddled close to each other to keep warm. “I’m sorry I dragged all of you into this. I know--”

“No,” Dark Iron interjected. “We all knew the risks. We did this because in the end we felt the same!”

“And we’re still right,” Maple Treat added. “Coal Patch is a tyrant, constantly dealing with the other kingdoms as their lap dog. Produce for weapons, money for protection!”

“When we could have done that ourselves!” Swift Swipe said bitterly, kicking a stone on the ground with her hoof. “The only reason we can’t is because we would rebel if we were given weapons!”

The six friends stirred over their words. “I’m happy I’ll be able to die knowing I tried something…” Hardened Steel rasped.

“Fluffed Cloud would have been proud, Steel…” Burnt Bark said reassuringly.

“If only somepony could help us, no, Ashen Claw…” Hardened Steel said mourningly.

The six kept each other comfortable and were silent as the storm raged on.

The Mane Six stood aboard the Merry Mare as the ship sailed towards the Ashen Veil islands. They acquired the ship after sending a quick letter to the princesses of their new mission. “What the hay is Ashen Veil anyways, Twi?” Rainbow Dash asked as the six studied the map and a book the princess had brought. The captain had already set course to the islands.

“Ashen Veil is a group of islands,” Twilight answered the rainbow mare. “It was founded by Ashen Wing, a thestral knight who served honorably during the ‘Chaos Wars’ between the princesses and Discord.”

“So why did this Ashen feller do when he found these islands?” Applejack asked.

“When the princesses restored harmony to Equestria, they sent out many colonies to find new lands and all that came with it,” Twilight said. “He was sent to lead the settlers of all nine islands and keep them loyal to the crown.”

“Um, if the islands are still named after him I guess he was pretty successful?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes,” Twilight replied, nodding her head. “He lead each colony to success and they created powerful city-states,” she then gave a frown, getting to the darker part of the book. “But when Luna became Nightmare Moon, a civil war forced many to choose sides. Even the city-states of Ashen Veil weren’t safe…..”

“What side did the Ashen Wing choose, darling?” Rarity asked.

“Celestia of course!” Rainbow Dash butted in.

“I don’t know, Rainbow,” Fluttershy said softly. “The Thestrals seem to be Luna’s friends…”

“Yeah, but--” Rainbow Dash was about to argue before Twilight interjected.

“He chose neither,” Twilight said, stopping the brewing discussion. Flipping a page from the book she brought. “It says Ashen Wing and the other colonist were conflicted. Choose their patron of the night, or their benefactor, Princess Celestia.”

“So, what did he do?” Applejack asked in confusion. “If he didn’t chose either princess, what did he do?”

“He and the other colonies succeeded from Equestria,” Twilight said, moving through more of the pages. “He formed a kingdom from the nine islands, each having their own city. It says he ruled for seventy years, even after Luna was defeated, and his reign was blessed by Clover the Clever and Celestia….”

“So, what happened that made the map has us go there?” Rarity questioned.

“The book also says that the volcano situated near the capital Island, Ashen Fang, erupted. Destroying the island and killing Ashen Wing…” Twilight said mournfully.

“Not the brightest move,” Rainbow Dash commented. “Setting up a city, or anything really, near a volcano.”

The Multiverse is a...complicated thing. You never know who is listening and when they take interest in another beings life.

A figure cloaked in darkness shot his head up from his planning. He looked around disdainfully at his surrounding, lava flowing from one of the walls. “What’s wrong, father?” a shadowy figure asked the disturbed being.

I feel like someone said something about volcano bases,” the strange creature said ominously. “And I really want to punch the rainbow one….”


“And now the nine islands are ruled by his heirs,” Twilight said, shutting the book closed. “Okay girls, it’s time to get some rest.” the six broke up and went to their cabins as the sunset.

Hopefully they would make it in time to help with whatever they were called for…..


“Well,” I said as my three friends sat down at a table next to me, waiting for the waitress to take our order. “I won’t lie, I thought this was gonna be a flop. I mean, I never expected to give a d@mn about our little contest.”

“Gee, thanks….” Helen deadpanned.

The four of us continued our day at the convention, and bring our competition to a close. It had been closer than I expected. With Marty almost hijacking the win near the end. But it was finally to announce the winner. “Okay,” I coughed. “So, it was a close one. But the winner is…………..”

They gave me a skeptical look as I paused for dramatic effect. “Helen!” I announced. I heard a couple of groans from my friends and one excited squee.

“Alright, alright,” Ben said fishing for his wallet. “You win, you win.” Marty grumbled and followed suit. I collected the money as the waiter came and she took our order.

“Hey, Helen?” I asked her after the waitress left.

“Yeah?” she asked.

I took the winning money and got up. “You want me to get that plush you wanted?” I asked her.

“Oh,” she said. “Sure, we’ll wait for you here. Thanks!”

I got up and walked towards the room where that merchant was set up. I once again swam through the mob as I made my way towards the guys stall. I saw it in the distance, dodging an enthusiastic member of the convention from lobbing my head off. “Watch it!” I shouted.

“Sorry!” the guy said before taking off with his friends. Some people get a little to happy yet.

I looked back at him for a bit before walking back on my direct path towards the salesman. I finally reached the man to see him talking to other people. He got a happy nod from them but they left without buying anything. He looked over and saw me approach, “Hey,” he smiled as I stood in front of his stall. “You came back for that Yveltal plush, didn’t you?” he asked, getting up and fishing in the back for the product.

