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A New Wheel - Northern Desert

You know the drill. Some poor sap manages to buy something from a creepy salesman and is sent to Equus. Now our stranded and weary dimension hopper has to survive war, politics, and others who've managed to get in the same mess as him.

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Chapter 5 - Dark Discoveries and The Kidnapping of A Life Time

We continued our journey back to Ashen Claw from the Red Spear Tribe, nightfall soon approaching. Bulkwater had brought some guards along with him so we could buff up the defences while having the Drakonians intermingle with the citizens of Ashen Claw once again.

It wouldn’t be that difficult, since not so long ago they were friends. But there would still be those who held a grudge, those who had sided with Coal Patch and had been his allies. Now, as we walk through the jungle, they plot to destroy me.

I scowled at myself, shooting a look of pity towards Bulkwater and his sleeping daughter. He blamed himself for not warning her in time, for not stopping her from leaving.

But he had.

He had stopped her from going on that ship. She got his warning, but it was too late. Too many ponies had been involved, they were everywhere. Kraken’s Isle was but just one player who aided in her downfall, Coal Patch was just a pawn………

I had left Parcel Dove in the office and headed towards Coal Patch’s room. It wasn’t long before I spotted it, the door frame adorned with gold. I walked into the room to see it lavished with items worth thousands, if not millions, back home.

Dear God, this guy really liked to prove he was the boss with all of this expensive shit.

I went for the drawers first, rummaging for anything I could find. Just some useless papers and out speeches. Nothing with while….wait, what was this? The drawer was recently removed, someone had pulled it out!

I pulled the drawer out, feeling around the inside the desk. It took a while, but I felt a strange grove that was different from the rest of the inside. I pressed down on it, hearing a click as a small compartment popped out.

Jackpot! Now to see what secrets this guy had.

Wow, what a jackass. Looks like my little theory was right. That jackass paid off Kraken’s Isle to kill his own sister! Let’s see what it says.

“Once you locate the ship, dispose of the body below the deck…..”

Something was wrong...he said body below deck. But, how could she already be dead? Ah, here’s one to another party!

“You will be well rewarded for that amazing act boarding the ship…….”

Act...okay, something was wrong.

No. It doesn’t matter, I have all the proof I need to remove his citizenship. After that I can remove the treason charge, but I should read the rest so there are no loose ends……

“After the ship leaves, grab the girl from the Red Spear. I’ll make sure they can’t interfere by having that slime ball, Bulkwater, and his disgusting people banished.”

What would he want with some girl from the Red Spear? And this Bulkwater guy….I think Dove mentioned him being close towards Ivory Tuft. But why target the Red Spear, did he hate his sister that much as to ruin……

No…..That sick! Twisted! Bastard!

I bolted out of the room towards Ivory Tufts old suite. Dreaded filled my heart on what I was processing. Body, Bulkwater, a girl. I snapped myself back into reality as I reached the former queen’s room.

I opened slammed the door open, bolting for the drawer. If Coal Patch had one of the compartments, then sure as hell she had one. I ripped the drawer out and looked for another compartment. I frantically searched for it but my large hands proved to make it a challenge.

Screw it!

I smashed the entire desk, papers flying everywhere. Shit! I shuffled through the scattered papers until I found some of them having a different style of paper from the others.

I took one and read it out. “My dear Bulkwater, it has been long since we last meet. I miss our times and foundly---”

I blushed at the rest of the letter. I never would have thought from what I was told about Ivory Tuft was so...naughty. Oh God there’s more, stop reading you dirty pervert!

I was about to stop until I saw the big news she sent him. She was pregnant. It was a while before her death, so the kid had to be 12 years old. It seems like she made plans and sent the kid to be with her father, making constant visits.

But what caught my eye was the warning he sent to her. A warning detailing the exact plot on how they planned on killing her. How he found out, I don’t know, but if this is the case then why would Ivory Tuft go on that ship---.


She didn’t go on the ship….her body did. But she was seen boarding the---


Act as Ivory Tuft. But who could look exactly like---

“Queen Chrysalis’s whereabouts are unknown,”

Dammit! This asshole was either an idiot who was being played, or he was a scheming genius. I’m going with the former.

The question is, “did he get the girl?”. And the only two who could answer me was Coal Patch, and this Bulkwater. One is dead and the other is at war with us.

If anything these letter say is true about this guy though, then he should be reasonable. Well, I have the evidence that I got from Coal Patch’s room so I should be set. Now to read the rest of these love letters for….the investigation.

Don’t judge me!

