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Six years ago, Trixie rolled into Ponyville with intent to go about life as she always did - wow the crowds and stroke her ego. However, in something she recalls as the "Boast Buster" incident, Trixie was introduced to Twilight Sparkle, a mare for whom Trixie's feelings would gradually develop.

Cover art by NavitasErusSirus.

I don't normally ship Twixie, but when I do, it's for my lovely pre-reader Fyeten's birthday. They say behind every author is a strong pre-reader (or, well something along those lines), and Fyeten is that woman to me. If you enjoyed this, or have enjoyed any of my stories, please, go to her profile, and wish her a happy birthday.

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Comments ( 13 )

Well, this was compact. In a good way, mind. :D Twixie's my favorite 'ship in the series. And you did it great here.

Interesting method of telling the story there. Hella better than the usual Twixie fare.
You know what I'd like to see just once though? Trixie taking Twilight as an apprentice. Not some Lunaverse crapfest either, I mean Twilight realizing that Trixie is better at illusion magic or something, and becoming her student. That's what I wanna see.

Anywho, without further ado, here's a song from me to you.

That was a cute story.

I do have a problem, though it is not about your story specifically. I would like anyone's opinion on this. You see, I have mixed feeling with the Twixie shipping. I like Twixie stories and feel like Twilight and Trixie complement each other perfectly. And yet, I can't fully embrace the shipping, like it doesn't feel right.

Am I just insane? Does anyone else feel this way? :unsuresweetie:

+1 to that sentiment. I agree with you, which means you are most definitely insane. Also in the story you said

three words changed their relationship

but then you said in that same paragraph

Trixie spoke four words

I'm assuming that was unintentional.

What I was trying to say there was that Twilight said "I love you" and Trixie said "I love you too."

Nah, you're not crazy, I feel the same way. I'm only just getting over my dislike of Trixie in general, and Twixie is... Twixie is kind of in the same boat for me as TwiJack. I don't really dislike the ship so much as I like other pairings better.

OHHHH! That makes much more sense. :moustache:

when i finished reading this i had some many feelings i just started spazzing out! awsome job!:pinkiehappy: also how do you upload a chapter to a story. i have a 1 parter story and i have it up just nto the chapter how do you get it up?

I love this fic, and I love you. Hope your friend had a good b-day! I'm sure this made his day, cause it made mine :pinkiehappy:!

This was written rather nicely. It's different than the average shipping fic. In a good way, of course.

I... I can't say anything. This is just perfect. It's short as hay, and still, it couldn't be any better.


Well there goes another one into my fav's file, I is a Twixie shipper...


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