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Hello there!! This is a group that deals in the nearly non-existent story idea of somepony becoming a Draconequus. It doesn't matter how or why, just as long as it is!! We accept all stories where somepony either becomes, is secretly, or was born a Draconequus and disguised as a pony for whatever reason. So please, enjoy this crazy amalgam of chaos that we call a group!

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#draconequus now exists! attention all group authors, please help it grow by tagging your fiction with #draconequus!

313036 I no longer check new blog posts :moustache:

313011 Not sure if trolling but yeah. You used to comment on my blogs a lot. :facehoof:

313003 I am waiting for X becomes knighty's chode :moustache:

Sweet. Another X Becomes group. Now all we need is an X Becomes a Dragon group and the circle will be complete.

How bad do ya'll think it would be if a stereotypical Blaxploitation Pimp with Superman level abilities went to Equestria?

Well, I got a couple of stories added to start the group off.

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