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A New Wheel - Northern Desert

You know the drill. Some poor sap manages to buy something from a creepy salesman and is sent to Equus. Now our stranded and weary dimension hopper has to survive war, politics, and others who've managed to get in the same mess as him.

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Chapter 4 - Meeting the Natives and Trouble Makers Arrive

The crew of the the Merry Mare had better days. Their ship had been constantly harassed by pirates who were looking to take some unsuspecting travelers. What they didn’t expect was a ship holding a superpowered alicorn and her friends.

“Get you vermits!” Applejack shouted as she bucked another one of the raiders overboard.

The fight having lasted only a few minutes, the Mane Six had managed to bring the beat down on the pirates.

“Awww Yeah!” Rainbow Dash cried with joy as she delivered a sickening punch to one of her opponents.

“Let’s get out over here!” One of the pirates cried as he scrambled back towards their ship. The others followed suit, quickly scurrying away from the six mares. They hopped aboard their ship, sailing away as fast as they could.

“whew,” Twilight sighed in relief. “Let’s hope we don’t run into anymore of the!” The crew of the ship stared in amazement as the mares wiped the floor with some of the most deadly foes on the sea.

“How long until we get the Ashen Claw, captain?” Twilight asked the old sea-dog, making him jump in shock.

“O--of course your majesty,” He stuttered, trying not make eye contact with the purple warrior.

“Good!” she said, clapping her hooves in excitement.

I flew towards Pumpkin Patch with all haste. I scanned the ground below looking for the farm. I wonder if they actually sell pumpkins or if they just named it that because I don’t think pumpkins can grow in this climate. What are pumpkins even good for besides Halloween? I’m not going to let the farm burn down, but I need to find out what the hell we’re growing here!

I heard yelling towards the east, gliding off I found my destination. Man, those Drakonians remind me of Murlocs. I descended closer to the ground, hearing the natives speak in their language. Dear God they’re Murlocs. Goddamit, why did it have to be Murlocs!

I saw the creeps point their spears towards the family who owned the farm. An earth pony and pegasus with their unicorn daughter. How does that work? Can any pony race have a child of another pony race, regardless of their lineage? Could earth ponies have a unicorn or pegasus as a child?

Okay, these questions can wait. “Hey, slimeballs!” I shouted, grabbing the murlocs attention. “I want to give you a suggestion.”

“And what would that be?” one of them grunted. Good, they speak a common language. More emerged from the house, carrying looted items in their arms. Asshats, robbing the poor and sticking a spear in these ponies faces.

“Live…” I said emotionless. They gave me a skeptical look.

“Live?” one of them asked, tilting it’s head in confusion.

“Yeah,” I said, letting out a primal growl, my Dark Aura activating. “Cause if you don’t leave...you’ll be the opposite of that.” they still looked puzzled. Freaking idiots. “The opposite of living….” the family stopped cowering in fear and just stared at me with confusion. The Drakonians still looked confused.

“Opposite living?” It grumbled with confusion. Oh come on! There had to be a smarter one here.

“Yes,” I growled. “The opposite of living. You came to this world alive, if you don’t leave, you’ll leave this world unalive.” Recognition lit their faces, now understanding my threat. The family held at spear point face hoofed at my shenanigans.

“Oh,” the leader said. “We understand now. Well, we will have to unalive you!” four of them rushed towards me to try and take me down.

“Of all days today,” I muttered, flying up out of spear range. The little idiots tried to impale me but all they did was spear the air. “Shadow Claw,” I sighed in annoyance. My wings burst into shadows and I slashed them, sending them sprawling back. This was a waste of time.

“Gahhhhhh!” they cried, squirming in pain. I looked over my list of Pokemon moves, luckily I didn’t have to deal with that four move bullshit.

“Enough!” A voice commanded. I turned lazily to see another Drakonian marching with some more of his troops. This one was bigger and was blood red. He also have a strange gem on his spear and wore a weird voodoo mask with another weird gem.

“Chief Bulkwater, I presume?” I asked the newcomer.

“Yes, that would be me,” he snarled. “Who are you strange bird?” His spear aimed towards me. This one might be a challenge and I had to take into account those gems, who knows what they do in magic land.

“I am Yveltal,” I said, raising my head and looking down at him with contempt. “New king of Ashen Claw. You are trespassing and harassing my subjects, leave now.” Many of his guards backed off, giving me a fearful look.

“New king?” He questioned. “So, that fool Coal Patch is dead?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I have no quarrel with you, so leave now!” I repeated my command.

“Wrong, bird,” He snarled and got into a battle stance. “Coal Patch may still be dead, his crimes pass down to you!” His spear glowed red and he shot at an unimaginable speed. So that’s what it did.

