• Published 8th Sep 2013
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The Twixie Show - Captain Lunar

Watch as Princess Twilight Sparkle and wife Trixie Lulamoon-Sparkle, deal with everyday life.

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Bump in the Night

"Oh please Trixie, don't be ridiculous." Twilight said as she half glared at Trixie who was setting up the old film projector Twilight had.

"Ridiculous? Trixie is not being anything of the sort, she just said that if you don't want to watch this new film with Trixie then she will understand." The unicorn said as she placed the film reel in place on the projector.

"I am not afraid to watch some dumb horror movie!" Twilight rolled her eyes dramatically, too dramatically for Trixie's taste. After all, there was room for but one over dramatic pony in the household and Trixie held claim to that title.

'Who does she think I am? A little filly?' Twilight thought as Trixie then pulled up a pillow and laid on the floor, a box of popcorn at the ready as she magically shut off the lights.

"So, you won't be scared? At all? " The showmare asked as she arched her eyebrow upward, quite amused with Twilight's annoyed responses.

"Trixie if I can handle Nightmare Moon, Discord running amok, a Changeling invasion, and the worst tyrant known to ponykind, I can handle a little horror film." Twilight said as she laid down next to her wife, an annoyed expression adorning her face.

Trixie knew, from past horror film experiences, Twilight was such a child. She wouldn't sleep at all, afraid of a murderer coming to get her. She would wake Trixie up over the slightest little creak or the leaves rustling from the wind outside. If it wasn't for the fact Trixie missed this film's initial screening at the theaters she wouldn't even be watching it with Twilight at home, but as a horror movie fan Trixie needed to see this film. It's been said to be the scariest horror film ever made after all. However the minute she told Twilight what she was doing and that she didn't have to watch it with her, Twilight got defensive.

'Just a good thing Spike's gone to Canterlot. He's even worse than Twilight when it comes to horror.' Trixie thought as the movie began to play, the title of the movie coming up "Dead by Dawn." After the first 20 minutes was over Twilight chuckled.

"Trixie, this wouldn't even scare Fluttershy." The princess scoffed, gesturing towards the film screen. So far all that had happened was some college kids were going camping in a small cabin in the woods and they found a weird looking book. Nothing scary to be found as far as Twilight was concerned. Trixie ignored the snide comment and focused on watching the movie.

No more than 5 minutes later and Twilight was already edged a little closer to Trixie. One of the characters had found notes about the odd looking book left by some professor and had become quite curious. The character had managed to decode three words from the ancient book and said them aloud.

"Klaatu. Barada. Nikto."

Suddenly one of the female characters screamed loudly, wind blowing through the cabin as the book slammed shut.

"You're all going to die tonight" The possessed character said as Twilight covered her eyes with her hooves. She didn't remove them for most of the movie, just the sounds of the horrific film scaring her enough. When she heard a lapse in the horror she looked up and saw the only one remaining of the main characters, a griffon with a rather large beak wearing a blue shirt holding his right talon which seemed to be fighting back against him.

"WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!" The griffon yelled as he raised an axe and brought it down onto his forelimb,Twilight recovering her eyes just as it came down. Twilight didn't dare look again until she heard something that begged her to look.

"HUZZAH! Hail the chosen one! He who fell from the sky to release us from the terror of the Deadites!" Twilight heard as she looked to see an old timey knight praising the griffon from before who now had an axe head duct taped to where his talon once was and a small cannon strapped to his back.







And with that the end credits began to play. Trixie looked over at Twilight who was shaking like a leaf.

"Book......... Evil......... Dead........" Twilight muttered out, her eyes filled with terror. Trixie carefully wrapped her foreleg around Twilight's neck, which the alicorn jumped at, and pulled her close to kiss her head. She then wordlessly lead her up to their bedroom.

The two made their way to the bed and slowly laid down. Twilight let out an exasperated sigh and laid on her side, trying to clear her mind as thoughts of evil books and haunted houses rushed through her mind.

Trixie had already dozed off into a deep sleep when Twilight heard a creaking sound out in the hall. She sat up abruptly and eyed the door while shaking the blue unicorn's shoulder vigorously.

"Trixie! Wake up!" The Princess snapped, receiving a muffled groan from her wife.

"What Twilight?" The showmare sighed into her pillow.

"I heard a creaking."

"Twilight, go to sleep please."

"Trixie I think the library is haunted."

"No it's not Twilight. Go to sleep."

There was a creak again from the hallway, twice now.


"Twilight, shut up please. It's probably just Spike getting home early."

"Trixie don't tell me to shut up… It's a Deadite."

"Those aren't real Twilight. Now sleep."

"But Trix..."

"Sleep!" The unicorn blurted out as she shot up from her pillow and looked her wife dead in the eye, clearly losing patience with her. She laid her head back down and slowly began to doze off again. Twilight fell back onto the bed and sighed.

"If I get possessed Trixie..." Twilight mumbled while shutting her eyes and turning onto her side.

"I'm taking you with me."

Author's Note:

Seeing as how the most haunted time of the month is upon us, this seemed appropriate. Also for those who couldn't guess what movie they watched.............