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The group to end all groups.

There is a strict deodorant eating regimen that must be followed at all times. Failure to comply will result in an "unsatisfactory" mark on your official test record, followed by banishment to /mlp.

Praise Blackjack.

That is all.

If you want, post a thread with your gamertag or PS name thingy or some PC thing, so that we can all play together on Xbox/Playstation/PC. I'll sticky them so they're always at the top.

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Aymanalani on steam add me fer tf2 csgo or l4d2

367732 Nice! There's a group like this! Well, why WOULDN'T there be? X3

I don't have too many games for anything, but if anyone's interested, we can see about playing something together if we both have the same stuff. I am a lonely single-player kind of guy, but I would like to change that ^-^

I NEEDS XBOX LIVE PEOPLE TO PLAY RED DEAD WITH ME!!!! i had other games but i sold them and got cod black ops 2 witch my baby brother broke so pm me and i will give who ever wants it my gamertag

353107 Send me antoher message about it. ill see it tomarrow.

I'll send you a note later

353103 Huh, it actually sounds pretty cool.

I'd try it, but I seriously need to go to sleep right now cause Ive got class at 8.

Next time the two of you are on, send me a message reminding me and I'll most likely be happy to try it out. Ok?

I'll forget, so remind me!

353101 yeah...its like. Writing a story...wanna try it?

I did...heres mine

353099 Huh. I;ve never RP'd.

Is it fun? Lol, i have literally no idea.

353091 Hey, you should make a thread about gathering as many ppl on BF3 for boat time.

I;d sticky it.

353092 You need xbox so you can launch boats with us!

353091 I headin to sleep.

Glad you guys have become... ffffffffffffffffffffffrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnddddddddddddds

hey adventure. Works for you have Skype?

oh geez I'm RP?

353083 Filly please.

I have to wake up in six hours.

FUCK this site! :facehoof:

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