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Large, generally reptilian monsters from the far flung past of Earth in Equestria. Need I say more?

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Er...is this group dead?

At last! I have found the Holy Grail! And it is this!

I was about to add Jack Patrick: The Secret World of Mesozoica, but I didn't get permissions.

I'm trying to add my new story here, Attack on Dinosaur: Alpha Rising, but apparently I don't have proper permissions to do that? Seems to be a common problem.

Comment posted by annonymus deleted Jul 6th, 2018

Can't add anything :(

I have found my people.

Would you mind adding my story on terror birds to the group? It seems as if I can't do so myself, unfortunately.

xkcd: what if?

Humans are more dinosaur then plastic dinosaurs. :pinkiehappy:

really wish i'd found this sooner lol

I have a story that has a, how you would say, "Custom Dinosaur" in it. Fan made but still a Large Reptile. i was wondering If 'and how' i could add it to this group?

355934I cant remember, just through browsing google I think.

350443 Tell me where you found that second picture

saw walking with dinosaurs the movie:
honestly they could have gone without the voice acting and done it like the original BBC series with just a narration (would have been a lot more informative):

Hey guys.

Check out this askblog.

Ask a Velociraptor


that's a good philosophy you have there

Joined, because dinosaurs.

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