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Mostly a romance writer, often taking an interest in trying different genres but always coming back to romance in the end.


One year since the abrupt end of her previous tour, Trixie returns to Canterlot to begin her show anew. Despite the initial success it remains clear that she cannot forget about the mare that haunts her memories. Something which is desired and deeply examined by Princess Celestia, however the discoveries of Trixie's true feelings towards her student seek to open a path she had previously only dreamed of leading. A path she swiftly urges the willing unicorn along as she sends the showmare to Ponyville for her next stop in the tour.

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A very promising start. I can not wait to read the next chapter!

It seems a bit unfair Trixie knows about Twilights obsession but it can turn out quiet fun

Season 3 canon!

This story is invalid!

But to make you feel better, I'll give this a thumbs up :unsuresweetie:
Because I'm a Saint. :scootangel:

Very interesting piece. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Trixie knows a lot more about Twilight than she does about her, but she also doesn't like to admit she obsesses herself.
The good thing about writing stories is you don't need to go with canon. I love the canon Trixie but the character herself can be expanded in many great ways as can the rest, which is why I write stories about such ponies. This story is actually based early into season 2 as that was when I originally birthed the concept in my mind but I only just got around to writing it as I wanted to finish my previous long story before working on it.
Hopefully it shall be up soon as I shall begin working on it shortly.


I am looking forward to the next chapter. And yes...screw canon (especially if it turns out bad in the next episode *G* )

1701725 How is it invalid? That episode has yet to actually come out, and if I were the author, I would just put "Ignores everything after Boast Busters" into the description.

I like the phrase "I reject your canon and substitute my own" I am sure Trixie would be amazing in the episode, as she is my favourite character outside the mane cast (and questionably favourite of all), but indeed stories don't need to follow canon. I am positive that there would still be plentiful romantic outcomes for stories after the episode regardless.
If the episode does effect the way this story is seen then I will write that it takes place on an alternate series of events to the episode. Though I hoped I wouldn't have to write such a thing as I figured it would already be understood, but alas will do so anyway if it does become an issue. If following canon was an important thing then most of the stories anyone would write would be seen as incorrect until the final episode of MLP:FIM as they would take place between series which may not come to pass etc. including my own, so yea, I don't worry about such things and write what I enjoy writing and what I enjoy providing to others to read. :twilightsmile:

Meh, screw canon. I'm not exactly a font of knowledge on unreleased season 3 stuff, but from all the preview stuff I've seen they're making Trixie into a generic evil villain. That's boring as hell. The fanon Trixie, the cripplingly insecure showmare who's aspirations and dreams far outweigh her actual talent (and maaaaybe has super-secret feelings for Twilight), is much more interesting and relatable.

So, wait? Trixie is/was Celestias student, but also not? I got no problem with keeping secrets in your story, or just hinting at something, but the dialogue between Celestia and Trixie was just plain confusing.

1702715 TrixieShy is better :yay:
As for how she is returning canon wise
she's a Sith Lord
and she fused Snips and Snails together to make them shut up
I'm having a very good feeling about this

Insecure yet loving Trixie is best Trixie imo. Works so well with Twilight as well when she is as such.
Celestia's final words were indeed relating to Trixie as being her student, and Trixie's views of being abandoned in the past would go to show there was something between them once, though what exactly it was and how it is different now is yet to be told.

TrixieShy would be my all-time favourite ship if it only had more fics. Kindness' Reward is fantastic, but we need more. :derpytongue2:

Her canon return is worrying me from what I've seen so far. Doesn't look like the episode is gonna end with her getting on good terms with anyone. They'll probably end up killing her or banishing her or something equally lame :raritydespair:

Of course, they might be able to pull off a good ending, but it's looking doubtful :ajsleepy:

Definitely, I love Trixie fics where someone (usually Twilight) manages to break through Trixie's endless maze of insecurities and egotism and reveal (there's no way to say this next line without sounding like the moral of some terrible 80s cartoon) the loving mare underneath.

Edit: Changed Trixie's taste in food to nibbling the side of apples.


