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Okay, seriously DHX Studios, who is that? What is that?
Who the heck would eavesdrop on a family in the middle of no where?
Slenderman vibes.

Seriously. What do you guys think?

2585183 Well it looks like Slenderpony might be canon.....



It's a HASBRO EXEC! RUN!!!!!!

2585183 Isn't that the old pony? Golden Delicious, I think?

2585183 Wow. Whoever spotted that has one Hell of an eye. Pretty sure whatever that is isn't meant to be anything more than an easter egg, but it's still very interesting...

Is he... smiling?
Dude isn't supposed to have a face, My headcanon is that Pinkie drew that smile on with a marker.

2585193 No, she looks COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Holy shist, that's yet another panda to add to the ever growing list. Now we have TWO background easter eggs to celebrate. :derpytongue2::heart:

2585183 Derpy themed Slenderpony....or Derpy just cosplaying Slenderpony.

The PONYYYY OF SHAAAAAAADOWS! :applejackconfused:

Maybe, I dunno. :rainbowwild:

It's a slenderman reference!


I looked back at the episode on youtube. I managed to catch it. It's there.

No, we've been over that.

2585183 6 frames in the .gif
'New Show' is 2 words
Half-Life 3 confirmed.


Shit, what if that's exactly it?


then this season is getting way better than it already is

Wow. So Slenderman is canon now.
Equestria is doomed! :raritycry:


S5 will be the epic battle between the Slendermare army of the Shadow Pony, where Fluttershy's latent vampirism (and some four or five other supernatural/superequine powers bestowed upon the other former bearers) will help her fight for Equestria! :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, S5 won't be that, but shit, maybe I'll write it after S4? :twilightsheepish:

I wondered where Dick Cheney was working now...:trollestia:

Does Junebug have some sort of mohawk mane?

Slenderpony confirmed as canon.

Group Contributor

Shit, if that's Slenderman, my story is fucked. :raritydespair:

Oh shit! :pinkiegasp:
2585205 What's the other one? Discord in the window? :rainbowhuh:

I looked back at the episode, the scene is 16 minutes in.

I almost was going to say this was faked after rewatching that scene about five times, but then I started to just briefly catch a glimpse of his tie. If I had more time I'd put it into Premiere and slow it down, but he was definitely there.

Anyways, this is the best way to do Slenderman, because he's actually hard to spot and subtle! I thought all of his scariness had died after the Slender game came out.

Looks like a rock

2585183 Slender man-not even Equestria is safe from him.:rainbowderp:

I probably should have mentioned that he was pretty freaking hard to catch (I have a personal screenshot of him now), but I suppose the gif does imply that.
The scene also pans really fast, making it hard catch him. He's only in a couple frames, so timing was really crucial.:applejackconfused:

Just checked out my own copy of the episode and I'm slightly terrified to confirm that this is real, and he genuinely is in there!

It's at the bit where Pinkie Glomps Applejack near the ending, when they're at Goldie Delicious' house. Just as Pinkie glomps her and the camera pans to the right to follow them, he is there for a matter of frames, at around the 17.04 mark, before hiding behind the bush again.

That is creepy as hell.

It was a Human in Equestria. He witnessed Pinkie glomping Applejack and decided to go back to his hideout in Everfree to, let's say, think about it.

No bucking way!!!! :pinkiegasp: I must check if this is real or photo shopped because if it's real I'm gonna flip!



"Alright, now I can finally nab that orange pon--....Oh shit, the pink one."

2585183 Bored animator sticks Internet meme easter egg in background, someone notices, everyone goes apeshit.

Internet life is crazy.

2585959 You could say it's . . . chaotic. *non-existent Discord emoticon*

2585183 It's Slenderman alright.

But why did they make his head so big in the show? Did Slenderman assume his ultimate form? :unsuresweetie:

Somebody called for me?

2588266 It's a cartoonized version, a normal one would stick out far more easily.

No, it's... SLENDERMANE!

2585183 So, after doing some researching and getting back into Marble Hornets because of this thread (Confound those ponies!), I learned that his name is not Slenderman. He's called The Operator by Jay.
Also, they're making a movie set in the same universe. Doug Jones is playing The Operator.
If they don't fuck it up, I might be tempted to pirate see it.

TL;DR You're all wrong, and Marble Hornets movie.

2585203 I'm pretty sure the two lines on top are the outlines of wear his eyes would be and the bottom one where is snout it, makes his face look less flat :derpytongue2:

Slender mane is cannon... We must take this opportunity to write more fanfiction about him!:pinkiecrazy:

Also anyone find it interesting that he shows up AFTER Pinkie finds a note?

Exactly. Like this:

2588929 Oh shit, that's right.
Also, more speculation:
The house that Jay goes to to find Bryan in Entry #16 and Entry #18 is cluttered as fuck, just like Golden Delicious' house.

2585183 Canon Slendermane? I should get this in a fanfic or something!
Don't be scared, everypony! Maybe Slender is not such a mean guy after all!

2585205 what is the other one?

2585952 That is a very comical way to think about it!


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