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The group to end all groups.

There is a strict deodorant eating regimen that must be followed at all times. Failure to comply will result in an "unsatisfactory" mark on your official test record, followed by banishment to /mlp.

Praise Blackjack.

That is all.

If you want, post a thread with your gamertag or PS name thingy or some PC thing, so that we can all play together on Xbox/Playstation/PC. I'll sticky them so they're always at the top.

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Aymanalani on steam add me fer tf2 csgo or l4d2

367732 Nice! There's a group like this! Well, why WOULDN'T there be? X3

I don't have too many games for anything, but if anyone's interested, we can see about playing something together if we both have the same stuff. I am a lonely single-player kind of guy, but I would like to change that ^-^

I NEEDS XBOX LIVE PEOPLE TO PLAY RED DEAD WITH ME!!!! i had other games but i sold them and got cod black ops 2 witch my baby brother broke so pm me and i will give who ever wants it my gamertag

353107 Send me antoher message about it. ill see it tomarrow.

I'll send you a note later

Same here.

The hay shall be hit.

353103 Huh, it actually sounds pretty cool.

I'd try it, but I seriously need to go to sleep right now cause Ive got class at 8.

Next time the two of you are on, send me a message reminding me and I'll most likely be happy to try it out. Ok?

I'll forget, so remind me!

353101 yeah...its like. Writing a story...wanna try it?

I was introduce by Frankie. I prefer to be the guy on the sidelines, but basically it's like writing a story that you're pretending to be in.

It's loads of fun. If you're creative.

I did...heres mine

353099 Huh. I;ve never RP'd.

Is it fun? Lol, i have literally no idea.

I don't have a contact request?

Did you send it?

Holy fuck you're a genius.

I could post it on Fimfic, /mlp/, shit...I'd get equestria daily to do a post about it!
Brony, please.

The next launch will be the launch to end all launches.

353091 Hey, you should make a thread about gathering as many ppl on BF3 for boat time.

I;d sticky it.

353092 You need xbox so you can launch boats with us!

Oh, you RP on skype? That sounds WAAAY easier!

Yeah, my skype name is Shaboom Dude, but I'm about to get off.

Oh, and I prefer to do it sort of like a dungeon master thing. Where I act as NPC's and you deal with the problems I throw at you.
It entertains me.

353091 I headin to sleep.

Glad you guys have become... ffffffffffffffffffffffrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnddddddddddddds

hey adventure. Works for you have Skype?

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