Guilt clutched my chest. I couldn’t tell Bulkwater or Coral Tuft any of this. As much as it would ease Bulkwater to know he had done everything he could have, there were too many unknown entities.

I couldn’t tell anyone, even Parcel Dove. Because the fact that Coal Patch orchestrated the death of his sister before the trip meant that others were helping him. And there was still that changeling that was on the loose. If I revealed any of that at the trial or now, then I risk the chance of tipping them off.

I’m sorry, Bulkwater……

“And that’s how it is!” I shouted to the crowd that had gathered for my speech. I gave everyone the down-low of the whole Drakonian situation and what was going on. Most of them took it pretty well, but that may be due to the two groups being friends before Douche Patch came into power.

Unfortunately, some were more skeptical than others. A few hooves raised to ask questions. After a while of answering questions I go down to the last two. “Yes, you in green hat!” I said, pointing to the first questionnaire.

“How do you suggest we handle the fact that we will be living with the barbarians who’ve been terrorizing us for years?” He demanded. Okay, found on xenophobic.

“Well, these 'barbarians',” I made air quotes with my claws. “Terrorized you because your king declared war on their tribe. If I remember correctly, not so long ago the Drakonians were contributors to our society.” All I got was an annoyed huff from the the pony before he lowered his hoof.

I scanned clearing and spotted another hoof raised high. “Yes, you in the back,” I called out. She pointed her hoof at herself to make sure it was her I was calling. “Yes, you,” I said.

“Um,” she said, looking around at her peers to see them staring at her. “How do you plan on keeping the village and the city connected?”

I let out a sigh of relief. Finally, a question that mattered. “My plan is to build a railway to the village and back,” I said, getting a nod of approval from Bulkwater. She lowered after she got her answer,

“Well then,” I said, clapping my wings together. “If that is all then this public forum will now come to a close. If you need me I will be sleeping.” I then turned around and head for the palace.

“Oh God,” I sighed as I dropped down onto the bed. I stretched my limbs and I grunted as my joints popped. It had been one day, one day and all of this shit happened! Don’t get me wrong, I loved my new gig and all but damn it was stressful.

At least no one had come to usurp me or pull coup d'etat bull shit.

I closed my eyes and went into a restful slumber. My fears were projected in my dreams as tireless thoughts flooded in my head. What if I never get home? How the hell can I keep up managing an entire population? How can I not piss off Celestia. All of these worries were things to fuss over, but I can’t deal with them if I’m tired.

I let out a content sigh lost consciousness, all of my worries fading away.

“Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwhn,” I yawned, waking up to the sound of chirping birds and the streets of Ashen Claw becoming active. I got up and stretched my muscles.

I stumbled out of my room and down to the dining area to get something to eat. As I entered I was greeted by my six new officels and Parcel Dove. She was a little mad because I had slept until lunch time, but she gave me some slack since it had been a long day.

While we sat down and waited for breakfast to show up I decided to inform my new officels on what they would be doing.

“Okay,” I said, getting their attention. “Here’s the thing. I need six of you to manage certain aspects of Ashen Claw,”

I turned towards Hardened Steel and Dark Iron. “Metalworking has dropped due to most of our weaponry coming from Kraken’s Isle,” I said. “Since they most likely won’t be supporting us in the near future, we’ll need to make our own. I have reports that you two use to have a smithy once,”

He nodded in agreement. “Yes, your majesty.” he said.

“Good,” I said. “I’ve also seen in the reports that it was shut down. How about a new one, eh?” Both of them gave me a stunned look. “Hardened Steel, from this moment forward, you and Dark Iron will administrate our armories and workshops!” They both gave me a salute, acknowledging they understood their new roles.

“Maple Treat, Burnt Bark,” I called the youngest from the groupe. Currently they were fooling around with the silverware.

The snapped in attention. “Yes your majesty?” they both asked.

I chuckled at their mock salute. “Maple Treat,” I said. “From the information I have required, I’m told that not only have you owned your own farm, but that you have a couple of ideas on how to get our agriculture back into shape. Is that ture?”

“Yes, sir!” She affirmed.

“Good,” I smiled. “Then you will be in charge of rebuilding and improving the farms that have gone through recent decay.” She gave me a determined nodded, accepting the position. “Burnt Bark,” I said, calling the colts name.

“Yes, Lord Yveltal!” He said firmly.

Looks like I’ll be getting all of the title drops today. “I’ll need you to get our business and trade back on top. So, from now on you will be the financial advisor for the kingdom.”