TrixieShy is very cute but I remain a fan of Twixie more myself, I have a high liking for that pair due to multiple reasons. As for the return of Trixie herself, I personally believe she is likely being controlled or corrupted by something or been replaced, something along the lines of her letting the desire to prove her magical worth becoming too powerful and overpowering her judgement and senses to the point where Twilight would likely save her from the power she searched for. That would be my view on it anyway from just the image I have seen of Trixie and the story brief, I refuse to watch any spoilers myself. Sadly the chance of Trixie getting another sad ending could be high, but I think after the first time Twilight would likely want to make sure she never fell into such a position again. Then again I am a huge Twixie fan so that would always be my view even if it turns out to be completely wrong. But one can hope.

Twilight is indeed the finest mare to show her such a thing, being the mare that Trixie has had such an experience with and been saved by from the falling Ursa Minor. Such stories are always sweet and I enjoy both reading and writing them. Then again I enjoy doing almost anything Twixie related unless it becomes too dark or sad for my tastes. Though I have written a grimdark story before I much prefer working on the happier romantic ones.

Well now, this looks promising. I'ma track it.

1701725 As others have said... so? It's a made-up story. Aren't they all?

Oh wow... interesting twist on Twixie. I look forward to more. :3

And yeah, to hell with canon. I remain very cynical about the upcoming episode. ~_~

1705838 Sorry
it's a habit of mine
I always like to connect fic to canon if they're based on events from the show
you'd pretty much have to ignore canon on some of these
otherwise your head might explode
this is especially true with ancient fanfics that came out before season 2 canon
like Romance Reports and the like.

Oooooh. This looks good. And I loves me a good Twixie fic.

No big gripes about the story, but the grammar was off at several points. Usually things like words being missing, missing punctuation. Nothing really bad, but enough to be distracting. For example:

She has absolutely Nothing to do with such an overblown mare!"

The word nothing should not be capitalized. Again, these are not grievous blows to the english language or anything,but they can be distracting.

That older mare that was crying, with the stallion and older colt. Were they Twi's family? And if so, why describe Shining as a colt? :trixieshiftright:

I find Trixie`s reaction to be... less then adequate in the situation. A performer has to have a bit of manipulativeness in her - to read the crowd, if nothing else. As is, Trixie behaves like a nine year old caught crushing on someone by older sister.

That pings rather false for me.

Case one.

Celestia grinned slightly to her subject's tone of voice, levitating a flower from the table vase to her lips. "Oh? Then for who is this second chair meant for? A unicorn, or a pegasus. Or perhaps an earth pony?"

"None of it is your business." Trixie snapped, grabbing the flower from her unwanted guest before tossing it inside the open salad bowl, at the same time removing the rose from the stallion that tried to take advantage of her and tossing it into the bin.

She flat-out invites Celestia to pry, here. More discouraging response would`ve been to the tune of.

"Actually, it was meant for Trixie alone." - performer retorted, tossing the rose from undesired suitor out of the door, - "Inviting anypony else into Trixie`s life never brought her anything good - you taught Trixie that much quite well, your highness."

Case two.

"I merely wished to talk to you, it has been a long time since we last saw each other."

"Yes it's been years since you last abandoned me!" Celestia didn't reply to her statement, instead she simply continued to nibble at another flower's petals. Infuriating Trixie as she had to back down, knowing she would not be getting a reply as much as she knew she deserved it. "But what do you want? You could have talked to me before this what is so special now? The fact I have returned to my tours? As you never talked to me when I first began them."

Again, Trixie should be well aware that such a diatribe will only reveal her weakness. Arrogance would`ve compelled her to answer more like this...

"Is there anything left to discuss? Trixie believes you`ve made your stance quite clear years ago." Celestia didn't reply to her statement, instead she simply continued to nibble at another flower's petals. Infuriating Trixie as she had to back down, knowing she would not be getting a reply as much as she knew she deserved it. "You were not interested in anything about Trixie back then - and Trixie finds it quite doubtful anything changed ever since. After all, it`s not like alicorns are known for "being" wrong about anypony, are they?"

Case three.

"Exam tips for first time students, with special guest Twilight Sparkle." The Princess replied looking down with a questioning gaze.

The unicorn hesitated briefly before almost wishing to scream in response to the constant accusations. "Fine so Trixie keeps an eye on that unicorn! Twilight Sparkle steals all the fame she deserves with her inferior talents and that is all!"

