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I need a new proof reader · 10:06pm Sep 27th, 2016

I not sure if anyone really reads these blood posts but right now I'm looking for a temporary proof reader for my story "Rise of an Empire, Fall of Another"

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I really wasn’t trying to soapbox, I was just trying to use a familiar group to help display that some of the same issues of the past continued into their present.

I’ve actually already dropped hints for that in the Blueblood and Murphy chapters.

Perhaps instead referring to some rogue militia Sam's bro was involved with?

I'm afraid if that's what you wanted, using actual politicial movements from the here and now was a big mistake. Using generic militias from the Midwest was already pushing it given their controversial (at best) history, but mentioning Antifa by name and making them the bad guys was literally just raising a massive political flag right in the middle of the chapter. I'm sorry, but the way you used Antifa I find it really hard to believe you weren't actually trying to soapbox.

Maybe if it was a different year that chapter wouldn’t have caused such a problem. But I think it’s best to take it down, I don’t want my stories to cause those kinds of heated discussions.

  • Viewing 139 - 143 of 143
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