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This is a group made for the purpose of discussing the 'Asylum'verse, and discussing fan-theories on the subject. It is also a place for readers to place, read, critique, and discuss fan or side stories.

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I drew a piece of fan art for Asylum! Am I allowed to post it here?
If not, where is an acceptable place?

Why hasn't anyone wrote a fic showing other members of the mane six ending up in the asylumverse?

I'm a fan and I like this story. So here I am!:pinkiecrazy:

I am to the Asylum fan group what 128 is to RAM, just another step in the right direction.

Loving the story so far, and am glad to be here.

Comment posted by InsanityCorps deleted Nov 18th, 2013

I would like to know when it would be finished as well.

And.. a hundred members! Wooohooo! :twilightsmile:

Totally joining this! I love Asylum; it's my favorite fanfic ever! :heart:

Finally got around to joining this! Go Asylum!:pinkiecrazy:

You know... they say you don't have to be crazy to be a member here...

BUT IT HELPS! :pinkiecrazy:


Let me know when you finish it and it's uploaded! I really want to see!

Hay, look! The walls are squishy! *Throws self into them and makes a loud meaty thump* Nope not this one... my bad... I'm gonna take a nap now and leer at Nurse Rachet.

Mind letting me know when it's done? So I can make it into a stickied thread.

Or you can just do it yourself, whichever you prefer.


Also, I have a Work In Progress GDocs "Asylumverse" guide which I've been working on for people who write related stories, to help inspire them and such.

I look forward to seeing it, let me know if you need a backup proofreader.

SO joining this. :D I normally don't write, but even I'm wanting to do a story about poor Dashie's Asylumverse ordeals.

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