“Yes, your majesty.” He gave me a small bow. I then turned towards Sucker Punch and Swift Swipe who anxiously awaited their orders.

“As for you two,” I said, addressing the last two of my six new helpers. “Your orders are in your room, in a concealed envelope. You are not to discuss its details with anyone and you will follow its words carefully!”

With excited faces they quickly nodded, nervous on what their mission was and why it was so secret.

I let out a sigh of relief as I saw the waiter approaching. I hadn’t eaten since yesterday and I was dying for a cheeseburger or----

“What the hell is this?” I asked as the waiter set down some strange looking french fries. I gave a smell and I backed away from it. Whatever it was made out of, it sure wasn’t potatoes.

“Hay fries!” Parcel Dove said happily, the rest showing just as much enthusiasm.

“Hay fires?” I cried, horror riddled my face. “Why would I want hay? I’m a bird of prey, I eat meat!” Everyone flinched on the last part.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me……

“But you’re part bat!” I cried in dismay, pointing towards one of the bat ponies who happened to be Maple Treat. “Surely you also eat meat?”

“Not all of us are part of the same bat,” Maple Treat answered. “Most of us eat fruit, due to the climate we’re in, and sometimes fish, but only on rare occasions.”

“Noooooooooooooooo,” I moaned, sadness overtaking me.

“Well, we have other things!” Parcel Dove said, trying to save the situation.

“Like what?” I cried in dismay, my head laying on the table as I gave her my famous puppy dog eyes.

“Ummmmmm--” Parcel Dove tried to diffuse the situation, but Burnt Bark beat her to it.

“There’s this great pizza place called Tony’s Pizzeria,” Burnt Bark said. My eyes widened with pure joy.


“Okay, okay!” She shouted in defeat. “We’ll walk all they way to the restaurant, which is 7 miles away, to get you pizza, which I find uncivilized!”

“YAY!” I yelled with glee, giving my adviser a bear hug.

The six mares and dragon friend had woken out sometime around 6:30AM. They had packed up and Twilight used her magic to improve their disguises. By the time they had set off it was 7:13AM, twenty minutes past Twilight’s scheduled time.

She had a breakdown that lasted ten more minutes…..

They finally set off towards the city. I was a long trek from the encampment to the city and naturally they ran into some issues. One of those issues was a giant freaking crab jumping from the ocean depths to devour the ponies.

This ended in a smoking crab and some ruffed up ponies. After that unfortunate accident, they braced themselves for the unexpected. And that defense was tested when they reached the gates to the castle, seeing strange reptilian creatures guarding the doors of the city.

They weren’t big gates, nor was the wall stone, but it provided adequate defence from the outside world. The guards saw them and stiffen, planting themselves between the ponies and the city.

“Halt travelers,” One of them gurgled. The seven stopped in their tracks, obeying the guard’s orders.

Rarity nearly fainted upon looking at them. Rainbow Dash and Applejack took battle stances while Fluttershy and Spike hide behind them. Alerting the guards to brace themselves.

“What the hay are---” Rainbow was about to instigate the two guards, but was cut off by Twilight.

“Forgive my friends, they aren’t use to seeing other creatures.” Twilight stepped in front of her friends to stop any conflict. “My name is Twi--Twister Storm! It’s nice to meet you Mr.---”

“Venom Tooth, mam,” He said, saluting the ponies. The two guards had visibly relaxed upon her stepping in. “You seem to have traveled far. Am I right to assume that you come here for rest?”

“Yes, Mr. Venom Tooth,” Fluttershy said, slightly interested enough in the strange creatures to speak to them. “We would really appreciate if you would let us in, if that’s okay with you of course!”

The two gave her confused looks, not understanding her shyness. “Of course,” Venom Tooth answered, signaling the other guard to open the gates. “I hope you enjoy your stay, travelers.” he gave a bow before stepping out of the way to let the ponies and dragon in.

Twilight and company gave their thanks to the guards before walking past them inside the city. It wasn’t as shiny as Canterlot or urban like Manehattan. It had more of a Ponyville style, but more tropical.

“Wow…..” The seven breathed, taking in the beauty of the city.

“Okay girls,” Twilight said as they walked on the street. “If we’re going to find this ‘friendship problem’ we’ll need to find something...off with the city.”

“No offense Twi,” Rainbow Dash said, hovering above her friends while they explored the city. “But with those guards, I don’t know what this place can consider strange….”

