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I am obsessed with a game so I'm making a crossover with it D: Too many crossovers!! · 5:14pm Feb 24th, 2013

Okay, some of you may get tired of all the crossovers I've been doing, but I really, really wanna do this one...

A crossover with Sonic Riders.

Yes, too many Sonic crossovers.

No, not many Sonic Riders crossovers.

I've just been playing that game for a few days after leaving it alone for months and now I'm obsessed with it and I gotta do a crossover...


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Hello, I've read some of your fics, and I think they're great! Keep the good writing!:pinkiehappy: Also, I would love to read your Sonic crossovers. :raritywink:

I give you 4 moustaches out of five.

Hey cad, I'm back to writing, and I will wait for you to rate my chapters!:pinkiehappy: Thanks for your attention my friend.:twilightsmile:

You have two fics, but still pretty much nothing here.... your profile it's just so.... so empty :derpyderp2: WHERE IS EVERYTHING?!?!?!

Ah well, speaking of your stories, you seem to have at least some talent, yo just need to work on refining it a bit. I'd advise going to the Author Support Group We have pretty much everything possibly in terms of fixing problems, helping you avoid them, or just making you, or anyone, better as a whole. Browse through the threads to find any subject you might not know much about. Or, just ask the experienced writers on the "Willing to Help" list. There's everyone's from collaborators, to editors, to artists and much more.

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Meh, I'll post them next time :derpytongue2: can't be bothered :trollestia:

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