Phantom Force…” I said, vanishing from where I once was. His spear pierced the sky. His head turned in confusion, searching for his foe.

“Where did you go cow---” he was interrupted as I sent him flying. He clutched the ground as he hauled himself up. I slowly stalked towards my shocked foe. “You mock me?” he cried in anger. “Well then, mock this!” The gem on his mask shot a laser towards me. I let it collided with my body, it having no affect.

“Im-impossible!” He cried in confusion.

“I’ve had enough of this,” I huffed, activating my life absorption. He and the other Drakonians stumbled. My eyes glowed purple, “Dark Pulse!” I screeched. A purple ball of pure darkness launched towards the chief. His mask created some kind of barrier, but it couldn’t withstand the attack.

The Drakonians laid in a smoking crater, having no energy to move. Thorn Brush and his troops flew down to the scene to witness me walk towards the chief.

I reached him and I place a claw on his chest, pinning him down. “You are correct about one thing, Bulkwater,” I said, the chief gurgled. “You have been wronged, but this is not the way to fix it.” I lifted my claw off the chief, using my wing to reach out towards him.

“Who are you?” He asked in fear, taking my wing with his hand.

“As I said before,” I said, pulling the downed chief onto his feet. “I am Yveltal, King of Ashen Claw. I offer you the chance to bring back the days of peace. The days the Ivory Tuft ushered between our two people.” He looked down with a sad look. My subjects looked shocked.

“She was a good queen,” he choked, looking up at me with sad eyes. “She was kind and wanted to help my people...but then the selfish brat Coal Patch killed her!”

“You loved her, didn’t you?” I asked with sympathy.

“....Yes,” he sighed. “We loved each other, but I couldn’t protect her!” he gave himself a look of self loathing. I heard audible gasps come from the ponies.

“And would she be happy that you are attacking her subjects?” I scolded. He shot a guilty look towards the farmers his warriors had been raiding.

“No…..” he flinched, wilting under my disapproving glare.

“Ugh,” I huffed, slapping my wing over my face. “Look, we can work this out. But I need you to stop this silly quest for vengeance!” he gave me a skeptical look, searching for any lies.

“Alright,” he said, throwing away his pride. “What do you want to do?”

“Take me to your village,” I said sternly. He looked ready to argue but I silenced him, “If we’re going to trust you, you have to trust us. I’m opening the city up for you, but this has to go both ways.”

“O--okay,” he said in defeat, motioning the other Drakonians to follow as he took me into the forest.

“Wait, your majesty,” Thorn Brush said, galloping towards me. I turned to see my captain come up behind us. “If you’re going, so am I!” He waved his hoof towards the other guards. “The rest of you return to the city, inform Lady Dove of what has transpired!”

They saluted and took off back to Ashen Claw. “Look,” I chuckled at Thorn Brush’s antics. “While I appreciate your dedication, I don’t think I’ll ne---”

“I won’t take no for an answer,” he declared, putting his hoof down. “I literally have one job, to protect you!”

I was tempted to mention what happened to the last guy he was suppose to guard, but I didn’t want to be a dick. “Alright, alright,” I said. “But you gotta keep up!” I shot off after the Murl--Drakonians! I heard him fly after me as we entered the tropical forest.

“Land ahoy!” the pegasus on the crowsnest shouted, alerting the rest of the crew. The six mares and their loyal dragon companion dashed towards bow of the ship, taking in the landscape before them. It was a tropic island with white sandy shores. They could see the city and the small houses outside it, bordering a lush forest. A volcano sat in the middle of the island.

“I have that volcano doesn’t make any issues….” Rarity said with worry.

Fluttershy let out a terrified gasp. “Oh no,” she ranted. “What if the map wants us to stop the volcano or save the city!” she began to shiver in fear of what dangerous task they would have to perform. Applejack went to comfort their cowering friend.

“That would be awesome!” Rainbow Dash squealed with delight, ignoring Fluttershy’s antics and soaring into the air. The others gave her glares, making Rainbow blush and fly down to rejoin them.


All eyes locked onto the explosion near the forest a dark ball of energy had created. “What,” Spike said, biting his claws with anxiety. “Was that!” the ponies and dragon looked stunned.

“I think that might be what the map sent us for…..” Twilight said.

Thorn Brush and I were escorted into to village by Bulkwater and his guards. I saw some nervous looks from the villagers, not knowing what my intentions were. As we reached the center of the small village, my eyes widened in shock. Before me was a group of dark-type Pokemon standing in the center, as shocked as I was.

“L--Lord Yveltal!” A Zorua shouted in glee, dashing towards me. This seemed to calm the Drakonians down. A Liepard purred as she brushed across my leg while a Murkrow landed on my shoulder. I heard something clatter to the ground and saw a Umbreon poke his head out of a hut in disbelief.