“Yeah, thanks,” I said. This guy really gave me a bad vibe. It took him a while until he found it.

“Here it is,” he said as he brought it to the table. “That would be sixty-five dollars!”

I almost choked. The money they pooled was a small amount, there wasn’t enough….Ugh. “Okay,” I said, pulling out some of my money to pay for the plushie. He smiled and took the money, handing me the item. “Thanks,” I said.

“No problem,” he answered creepily. “Have a fun trip down!”

I looked up and gave him a strange look as he grinned like a chesshire cat. “I’m from Philly, so I would be going--” whatever I was going to say was cut off as a hole opened under me. “--the fuck?” I mumbled as I fell down, losing consciousness.

Deadbluff’s cliff was named after a gambler/criminal cutthroat who was ironically thrown off the cliff from one of his debtors. Investigations were never made….nopony really like that guy. The cliff was used as a way to execute criminals. Or how Coal Patch kills dissidents. Ponies were gathered around (by force) to watched the execution.

“We’re all here for the execution of these six ponies,” Coal Patch shouted as he stood in front of the crowd, shield by his guards. “Unfortunately, these ponies chose a dark path. They sought my life because they were displeased with my rule.”

The bystanders were silent. Afraid to speak, it could be them next to walk towards the chasm. He scanned the crowd to see if anypony would speak. Seeing only fear drip from the crowd, he chose to continue the process. “They will be forced to jump the cliff--”

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” all of the ponies jumped in shock at the scream. They looked up towards the sky to see a white and red blur speeding at alarming rates. It’s direction was clear and It cut down right towards the tyrant.

“What the---” Coal Patch yelled as the blur crashed before him. He was sent flying, over the cliff. The crowd rushed towards the edge to see their king sent into the water as vicious creatures below attacked him.

“Your majesty!” Captain Thorn Bush shouted in shock.

All were silent as they stared into the water. All that remained was the crown, barely afloat in the crashing tides. They felt a shadow cast over them. “Oh shit….” a voice said, the ponies looked to see the king-slayer.

My head was pounding as my vision was blurred. I blinked to regain my sight, it eventually returning after a while. “What the hell,” I said, the wind roaring in my ears. I looked around to see clear skies surrounding me. Huh, weird….I looked down to see myself fast approaching towards what seemed like an island from above. I wonder where I---

Wait, above? Ohhhhhhhhhh no. No, noooooo. I was falling! “The fuck?” I screamed. “Why am I falling, why!?!” I questioned in fear. I looked to see my hands were...different. I turned my furry neck towards the rest of my body, a mirror flying besides me.

“.......” I stared blankly at the mirror as I saw my image. Silently processing what was happening.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” I screamed as I descended. What the hell is happening?

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,”The crew and their passengers jumped in surprise as they heard the screaming.

“What the hay is that!?!” Rainbow yelled. The other ponies looked on dazed.

Canterlot, with all its glory, was a quiet and peaceful city. One could enjoy the beauty of this silence almost every day---

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” The three princesses perked up as they heard the distant scream.

“What is that offending noise?” Luna bellowed.

“I….I don’t know…” Celestia said in shock. A flash of light appeared behind the three mares. They turned to see a mischievous draconequus holding some binoculars and staring off in the distance. “Discord,” Celestia said happily. “Whatever are you here for?”

“This was the best spot,” he said, not looking away from the binoculars. The three princesses gave him puzzled looks.

“For what?” Cadence asked in confusion, cocking her head to one side.

“Oh,” he snickered in his own thoughts. “For real fun in a loooooooong time!” Everyponies face paled at his answer.

“Ohhhhh no,” Luna groaned.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” I continued my screaming as I plummeted to my death. Oh god, I can see the ground now. Noooooo, I don’t wanna go splat!

“What the---” an ashy-gray pony, bat thing, said as he saw me approach him. I landed right in front him, sending the poor bugger flying off the cliff.

Uh Oh!

“Your Majesty!” one of them shouted, a crowd of adorable horses ran to the edge of the cliff.

Your Majesty? Double Uh Oh!

I got up and looked at my surroundings. It took a bit to get use to walking with my bird-like legs, but I got by. I walked over towards the rest of the group, overshadowing them as I looked to see blood and a dented crown float in the water.

“Oh shit….” I groaned. All of the equines turned towards me, big eyes staring into the very fabric of my soul. “Ummmm, look,” I said hesitantly. “I know I might have just offed your king, but if I could expla---”

The herd rushed towards me, cheering and praising me. “What the heck?” I uttered in shock. I got a few hugs and some of the younger ones climbed onto my back.

“We’ve been freed!” One of them shouted, the rest cheering along with his words.

“All hail to our new leader!” another yelled amongst the crowd.

Freed? New king? Was this king some kind of douchebag?

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. I saw some chained ponies standing a little too close to the edge for my comfort. “Why are those six there?” I asked, the others went silent. I looked around at the crowd. “What are you guys doing? Get them away before they fall!”

They gasped in shock, but then smiled. Some of them went and freed to captive ponies. They came back and huddled around me. “Okay,” I said, the crowd hanging onto my every word. “I’ll bite, what the hell is happening?”

Author's Note:

This scene cracks me up everytime XD, but the point of this is what he sounds like when screaming

And so it begins. As you can see, my focus is to involve the world in this fic. I really like the fact that there is so much to work with when it comes to building up the world around Equestria!

Let me know what you think and how I can improve!

Chaos out!