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Just a pony fan that loves the series. I mainly like shipping stories, crossovers, and some good old fashioned comedy. I also don't mind OC's as long as they're written well.


In which Equestria's newest Princess comes back from a year of royal training, with a wife in tow, which happens to be one Trixie Lulamoon

Watch as Twilight Sparkle and Trixie Lulamoon-Sparkle, deal with everyday life.

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Spike REALLY needs a girlfriend.

Maybe is the sleeplessness talking, but this is actually very funny an well written. It feels as the pilot for a sit-com and I would really like to see the whole season.
Keep going with it.

I like it but it needs an AU tag. Otherwise it just doesn't... fit.

The most important person in Twilight's life isn't listed in the character tags?

Trixie seems a little to high on herself. makes the story hard to enjoy

Hell's bells, this is going to be good.

3173372 That what I was going for, playing it up a tad for comedy sake. Don't worry, I'll be toning that down in future chapters. :twilightsmile:

3173208 What are you talking about? :unsuresweetie:

This feels very much like an old sitcom from the 80's/90's.

...I love it :rainbowkiss:

Seems like this story would make more sense if they hadn't been married yet. I like it, don't get me wrong, but it seems to me like Twilight wouldn't marry somepony until after a moment like this, or several. But, its your story, and I shall sit back and enjoy it

3175438 Call it a whirlwind romance, with them getting married a BIT too soon. :ajsmug:

3174888 Spike. He provided her with support and friendship during a time in her life at which she would have been alone with her books, worked his ass off for her since childhood, continues to work his ass off for her, knows her better than any of her fellow Elementy Pals (probably even her blood relatives), and is usually the only one to stand by her during critical situations. If that doesn't earn him a character tag, then either Twilight is one cold-hearted bitch or your fanfic has some serious pony-supremacy subtext goin' on there...or you just forgot to add the tag. :twilightsmile:

3176543 Yeah.......... I think it was the latter :twilightsheepish:

3172831 Ditto - I totally agree, we need more of this! :derpytongue2:

I'm laughing so hard that everybody in the house is yelling at my room right now.
It seems like Trixie had watched "Final Destination 3" recently.
Keep the writing.

3216270 Well one of us did anyway :pinkiecrazy:

3216413 Seemed appropriate. She can't be the most powerful unicorn in real life, so tabletop RPG's are the next best thing. :twilightsmile:

My personal favorite pnp-rpg character right now is a Ponyfinder 19th level Griffon Paladin.

Trixie isn't the only one who plays it old-school, I've been playing DnD and all of its variants since '98.:twilightsheepish:

3216766 I used to play all the time back in Jr. High, but when I discovered video game RPG's I kinda...................... stopped.:applejackunsure: Though the D&D game on the PS3 network is pretty cool.

Aren't Priestress partly healer? As in, pay attentiion, your mates need chants etc. ?

3230533 Trixie said she stop figuring out Twilight and her pink friend a long time ago.

3230564 She's referring to Pinkie Pie :pinkiecrazy:

I blame YOU for having my screen covered in milk now.:flutterrage:
Another successful hilrious chapter, well done sir.:moustache:

Oh Twilight, you big ol pervert.

3232141 An overactive imagination can be a burden sometimes :trollestia:

3231799 So sue me :pinkiecrazy:

luna and chrysalis? I LIKE IT :pinkiecrazy::heart::pinkiehappy::twilightsmile::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

3282043 Thanks! :pinkiehappy: I'm using this story as a chance to showcase some pretty nonexistent pairings.

Chrysaluna! YAY

3282414 Yeah I never see that one. Weird. Seems like a better fit than ChryLestia for some reason, even though I do like that one just for the crackiness of it. :pinkiecrazy:

Silly story. Very enjoyable to read. That said, there were a few errors, mainly several times 'she' was written as 'he', Derpy being referred to as 'The Derpy', and [redacted]. Shouldn't take long to fix.

Keep up the good work!

Comment posted by Captain Lunar deleted Oct 1st, 2013

You kept referring some female characters as "he", but other than that, good job.

3283381 Fixed. Your dignity as a writer shall remain unsullied. :trollestia:

Luna and Chrysalis are an item? When did that happen?

Why not have them both in heat and find out who will caved in?

There's only one word that can describe this chapter and I'm pretty sure that everybody here know what word is it. So at the count of three:

Words cannot describe how much fun I had with this chapter. There is so much comic potential in interaction between Spike and Trixie, and it just blows my mind that so few people can see how much hilarity their chemistry could produce. If this one chapter here was isolated as a one-shot, I would add it to my favorites in a heartbeat.

Only thing about it that rubbed me the wrong way was the idea that Spike is down on the CMC's level, and should only be shipped with young fillies. He's young, yes, but he's definitely older than they are, and socializes much more easily and readily with grown ponies. It's been established in canon that he doesn't even get along with the CMC. Besides, when he's finally an adult, the mane six will only be in their mid-twenties. Not an insurmountable age gap.

3307756 Indeed


3308081 I'm kinda playing fast and loose with Spike's age a bit, really going with the idea that dragons age slower. Really most of this was for comedic effect, like how overly self-centered Trixie was in the first chapter.

Bruce Campbell is best pony.

3309304 Technically best griffon, but whatever :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Bruce Campbell is best chosen one.
(eat your heart out Neo)

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