Again, that`s tantamount to admitting Twilight did best Trixie.

The unicorn hesitated briefly before almost wishing to scream in response to the constant accusations. "Is there something strange about it? Trixie is quite curious about the replacement you`ve picked up. One has to wonder, what was that she had to get so high so quickly. At first, Trixie thought that maybe she is indeed quite a match for Trixie to garner the favor of sovereign... But apparently, it`s vice- versa. Trixie does wonder, what did she have to offer for that favor, hm? One would think the cost of element of magic must be something... precious."


So on and so on. There`s many situations in which Trixie could`ve turned fire on Celestia - situations that she HAD to be aware of, if she could perform for live audience. Yet, she instead behaves like somepony with negligible social skills to speak of. Twilight could`ve possibly had a reaction like this. Trixie? Not so much.

Except for the true stories of rainbow ponies!
I've always had an interest in Twixie romances, and plan on writing many of multiple varieties though this type is my personal favourite.
I capitalised the word 'Nothing' as I had in mind Trixie would add more emphasis to that word herself and would say it louder, as I previously did so with 'All' and in rarer cases 'ALL' depending on how loud I would think she would say the words. So in a way it is meant to be distracting but only meant to be enough so the word is noticed and not to distract from the story itself.

At the end of the wedding Celestia referred to Shining as a colt and I looked at that to see what he was referred to when I last wrote about him. Then again Celestia sees any mortal as young according to her I suppose so he probably is still classed as a stallion in normal pony standards.
Though those would be good lines for her if she was strictly stuck to being in her showmare character, Trixie is shown to be effected by Celestia due to having some past history with her, and her attitude towards the Princess leeks through her character which aids in Celestia being able to break her out of the fake character she defends herself with. As Trixie stands currently her past problems and the feelings Celestia is extracting from her subconcious cause her to be less solidified in her role unless she is in a position where her mind can't think about such things, like when she is onstage performing her routines. As a whole in this story Trixie isn't as single minded into her showmare character as she can be compared to others, and has some characteristics which she attempts to hide behind it.


Given what Trixie espouses of her history with Celestia, she is likely to stick to her showmare persona all the more in conversation with Celestia.

It would take some serious concessions from Celestia`s side to break her out of it - like an apology.

I thought that might be the case with nothing. Might I suggest, instead of capitalizing the first letter, using italics, or bold face, instead? :twilightsmile:

Very promising start. I look forward to more. Twixie is one of my all time favorite ships. Also, loved the bit with the doll.

It's simply a matter of taste with how Trixie in this story develops and her multiple conflicting mindsets and her true feelings hidden beneath them all. She doesn't get as deep into her character as she might do since on the inside she still thinks of thoughts that she attempts to keep buried, some of which may indeed be good of Celestia.
I tend to not enjoy using formatting myself as I fear getting it incorrect or the formatting breaking without me realising it and then missing the sight of broken coding during the story, added to the way that some sites might use different types of formatting etc. which I might get confused between. I will think about using it but I feel overall more comfortable without currently. I guess I will test it and see how it works.
Trixie likes to have a friend that won't leave her and will remain by her side, even if it is only a wooden doll from her youth she has adapted :twilightsmile:


As you noted, Trixie hides behind her stage persona. It would make sense that person who`s actions Trixie feels the keenest would make her hide the most.

She does indeed hide behind her stage persona, but she hides from her real self through it also all the while she wears her costume, the self she refuses to see in the mirror and who collects the pictures of Twilight etc. which is why them being pointed out to her and the sight of the room without her illusion and the use of her none stage name caused her to loose the persona as much as she did, and further aid to the lack of attacks she could receive to herself when shielded.


...That... is not how denial works.

Fine, I guess, whatever, keep hacking at it.


That bit would go along pretty well with my own story, actually. It takes place Just before/during/after Boast Busters, and paints her in a light where she's been trying to find a place she belongs, making friends, her whole life, but her personality constantly gets in the way, much to her chagrin. It's been on Hiatus for about a year, since writers block, but I'm looking to edit and continue it.

Regardless, I'm rambling, the point is, with permission could use my own spin on the idea?

