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A verifyable madman! Indeed, I may or may not be. I am, however, a brony, which is why I'm here. Obviously. If you cannot see that, you must need special glasses. No offense to people with glasses.

Pictures I like are here.

My best comment

[On the thread: You just called best pony a Wh*re]
Spike would probably just be confused, or further enraged by the fact I also implied him being female.
"What what?"
"What did you call me?"
"I didn't call you. I didn't even know you had a phone."
"That doesn't even make sense!"
"YOU don't even make sense."

The Great Box of Quotations!

'I'm going to quote this, if you don't mind.' ~Feet
Thanks for the idea, Feet.

'Celestia during Magical Mystery Cure. I would punch her until my arm broke.' ~ Banchoking

"I need to talk to your princesses."
"We don't have princesses."
"Then who controls your sun and moon?!"
*Pony has a panic attack*

"But why does everyone want to punch Diamond Tiara? She's just a bratty kid being a bratty kid. She'll grow out of it.
Go punch a random middle-schooler. It's about the same thing."


My 7 Favorite (Boss) Soundtracks · 10:05pm Dec 9th, 2014

Here they are! This originally was intended to be Soundtracks in general, but then I realized they were all boss soundtracks, so... yeah... Let me know how much you love my choices or why you think they're stupid below!

Portal 2: Bombs for Throwing at You

MARDEK Series: Governance De Magi Battle

Terraria: Boss Battle 2 (Wall of Flesh, The Twins)

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This is my Bio, because the site removed them for some reason or another.

I'm fifteen. I draw a lot, and like to write to vent feelings. I also play the drums and know basic guitar and piano. I am Non-Specifically Psychotic.
A part of me wants every human on the planet dead.
A part of me views the world in theory and skepticism.
A part of me is kinda like Flutter Shy. I partially hate that part.
A part of me is childish sack of ADD.
Those last two are the bronies.
What else... Spike is my favorite. Uh, I can't stand red meat. I get nervous when people touch me on the shoulder or anything. I really like Portal 2. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper.
But you honestly don't care.

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Hey, uh, did you like, die, or something?
You've been gone for friggin' forever.

1485981 Not a problem. I saw what I liked and I liked what I saw, so you see I gave you a like. And a favorite.

Thanks for the support of my story. Stay awesome.

1357805 No he's dead lad.... I shoved an axe in his face and he died.... and he was the most powerful god in his realm? I don't get that but I won't doubt my axe

1355305 Well, then. Now I feel like a douche. Oh well. Can't win all of 'em. Just like baking. There's always that one egg that don't wanna break. Or something. What were we talking about again? Oh right. Sheogorath the Mad. Such a nice young... thing. I think. Maybe he was that fish from the Bahamas I saw in my sink last Tuesday? Or perhaps that pear with a face that I saw in my refrigerator. In a dream. Myes. Mno? Mmaybe? Hm.

... Word vomiting is fun.

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