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FINALLY wrote a story! · 3:17pm Aug 31st, 2013

Go me. I finally write a story, and it's a some dark dismal piece about a violently insane Rainbow Dash. :P What can I say though? I think "Asylum" is a really awesome story, but so far features very little Dashie. So I decided to make my own until this is rectified. Enjoy!

Also, the cover art was a picture initially drawn by me, but given a more "official" looking take by my pal Masem!

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Little Pink Pegasus

Hi! I'm Soda Crush! I'm a pink Pegasus from Trot-onto!

Anything else about me can be summarized quite nicely below:

Outside of that...well, I think DJ Pon3 is Best Pony!

And...I'm not much of a writer. I draw. So you'll see a lot of that out of me via my blogs. But occasionally I'll write a story. Either way, keep an eye out for both!

I'm more of an artist than I am a writer..

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Ever considered of making a Flashlight story?

Thanks for the watch! And I love the ponysona art -- it's by Babs Bunny/Lili Fox, am I right?

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