• Published 8th Sep 2013
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The Twixie Show - Captain Lunar

Watch as Princess Twilight Sparkle and wife Trixie Lulamoon-Sparkle, deal with everyday life.

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It was an average day at the home of the Lulamoon-Sparkle household. The two mares were sitting at their kitchen table, Trixie eating a bowl of cereal while Twilight sat drinking a cup of coffee. With Spike out of the house, having been roped into helping Pinkie Pie with something or other, Twilight decided to have a talk with her significant other that she had put off for too long.

"Trixie. We dated for a year and we've been married for a month and in that time you haven't taken the slightest bit of interest in me." The purple alicorn all but blurted out.

"What?! Trixie is shocked that you would even suggest such a thing! Trixie married you didn't she? Doesn't Trixie go out of her way to make you happy Princess" The blue unicorn shot back, using her wife's title in a mocking manner as, highly offended by the accusation.

"I know you do and I love you for it. I'm just concerned with how little you know about me." Twilight said, glaring slightly at the mocking tone of her wife.

"Oh please! Trixie knows everything about you! Hit Trixie with some questions! Go ahead!"

"Alright, what's my favorite color?" Twilight asked, hoping to finally open a line of communication that had been sorely lacking in her relationship.

"Pass." Trixie immediately said. Twilight was a little stunned, but cleared her throat and dismissed it for the moment.

"Okay then. What's my favorite book?" The Princess of Magic asked, again hoping for a correct answer.

"Pass. Give Trixie something easy!" The blue unicorn demanded, banging her hoof on the table.

"Fine. When is my birthday?" Twilight sighed, the conversation going nowhere near like she had hoped. Trixie scratched her head in thought for a few moments, causing Twilight to grow ever more frustrated.







" April?"

"Yes. Now what day?" Twilight asked, glaring a bit at her wife.

'Honestly how could she forget?! She was at the last one and it was one of Pinkie's wildest!' Twilight ranted in her mind.

"April 1st, April 2nd, April 3rd, April 4th! 5th! 6th! 7th! 8th! 9th! 10th...!

"April 17th." Twilight all but growled out.

"April 17th!" Trixie exclaimed, accidentally knocking off her bowl of cereal in her excitement.

"Happy extremely belated birthday. Or, happy extremely early birthday." Trixie said nonchalantly as she used her magic to pick up the bowl, milk, and cereal off the floor and continued to eat it.

"You don't know anything about me! In fact I wouldn't be surprised that if I looked "self-absorbed" up in the dictionary right this second, I'd find a picture of you!" Twilight shouted, throwing her hooves up in defeat.

"Trixie's picture is in the dictionary? Is it a good one? What is Trixie wearing?"

"This is hopeless." Twilight said as she sullenly walked up to their bedroom.

"Don't get mad at Trixie, those questions were impossible! I'll bet you don't know when my birthday is." Trixue said as she followed her wife up the stares.

"Your birthday is July 9th, your favorite color is aquamarine, you're favorite book is 'Harry Piner and the Crypt of Mysteries', and you go to bed at 8:30 on New Years because and I quote 'New Year's is a holiday invented by the media." Twilight listed off in a rather huffy tone.

"It is!" Trixie responded, totally missing everything Twilight had said.

"You know what Trixie? This marriage isn't going to work." The alicorn said as she slammed the bedroom door in her soon to be ex-wife's face.

"But Trixie needs you! I'll do anything!" The unicorn sobbed outside the door. Twilight opened the door causing Trixie, who had her body pressed against it, to tumble onto her. Twilight levitated her off and looked down at her.

"Anything huh? Even it means focusing on somepony other than yourself for more than two minutes?" The Princess of Magic queried, eyebrow raised.

"That sounds awful....." Trixie said, looking to see Twilight's harsh glare aimed directly at her.

"And Trixie said that out loud...... didn't she?"

Twilight awoke the next morning in an empty bed. She had locked herself in the bedroom the day before and refused to let Trixie in. What irked Twilight so much was that she knew Trixie loved her, but was it so hard for her to at least pretend to be interested in what she had to say?

Twilight sighed as she opened the bedroom door and tripped over something. She looked to see what it was and saw a small package. She saw a note on it and all it said was

"For my Princess"

Twilight opened it and saw a book. Not just any book however. A first edition of her favorite book, "The Dresdune Chronicles"

"Trixie hopes you like it. That is the right one?" Twilight heard from behind her. She looked to see Trixie standing there.

"How did you....." Twilight began, only to be cut off by a pair of blue lips connecting with hers.

"Asked Princess Celestia and had to go to 20 different book stores. Just found it an hour ago and rushed back. Forgive me?" Trixie asked, really hoping the answer would be yes.

"Trixie, you are a self-absorbed, egotistical, and sometimes downright insufferable pony. But for whatever reason, I wouldn't have it any other way." The purple alicorn said as she wrapped her wings around her wife.

"Jeez, get a room." Spike said as he walked past.

"Can do." Trixie said as she rushed Twilight into their bedroom and slammed the door.