Twilight shook her head. “Those are Drakonians, natives to this island,” she lectured. “It’s only natural that they might mingle with ponies. What I mean is to look for something that doesn’t look like anything this island might inhabit. You know, the stuff I didn’t read to any of you!”

Rainbow Dash shrugged. “I didn’t really pay attention to that, sorry.” The others nodded in agreement, letting her know none of them had.

Twilight looked ready to explode, her facing turning red. Rarity put a hoof on her friend’s shoulder in an attempt to calm her down. “Twilight dear,” the seamstress said sweetly. “Why don’t we ask the locals what’s happening?”

Twilight took a deep breath to clear her mind. Now calm, she trotted up to a stall to speak with the merchant. “Hello there,” Twilight said, smiling at the salespony.

“Oh, hello there!” He greeted. “How may I help you today, madam?”

“I was wondering if I could get some information?” Twilight asked the stallion.

“Sure kid,” he said enthusiastically. “What do you want to know?”

Twilight pondered what she would ask him. Directions, strange sightings, or the Drakonians in the city. But the best idea would to be ask about the king. “Can you tell me about your leader, I believe that your latest king is Coal Patch?”

The salespony laughed at her question. “Sorry Lass,” he chuckled. “But if you’re looking for Coal Patch, then I’m afraid you’ll have to look in the ocean.”

“Wha--what?” she asked in shock. The other five mares and Spike were equally shocked by his words. “What happened to him?” she asked nervously.

“Oh, don’t worry,” He said. “Our new king, Yveltal knocked the spoiled brat off the throne!”

“You mean he killed him!?!” She shouted. The merchant rubbed his ears in pain. He gave her a nodded to confirm her suspicions. “But why?” she asked in confusion. Celestia had told her that taking a life was a last resort.

“Cause he was off his rocker, lass,” He sighed. He then told the Mane Six and Spike the events that lead up to Philip’s arrival.”

“Well, I can see that Coal Patch was a bad guy,” Twilight said. “But he shouldn’t have been killed. That makes this Yveltal just as bad!” The salespony held up his hoof to interrupt her.

“Whatever you think,” He retorted. “But I, and many others, disagree with that statement. Unlike places like Equestria, Ashen Claw is real. We don’t have some mushy princesses running their nation like a storybook.”

“What?” Twilight nearly screamed, but kept her voice down. “Equestria has faced many challenges and the princesses have led us through those rough times through their wisdom and compassion!” With that said she stomped away from the, leaving the stall owner to roll his eyes at her declaration.

She trotted on down the road, her destination unknown by even herself. But she kept on, driven by her own frustration. Her friends were quick to catch up to her. “Twilight,” Applejack said, bring the alicorn out of her clouded rage.

Twilight let out a sigh. “I know, I know….” she said. “But this Yveltal guy is bad news, we have to do something about him!”

Applejack let out a groan of annoyance at her friends recklessness. “While I agree that this Yveltal varmint is a no good rattlesnake,” Twilight was about to speak but Applejack stopped her. “But, at the same time he saved this place from another rotten apple. I’m not saying that he had a right to, but we can’t go around making a fuss of it---”

“--because we don’t know who to trust!” Rainbow Dash muttered. “It’s Starlight Glimmer all over again.”

Pinkie Pie was look with worry at her distressed friends. She thought on ways to cheer them up, and that’s when she saw it. The one thing that would make anypony smile. Food.

Tony’s Pizzeria!

“Hey girls!” Pinkie shouted, ignoring the fact that Spike is a guy. “Why don’t we get something to eat?”

“Pinkie I don’t---” Twilight tried to interject but the pink menace would have no of it!

“Oh come on Twilight,” Pinkie Pie giggled. “What’s the point of coming to save an island if you you can’t enjoy it.”

Before any of them could protest they were already inside the restaurant. It had a simple decor, one which Rarity would want to fix, with booths and tables to sit at. They looked to see a pony with a white chef’s hat waiting by the counter.

“Hello!” He bellowed as he saw his new costumers. “Welcome to Tony’s Pizzaria!” His accent was flawless, pure Italian. “Where would you like to be seat, my ladies?” He gave a small bow of respect before taking seven menus in under her front leg.

“The one by the corner, please!” Pinkie Pie asked, giving the owner a big smile.

“Alright, follow me!” He said, walking them to their table. When they were seated down, Twilight shot Pinkie Pie a look of frustration. “Pinkie,” she wined. “We need to be looking for this king, he might be the problem that we were sent her---”

“I told pizza would be better than that silly hay, Parcel Dove!” All seven turned to the source of the voice. What their eyes meet left them in shock.