"Um hi,” I said as the Zorua clambered onto me. Bulkwater gave an interested look at the spectacle. “Could you explain what’s going on?” I asked.

The Zorua gave me a little shove. “Come on,” he smiled. “You’re our new boss!”

How the hell am I getting all these guys to flock towards me. Heh, flock. Like a bird! “I am?” I asked the small fox. “How am I your boss?”

He got more comfortable in my fur. “Well, you’re Yveltal,” he said, his tone implying anyone should know this. “You’re one of the patrons of dark-types. Therefor, we naturally look towards you for leadership!”

Huh, cool.

I heard a cough and I turned towards Bulkwater. “While it is nice to now know where our friends come from,” he said, giving a small smile towards the other Pokemon. “I believe you wanted something…” Wanted some----

--Oh right! My glorious ‘join me’ speech! “Right!” I said, clearing my throat. More of the villagers crowded around the clearing, staring at me with interest. “Villagers of the Red Spear!” I shouted. “Coal Patch, the one you have grown to despise, as been slain by my own claws!”

The villagers turned their heads towards each other, muttering to themselves. “I am the new crowned ruler of Ashen Claw,” I proclaimed. “I will bring Ashen Claw back towards its golden age, an age that had both our peoples united.”

The crowd broke into murmurs of excitement. “I offer you a place in my kingdom,” I said. Time to cast the fishing line. “Not just as Drakonians, but equals!”

I heard cheers of excitement. They bit the hook, now to reel them in! “And I offer you citizenship and peace, and all you have to do is follow the rules of the city. No contracts, no secret catches, just both of our peoples working together.”

“And who would lead us?” Bulkwater asked, still skeptical of my offer.

“Well, as King of Ashen Claw,” I said. “I would your ruler, but we would still need the hierarchy of the tribe to properly represent the Red Spear tribe.” That seemed to get him aboard. All rulers fear losing their power, and all you had to do is assure they would still have some kind of authority.

“What do you say?” I asked the chief with a grin. He gave a look towards his people, seeing their eager looks. Much wealth, food, and power were to be gained in a city.

“Yes,” he sighed, giving me a weary smile. “I, Chief Bulkwater, hereby pledge the Red Spear tribe to serve under you, King Yveltal.” I smiled at the chief.

“Good,” I said, then giving the chief a smug expression. “But, I believe you haven’t told me everything….” he paled, realizing his secret might not be so secret.

“Wha--what do you mean?” He laughed nervously. “What would I hid from you, your majesty?”

“The child, Bulkwater,” I sighed at the chief’s attempt to trick me. “I want to see him or her. If I wanted to hurt the kid I would have already.”

He shot me a serious look. “Okay,” he snarled. “But damn you Yveltal, if I think for one minute you will cause her any harm I will kill you!” I shook my head in understanding.

He grunted and led me towards his hut. Inside I saw a filly working what seemed to be a bandana. Her art supplies were scattered across the floor and she was marveling at her creation.

The filly herself had the body and head of thestral, her coat being a watery green, and having a blue and faded white mane. Her tail was fish-like and she had Drakonian backlegs and for her front legs it was that of a pony. She also had spines trailing down her back.

I wasn’t surprised with her appearance, considering who her father and mother were. “Hello there,” I said warmly, gaining the filly’s attention. Her eyes went wide as she saw me before bouncing towards my direction.

“Hwllo,” she mumbled with the bandana in her mouth. She then laid it down at my feet and looked up at me. “Are you daddy’s birdy friend?” she asked innocently. I heard Bulkwater mumble something about friends and such.

“Why yes,” I smiled. “I am. May I ask who you are?”

“My name is Coral Tuft!” she stated, her chest puffing out in pride. She looked over to see Bulkwater. “Daddy!” she cried with excitement, rushing past me to meet her declared father.

“Hello sweety,” He said happily, giving her a hug. It was a little weird to see a Drakonian give a hug since they have a...menacing look. Damn, that was racist.

My train of thought was interrupted by Bulkwater. “This is my daughter, King Yveltal, but I think you already knew that.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yes, and would my assumption of her mother be correct as well?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

He was hesitant to answer me. “Yes, Ivory Tuft was her mother….” he said, drawing Coral Tuft closer to him.

“What do you assume I would have done with this knowledge,” I snapped in anger, shocking him and the others in the house. “Killed a child? What have I done to prove myself so psychotic as to harm a kid?” Coral gave a confused look while everyone around her looked stunned.

“What?” I asked bitterly, turning towards my captain. “Is that a custom around here?”

“N--no!” Thorn Brush stuttered. I let my eyes bore into him for a while before shooting Bulkwater the same look. Un-fuckin'-believable, how dare they think that I would actually do that!

