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Have you been bullied? Are you bullied? Do you want to help people that are or have been bullied? This is the group for you! Here, we share experience, advice and get encouraged. We get support to keep fighting and never, ever, give up!
If you have bigger problams than bulling, I can recomend you to join Anti-Depression ponys But, in this group we are sticking to miner problems like bulling and other similar things!

For direct support, go to the Introduction thread and introduce your self!

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OK! I will start on the story soon after I figure out just how to go about writing it. :twilightblush:

376105 Ok! I'll be sure to do that soon!

You press the button named "forum" and then you'll see akl the threads that have been made in this group. Once this far, you press the button called " creat new thread". The you give it a title and write what ever you want to write in it, before pressing "create thread"! ^^

Sure I could! ^^ you're free to creat threads, as well.

376100 Then let the games begin...
If you wouldn't mind, could you open a thread where people post common insults and we help them out?

Well, that is npt bullying in my opinipn! It's trying to defebd your self! Welcome omboard!

376089 Like, people have tried to bully me because Brony/nerdy/bisexual, and I have delivered swift and precise comebacks. I do not target them though, I'm just "they push, I push back". I haven't had a problem with bullying, and so many have given up that the only current one I can't have a comeback too because his only attack is him going, and I quote, "Booooo." (Jeering, not trying to be scary.)

I see why someone would do counter-bullying, but I do not encourage it.:eeyup:
I dunno., I never really encountered that.Why do you wondere?:trixieshiftright:

One thing I want to ask before I tear into this beast:
What is your stance on counter-bullying (defensive, not offensive) and what do you count as it?

Thank you for joining! You can presenteat your self in introduction or post a new thread were you can disscus what ever you want bulling related.

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