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A group dedicated to the three central characters created by jucamovi1992: The Dark Stars

Aglaópe(pink): She's a diva, very vain, bossy, and is the leader of the mermaids.
Piscis(blue): She's intelligent, likes to read, and is good with spells.
Rádne(green): She's pretty tough, athletic, and very impulsive.


After the Dazzlings were defeated, three new girls came to Canterlot High,
they looked like sweet girls but soon they demonstrated that their intentions were anything but good.

A new danger has come to Canterlot High.

They are the mermaids, selfish, evil creatures who can manipulate and bewitch ponies and other creatures with their music. But one day they decided to flood Equestria with a powerful storm, this storm appeared every time the mermaids sang, but Princess Celestia stopped them before they could achieve their goal. They fled to the ocean, but now they've returned to cross the mirror to the world of Canterlot High, the mermaids once again try to conquer all with their dangerous charms...

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I'm lord Vader we could close allies

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