I calmed myself down and resumed my warm smile as I looked at the filly. “Hey Coral Tuft,” I said warmly. “You want to come with your father and I to Ashen Claw?” I asked with a grin. If I know anything, I know kids love Disney Land. And I will make this trip Disney Land. No child should be denied a trip to that magical place

“Yes,” she squeaked in joy, breaking from her father’s embrace and going towards her bag of art supplies. Bulkwater looked more relaxed. Seems like my outburst had cleared any of his worries.

Coral Tuft zipped around, gathering her stuff. After she was done packing she walked back towards us. She picked up the bandana with her mouth and held her head as high as she could, offering me the cloth.

I cocked my head with interest. What was this, a gift? I took the bandana from Coral and examined it. It was a dark gray with two red, jagged, claws with the tips of the claws touching. In the middle there was a red spear with a tiki masked mounted on the shaft.

“What’s this for,” I asked the filly.

“I made it,” she replied. “It’s based off mommy’s drawings!” Bulkwater gave her a sad, yet happy, look while Thorn Brush smiled at the girl’s kindness.

“And you’re giving it to me?” I questioned.

“Yes,” she said, digging the ground with her hoof. “When I saw you talking, you mentioned unting Ashen Claw. My mom wanted to use this...but then she went away. But, I thought you might want to wear it!”

I was stunned. I swear, these ponies’ kindness was unparalleled. I took the gift and the Murkrow on my shoulder tied it around my neck. “Thank you,” I said sincerely. I wore it like Bowser Jr wore his bandana, my adorableness overloading.

“Well then,” I said, bring the others back into reality. We a ways to go before we get to the city. Should we go soon?”

“Yes,” Bulkwater said. “Let’s go!”

With that said, we left the village to return back to Ashen Claw. I looked up at the sky to see the sun setting, marking my first day on this crazy island coming to a close. I chuckled to myself as Coral Tuft bounced on my back, what a fucking day.

The Equestrians had made a camp far away from the city. They started a fire and brought their supplies out, prepared to have a long stay on the island. The Mane Six were in the makeshift tent and were talking over their plans.

“We have no idea what we could be facing,” Twilight said as she scanned the map. The others nodded in agreement.

“And we don’t want to repeat a ‘Starlight Glimmer’ incident….” Rainbow Dash trailed off, she and the other five shuddered at the memories of that uncomfortable predicament.

“Agreed,” Rarity said. “But what do we do?” Twilight put her hoof on her chin, thinking of an answer.

“We don’t want to rush in bindley,” Twilight said, stating the obvious. “But we can’t get the information we need without going into the city….”

“Oh, oh, I know!” Pinkie Pie bounced in excitement. Twilight sighed at her friends antics.

“Yes, Pinkie,” She chuckled. It had been a long voyage so any ideas would help.

“What if we went undercover!” She said, pulling out a cloak and striking a pose. “Ohohoho, mysterious!” she waved her arms in a spooky gesture.

“This is serious, darling,” Rarity said.

“Wait,” Applejack interrupted. “She might have a point…”

“Uh, what?” Rainbow Dash questioned. Twilight’s face lit up, catching onto what Applejack was saying.

“She’s right!” Twilight exclaimed. “If we go in disguises we won’t have to worry about any ruthless pony wanting to ransom us.”

“So,” Rainbow Dash said. “We go into the city undercover, find whatever the map sent us for, and take it down? It’s just like Daring Do and the Hidden Crypt of Prance!” she jumped in excitement to perform another stunt like her favorite author.

“Then It’s agreed!” Twilight said. She then turned towards the captain. “We’ll bring an emergency flare if we need an emergency exit. If you see it, your orders are to sail as quick as you can to the city’s port.” The captain nodded in understanding and left to inform the crew.

“Well,” Rarity sniffed as she looked at the cloak. “I think we need to make some changes to these. Give me a while and I can fix something up!”

“Okay,” Twilight said. “We’ll go early in the morning, so don’t sleep in. That means you Rainbow!” she scolded the rainbow mare before trotting out.

“Yeah, okay,” Rainbow Dash said in embarrassment.

The Six mares and the purple dragon left the tent to get some sleep. They would need to make an early start tomorrow. Hey, maybe they can get some kind of parade after they save the city. It would be good to get some real recognition for their efforts.

Besides, the food was praised as some of the finest cuisine and the beach resorts were said to be the best!

Author's Note:

Okay, another one done! So, it seems our six heroines have stumbled upon Philip's island. Surely nothing could go wrong, right?

Eh, you'll have to wait and see.

I've got more stuff coming soon and next chapter will have a lot of stuff in it. As you already saw, I've added some Pokemon followers into the fray so I want to see where that goes!

Love all you guys and I hope to come out with the next chapter soon!

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