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I'm an MLP/Sci-Fi crossover writer. 'Nuff said. My stories seek to answer but these three, simple questions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC5QT6CWiSM


Several years ago, dinosaurs suddenly appeared in Equestria, taking over the landscape. The ponies grew walls of trees around their cities for protection, forced into hiding inside. And it worked, until…that day…

Suddenly, dinosaurs with elemental powers began appearing inside the city walls, transformed from ponies themselves! But can this dino-shifting power also be used to defend the ponies? Which heroes will rise to use it? And what does all of this have to do with several curious stones unearthed only months prior to the dinosaurs' first arrival?

(My Little Pony, Dinosaur King, and Attack on Titan walk into a blender.)

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...I think the Cryolophosaurus was Electra Ski.

Well, color me impressed. A well-written Attack On Titan My Little Pony crossover, but with fire-breathing dinosaurs as the Titans? Not only a great concept, but masterfully executed as well! This goes in my Tracking folder. I expect this to turn out for the best. Keep up the good work!

I love dinosaurs, but this is unlike in real life, and I need to give you information but I'm not nitpicking you. Do you think ALL dinosaurs are relentless hunters like in the B movies? No! Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures are just animals, not monsters. Carnivores feast on other animals (dead or alive) in order to survive even the mighty T-Rex never hunt when they're not hungry because no animal (except humans or the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World) would kill for sport. Some herbivores know how to defend themselves against predatory animals like an Ankylosaurus and Triceratops while other herbivores like hadrosaurs can defend themselves by running.
Larger carnivores like T-Rex mostly feed on larger prey while smaller carnivores prey on smaller animals and larger animals when hunting in packs. Sometimes, carnivores can be territorial like when an animal invades their territory, they get aggressive at the intruder until it leaves. And sometimes when carnivores are not hungry while their prey is nearby, they ignore it unless it bothers a carnivore.

(Note: If you're trolling me; I will report you)

the trolling I can get, but does it seem a little much to report him for a downvote? what if someone else downvotes you, does that mean you report him even though he didn't do it?

ok. I hope I didn't come off as bossy. just didn't want this story taken down because someone wanted to test you and see if you would go through with it.

also, my theory for why to dinosaurs are acting the way they are is more than likely because of the same thing that brought them to Equestria in the first place.

...nowhere in the story did the author say that the herbivorous dinos were hunting and/or eating ponies. So far in this story, there hasn't even been an implied case of a carnivorous dino eating ponies. Just a couple open-ended lines in the exposition. And the scene with the Neovenator being chased away occurred because the Neovenator was following the scent of prey while it was out hunting.

I don't think you can report someone for writing an AU that doesn't adhere to real world science. Then again, I only really skimmed through that part of the site rules.

I've read that story a little, but thanks for reminding me that.

I am just confused where the impromptu science lesson came from.

Like Ze1a7in, the author is also confused where the impromptu science lesson came from.

but this is unlike in real life

Yeah, I noticed that when the dinosaur started breathing fire. I'd think that's a bit less natural than its behavior and more warranting of comment. I know how wild animals act, but that Acrocanthosaurus wasn't a "wild animal", per se.

A pony ran inside their house and slammed the door behind them. The small slim shadow of a Deinonychus appeared in the front window and hissed at them, and they slowly backed farther into the room. The pony heard scratching at the door, then silence, and they breathed a sigh of relief. Then the door handle began to turn, and they froze. The door slowly creaked open.

I get that this is a Jurassic Park reference, but in reality, theropod dinosaurs have their hands facing inwards, not downwards so I wouldn't think that dromaeosaurs could open doors since their hands are inwards. And also, Troodons are the most intelligent dinosaurs on the planet, but they're not smarter than most mammals including humans today.

The normal hustle and bustle of the Ponyville marketplace was far subdued from the pre-wall time, many of the ponies here having convinced themselves that loud conversations would attract more dinosaurs to challenge the wall. In general, laughter in the streets had been slow to recover. There hadn’t been a song in the first year and a half, and the first had been a suspenseful tale of hiding for survival despite their powerful shield. Minds had been made in all directions. There were those who accepted, rejected, or even embraced their new position under the shadows of the wall and the dinosaurs. The smart ones would avoid bringing it up, a strategy which kept at least Ponyville mostly peaceful.

Not all dinosaurs were attracted to sounds, but it will only attract hungry predators, but they can't get through walls unless if they're good at climbing.

The dinosaur leaned its head down and a blast of scalding steam came from all over its skin and washed over her, forcing her to quickly retreat to a distance.

I hate to tell you this, but I really don't think the steam that sprayed from the Acrocanthosaurus is scientifically accurate. I mean, what animal does that?

Now this is a good fusion fic. I'm definitely following this.

You know, I'm really a fan of Attack on Titian and Dinosaur King, but the reason why I'm reading it because I love dinosaurs; however, since they're scientific inaccuracies, I would point out the inaccuracies as a scientist.

These dinosaurs are inspired by an anime, I think that gives me a pass.

ponies … having convinced themselves

The Colossal Titan. :P

Don't you judge me! I've seen Jurassic Park and I didn't say I hated this story.

(Uh oh, exclamation marks are out. Quick, how do I defuse this? Um…) Thanks? (:unsuresweetie:Yeah, that went well.)

:rainbowlaugh:*laughs* (don't worry, I'm laughing with you, not at you)

what is this shit and how do I get rid of it. Holy fuck.

You do realize this is fucking fanfiction and the author can do anything they want. They could have a water bottle turn into a goddamn tank and it doesn't matter. Its pretty obvious this isn't realistic at all. Especially when you realize its about pastel horses.

I was just telling him something about the science and behavior about dinosaurs. I didn't say I hate this story.

They could have a water bottle turn into a goddamn tank and it doesn't matter.

It only causes by magic, not science.

They could use science. Made up science. Anything goes. Nothing is set in stone.


Yeah, I know since I watched the entire Jurassic Park Franchise.

Okay, you've had your fun, but this discussion's reached the point of no longer being related to the story, so I'm asking you to switch to PMs if you want to continue.

that doesn't even make sense.

How does this not relate to the story? We're discussing the mechanics of fanfiction and how there are no rules, thus it relates to the story, which is a fanfiction.

Yes, it relates to the idea of stories, but it's stepping past relating to this story itself; i.e. you're not discussing the topic as it is presented in this story anymore, but merely the topic in general. I suggest making a post on a science-related group's forum for public discussion to continue this topic in a more appropriate arena instead of overflowing the comment section of one story in particular with a cascading argument. But that's just how I would do things.

Is there gonna be another chapter?

There are going to be a lot more chapters…eventually. Y'see, I write on a rotational schedule between around 9 stories right now on an admittedly inconsistent basis. If I'm "feeling" a story, I work on that one that day, then chapters get done and posted when they do. Very unprofessional, I know, but it's what I can manage. I plan everything out easy, but it's turning notes into paragraphs that takes all the time.

It’s been a while. You still having trouble with ideas?

No, just…still trying to do everything at once. Plus other distractions. As my ideas outpace my work, more and more stories head towards my "How It Could Have Ended" pile.

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