Fair enough. The little brackets can get kinda crazy. :twilightsheepish:

This story was also put off for about a year, which adds to why it takes place when it does in season 2, due to the way I wanted to finish my previous long story first, sadly it took longer than I expected so i only just got around to writing this now.

But yes you can go with an idea of her having a doll like that if you wished, it isn't like I own the characters anyway but it is a nice thing if I can provide others with ideas and inspiration for their own stories as I myself have taken inspiration from others.:twilightsmile:

"Yes it's been years since you last abandoned me!"

"She is not alone in receiving my eternal care, my selfless student."

What is the relationship between 'Beatrix' and Celestia? Also it seems 'Beatrix' has some very destructive magic that comes out when angered or in fear. That could be a problem. I'll see what happens next.


Thanks a lot. I always like to ask permission for concepts and the like, even if it's fanfiction, because that author put the effort into crafting it. Maybe a touch unnecessary for something so small, but I like to be polite.

I have a theory where Twilight isn't necessarily Celestia's only student. She called Trixie her "Selfless" student, as opposed to Twilight's "Faithful" student. Maybe there's some concept floating around there about Celestia having special students who embody a certain trait? It seems like Ragnarokia is implying something greater with that choice of words.

Trixie mostly masters more beneficial schools of magic, but her power can form into harmful spells as a subconscious defence though she would prefer to not use it if she had such a choice. :trixieshiftleft:
Yeah I agree that it's a nice thing to ask, since as well as being polite it's also nice to let the person know you have liked that idea in their story, since I liked the idea of it myself so was nice to hear someone else did.

:trixieshiftright: Interesting.

And to throw my 2 cents into the cannon debate: If cannon is what you want. watch cannon. we can't possibly stop you. if however you come here to read fanfiction please remember that you made the decision to do so. and if this fanfiction doesn't appeal to your sensibilities, stop reading it. we're not forcing you.

unless there is another brony there with a gun to your head or something, then it's their fault.

Indeed I enjoy canon and none canon side by side to get the most of the characters being as they are and how I would envision them. For example I can look at Trixie as being sensitive on the inside, seeking revenge against Twilight, being corrupted by dark magic or anything else without it causing any problems enjoying her in the other ways or in the canon way, the more the merrier! :twilightsmile:


A debate about cannons? I love cannons!
Seriously though, I agree.

I like how the majority of the comments about my story are to do with the debate on canon to do with the story, at least it gives more comments I suppose. :twilightsheepish:


It IS getting a bit off track. I decided to stay out of the debate other than just saying my opinion on the matter. Canon or not. We can agree with the fact that trixie is indeed awesome

Trixie is my favourite none mane cast pony, and questionably my favourite of all! Which helps with me also having Twilight as my favourite mane cast and the idea of them being together being my favourite ship. :twilightsmile: So always happy to write about her!


Here's hoping that tomorrow ends up sparking Twixie fuel by the end of the episode(Always room for more Twixie), and redeems her canonically. Regardless, looking forward to your next chapter!

I am sure they will do her justice since they know she is a fan favourite so I doubt she will be as evil as it seems etc. and I am hoping to start getting stories done quicker than before when I used to do a chapter a month or so and hopefully every week or 2 weeks etc. Sadly being a slow writer taking like 12 hours for the first part makes it a bit hard to find good times to do it when in the mood hehe. :twilightsheepish:

Edit: Fixed the colour of Trixie's magic. :trixieshiftleft:
As per usual with my writing the second chapter ended up growing too large and as such I split it between the second and third (which will be uploaded shortly after). There was a decent point to split the chapter in two with the time gap, but as a result the second may seem short but if joined together with the third then it would have been too long.

Contrary to popular belief the Hulk enjoys reading romance novels. Luckily for the Hulk I have the next chapter almost finished.

No wonder Celestia went to talk to Trixie. Twilight was depressed as hell. The meeting of the two unicorns is going to be very interesting. I still want to know how Trixie became a student of Celestia's. In any event, I look forward to the next chapter.

Twilight inevitably wrote all about her feelings to Celestia which would have only increased in quantity as the thoughts of ever meeting Trixie again faded.

YOU FIEND!!! You ended it too soon, I want more :fluttershbad:! Please write more:applecry:!

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