A giant red, gray, and white behemoth of a bird sat down in one of the booths, looking slightly cramped. They also saw a unicorn mare with a red coat and black mane, styled much like Rainbow’s, sitting opposite of it.

“I guess you’re right, Philip,” She sighed with pleasure, taking another heavenly bite from the pizza.

“I’m always right, Dove,” The creature laughed. The mare simply rolled her eyes. Our Equestrian travelers continued to stare in shock at the creature, a beast they had never seen before.

“Yes, King Yveltal,” She mocked, taking a fork up like a spear. “You are the most fearless and powerful individuals Ashen Claw has ever had!”

They continued their playful banter as they ate their food, the six processing the events they were witnessing. Twilight began to formulate a plan after she recovered from her initial shock. After piecing together an idea she chose to inform her friends.

“Okay, everypony,” Twilight whispered, gaining her friends’ attention. “We need to separate him from her.”

“What?” Rainbow Dash hissed. “Are you crazy? How are we suppose to get that--that thing away from anything?”

“I agree with Rainbow, dear,” Rarity joined in. “If that’s the brute we’re after, then how do we do anything that won’t start a fight?”

“Oh!” Pinkie Pie whispered in excitement. Pulling out a strange bottle from her hair. “This will make him go nighty night!” The others gave a look at her, trying to understand the pure creepiness of her statement.

“Um, why do you have that with you, Pinkie?” Fluttershy asked with concern. The others giving silent nods of agreement with the question, wanting to know why the party pony had such contents.

“Oh, Zecora asked the same question when I asked for it!” She answered with glee. “You never know when somepony might get a little too rowdy. This helps the calm down!”

Rainbow Dash backed off a little, sliding away from the pink mare. Twilight gave her a dubious look before shaking her head. This could work.

“Okay,” Twilight said, a devious grin forming on her face. “Here’s what we do---” she then whispered what their plan was and what their part would be.

(Operation "Big Bird")

(Play this until the end of the chapter!)

After muleing over what they were doing Fluttershy got up, carrying a glass of wine with Pinkie’s brew in the liquid.

As a waiter passed by she got up to stop him. “Oh, Mr. Waiter” she called after him. She then pretended to stumble, spilling the drink over the bird and unicorn.

“Eep!” Dove yelped as the wine soaked her fur, the bird looking nonchalant about it. He sniffed his pizza, shrugging and he continued to eat it.

“I’m so sorry!” Fluttershy said, getting a napkin to help Parcel Dove. “Here, do you want me help you get it out of your coat?” she asked politely.

“Oh, it’s no problem,” Parcel Dove said, calming down from the shock. “But if you could help me out a little that would be great. It’s a pain to get these stains out.”

Fluttershy shook her head and took Parcel Dove to the restroom. “Sure, let’s get you cleaned up!” Right before they left Parcel Dove turned and shot the strange creature a look.

“Don’t. Go. Anywhere.” Parcel Dove said, giving him a serious look.

“Mmhkay!” He mumbled through his chewing. As they left he shrugged before continuing his meal.

Time for phase two.

Yveltal began to wobble a little and started to look drunk. He let out some hiccups before giggling. Rainbow Dash and Applejack got up and walked over to the drunken avian. “You okay, dude?” Rainbow Dash asked the bird, who giggled incoherently.

“Yeah *hic* I’m fine *hic*,” He answered, tipping out of the booth before Applejack caught him.

“I don’t know partner,” Applejack said, playing the role of worried civilian. “I think you might need us to take you home.”

The bird let out a snort of laughter. “I live *hic* in a pa*hic*lce!” he smiled. Twilight, Spike, and Rarity walked over as well to help Yveltal out of the booth.

“Waiter!” Twilight called, gaining one of the server’s attention. He trotted over to the six customers. “Could you give both of us our checks, we need to escort Mr. Yveltal home.” The waiter nodded and gave them their checks which they quickly paid.

Just as they were leaving Fluttershy came out of the restroom. “I told her that I was getting some fur cleaner, she should be waiting for awhile.”

The seven Equestrians lead the drunk bird out the pizzeria, taking him towards one of the exits of the city. Since the area was under construction there were a lot of gaps in the area, and with it being lunch time nopony was around to spot them.

And that’s how six ponies and a baby dragon carried a king off in his own city. The sheer amount of luck that went into this little kidnapping would later give the Captain Thorn Brush a headache and put Parcel Dove into a fuss.

But when Philip wakes up from his drunken state……

Then God save them all

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