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Is this where I can find a fright

Hey you aren't so bad!
You just want someone to talk to right?


Seeing how you just impaled me on a branch I guess not...

1. Slender man
2. Eyeless jake
3. The rake

Comment posted by TheRealSlenderMane deleted Jul 19th, 2014

345135 Don't worry I'll check it out. :twilightsmile:

342719 I'll read yours, if you'll read mine. Then again, I doubt mine's worth reading.

Hi. I'm Epsilon. I would like to ask if any of you could spare time to read my story The Forgotten Memory. I don't mean to ask but I'm also not doing this for views. I would just like to see what you guys think. Thank you for reading and listening. :twilightsmile:

339973 I see. Hes a good programmer, I have to say.

317601 Partially because of the popularity of The Legend of Zelda series, and also because of those freaky videos. It was actual evidence. Not a bunch of blurry photos, but REAL videos that were crystal clear.

good evening boys and girls and ghouls of all ages to night I bring some most exciting news. to night i bring you a parody of a song from the movie a nightmare before Christmas. and ill show you what song it is...

But to those whom i have shared the parody with , remain silent and don't ruin the surprise.

and it may be posted by tonight or tomorrow .

and Happy halloween

315709 can you send me a link as to where you got this?

322777 shot i came go to sleep on this some lol its so relaxing :twilightsmile:

I just played slender not a hour ago for the first time. I was scared sh:yay:tless and screamed like a little b:yay:tch

and I kept singing this for some reason

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