• Published 8th Sep 2013
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The Twixie Show - Captain Lunar

Watch as Princess Twilight Sparkle and wife Trixie Lulamoon-Sparkle, deal with everyday life.

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Train Ride of the Doomed(According to Trixie that is)

"Come on Trixie, the train hasn't even moved yet." Twilight sighed, rubbing her head with her hoof as she attempted to quell the impending headache. Trixie had been a bundle of tightly wound nerves ever since Twilight said they were going to Canterlot to spend a weekend getaway with Shining Armor and Cadence. It was an anniversary present to the ruler of the Crystal Empire from none other than Luna herself, who would be taking over Cadence's duties for the weekend. The minute Twilight said "train ride" Trixie had been unnaturally jumpy. She had even stopped referring to herself in the third person, which was a major sign to Twilight something was up.

"But what if some dumb kid puts a bit on the tracks to flatten it for luck? What if that bit causes the train to fly off the tracks, turning into a flaming ball of doom before crashing from 200 feet up onto the rocky terrain below?!" Trixie ranted, panic in her eyes.

"First of all, that's an urban myth. There's no way a single tiny bit could cause a train to fly off the tracks." The princess said, causing her wife to calm a little.

"Secondly, what's gotten you so worked up? I've never seen you this nervous!" Twilight said as she looked the blue unicorn dead in the eye.

"I'm just really afraid of trains. Funny right? A grown mare afraid of a train." Trixie admitted, looking rather ashamed.

"Trixie, it's okay to be afraid. I know a lot of ponies that are. Riding on something this big going that fast can make a lot of ponies nervous. I remember reading somewhere that the fear comes from feeling a lack of control which was found out by conducting a survey with about 10........" Twilight started rambling as Trixie suddenly found herself nodding off. If there was one thing that could put her out, it was Twilight reciting scientific findings. Soon the unicorn could no longer keep her eyes open as she fell asleep.

Behold the wizard.

Beware her powers.


Under the gaze of the necromancer a silver staircase began to rise. Ponies stood on it and marveled at the power shooting from her eyes. And by the dim light of the dream realm's black sun, the Wizard climbed the frozen waterfall of Voldrini in search of Twilight Sparkle, the guardian of infinite power. When suddenly a terrible Shantak appeared and attacked with ice, but the Wizard was undeterred. The Shantak roared and unleashed the most sinister wind, but the Wizard is undeterred. The Shantak summoned the Stones of Prophynia, but the Wizard was undeterred. Calling upon the powers of the ancients, the Wizard conjured a sacred fire and cast her foe into the molten maw of an insatiable Lava Demon.

"Ahh, Twilight Sparkle. Trixie thinks you're going to enjoy this." The Wizard said as she flew to plant a kiss on the lips of the lavender alicorn. The Wizard then stood on the precipice of ultimate power. The gates opened to reveal...

"Trixie are you even listening to me?" Twilight asked as she poked her wife with her hoof a few times. The unicorn remained asleep, mumbling something about ultimate power.

"Trixie?" Twilight tried again, only to get a snort in response.

"Trixie?!" The alicorn again tried to awaken her mate, but received a sleepy hoof waving her off.

"Don't worry Princess............ The great and powerful Wizard Trixie will save you from that 8th level Blood Demon!" Trixie sleepily exclaimed, her horn sparking a little magic and waving her front hooves around.

"TRIXIE!" Twilight shouted, drawing the attention of the rest of the passengers.

"Who?! What?! When?! Where?!" Trixie shouted, looking around in surprise. Looking around she saw her wife looking rather flustered at her.

"How long was Trixie asleep?" The blue unicorn asked as she rubbed the back of her head. Suddenly the train jumped slightly as they stopped at the Canterlot Train Station.

"Huh, how about that. You slept the entire way here. Normally I'd be a little peeved that you'd fall asleep while I'm talking to you, but at least you didn't freak out all during the trip." Twilight said as she got up and headed out of the train, Trixie following her.

"Also Trixie I think you may need to cut back on those Crypts and Creepers games with Spike and Pinkie." Twilight said as they retrieved their luggage.

"Trixie is a level 87 High Priestess! Why in the world would she cut back?! Trixie will not stop until she is a level 100 High Priestess!" The unicorn said indignantly.

"And some ponies call me a nerd." Twilight said as she rolled her eyes.