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Just a pony fan that loves the series. I mainly like shipping stories, crossovers, and some good old fashioned comedy. I also don't mind OC's as long as they're written well.


New Shazam Redesign · 11:24pm Aug 22nd, 2021

Been awhile, but yeah good old Billy Batson, according to the Reddit where this new look leaked, will be getting a new series and a look far closer to his classic appearances as Captain Marvel! Gotta say, THIS is my favorite look for the Big Red Cheese to date!

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Howdy howdy! Thanks for the favorite!

Glad to have you aboard on Positive Ponies, friend!

Thanks for the watch! :)

2660738 Fun fact. Man of Tomorrow was his main moniker before Man of Steel. The Man of Steel name was first attributed to? Steel Sterling, one of Archie Comics superheroes

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