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Daxxus Trang

If the Army ever put people like me in a seperate unit it would be called Raging Shitbag Acoholics

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Bro all you need is kindness and understanding and they will come to you.

Yeaaahh...about that....I don't...have those things. Either of them.

1558442 It doesn't matter about your looks or how you carry yourself. I'm 6'3 of scary and ugly but the kids in the neighborhood still stick to me like glue and the parents trust me. Bro all you need is kindness and understanding and they will come to you.


Damn, dude. If you need to get away from your old lady that bad, then maybe you should consider getting a new one. She should be your best friend and all that good shit. But I digress...$400 a night?! Damn. I need to quit my job and start hauling kids around for scratch. Of course, I'm far too skurry-looking for parents to trust one such as I.

1558385 Lolz I'm just jocking you. Believe it or not I babysit for my neighbors to get extra scratch on the side on the weekends because my job sucks ass. It's an awesome gig believe me especially this time of year and it gets me away from the gf. All I have to do is load them up in my car and take them out to eat and make sure they don't get out of hand until their parents come pick them up at my house. I can make up to and exceeding $400 a night easy.



1558325 "facepalms" Uhhh nevermind.


I know. I just said that. Jeez...

1557560 Nah you rub your bloody dick on her teddy bear.


You tell her you're HIV positive after fucking her.

1555375 Very true but hey I got a question that's totally off topic. "How do you make a little girl cry twice?"

  • Viewing 45 - 54 of 54
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