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Please read them. Twilight promises that they are short, sweet and easy to follow.

Welcome to the group dedicated to our lovely little bookish alicorn (or unicorn, if you're so inclined).

Inside, you will find stories of all sorts dedicated to MLP's leading lady, Twilight Sparkle! Feel free to chat and leave stories starring Twilight for others to read.

Twilight appreciates proper organization, so please try and remember to add your stories to all the applicable folders. Please see the group rules for more information. If you don't, she won't punish you, but she might just cry at you.

Also: Twilight likes tacos.

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Am I late to the party? Twilight rules

I'm not depressed that the show is over! YOU ARE! SHUT UP!

Boom! I am the thousandth member of this group!

Hmmm, might want to edit thy "Twilight Loves Tacos" thing.

378878 Nevermind!

Hey, is there some reason this group isn't showing up on my "Can add to" list?

377272 yeeah, the comments on the front page aren't the best place to do this. I just NOW saw this. Most people don't look here. You should probably post the question on the forums :pinkiehappy:

I'm looking for stories that feature Twilight Sparkle and Spike; in which Twilight sees Spike as her son... can anyone help?

364044 I thought it meant 'Free Twilight from Jail' :twilightblush:

Free Hat!

Oh, wait ...

When I saw the name of this group, the first thing I thought was "FREE TWILIGHTS FOR EVERYONE!!!":derpytongue2:

twi is best pony

361231 meh, fine with me

357574 Because someone added it...?

Awesome, hmm. I wonder how my second book got into this group?

That taco picture is funny and adorable. But I thought ponies didn't eat meat. Maybe I'm wrong it's just an observation

354830 No, no, no, I'm fully aware he is supporting character just like CMC, what throws me off is comparing him to to background characters like Lyra or Flash Sentry who hardly have any role. Still, I adhere to the judgement of administrators of this group :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 41 - 60 of 60