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382916 It's available in England. It's delicious breakfast-y stuff. Not sure if you can get it anywhere else, but...

Can I ask a question? Good... The hells a Wheetabix?

A Little Star isn't Weetabix tier. That's scary.

I was a little insulted at first, i wont deny. I was hoping my story would turn out better, but I'll take what i can get at this point. :twilightsheepish:

347225 well... at least this means that some might like my story but... seriously, could you ASK before doing that?! it's just plain rude!

347093 I would like to point out that in the forum we have answers for these questions, and would ask kindly for you to give the Preemptive Frequently Asked Questions a look as well as the informational thread found with it. Again, please take a look, and comment back with your thoughts. If you have a problem with anything, please don't hesitate to comment about it.

346630 same with mine! WTF?!?!?!?

what the buck? why is my story here? Who gave permission?! and furthermore, WHAT IS WHEETABIX?!?!!?:twilightangry2:

345357 ah, nice to hear.
I guess it is the open air spot that made it feel less then the place to ask.
on the other hoof, I'm new to this groop, so my experience from other groups may not be entirely valid in the context of this group?

344091 No it's not too much to ask, we'll be sure to leave some soon, we've all just been busy lately, but we'll leave you some feedback soon!

I just noticed that my story; "By Celestia - A Pinkie Spy" had been entered into this group.
Now I'd like to see if I could get some comments on the story? Unless it is too much to ask?

342276 You got that right, bruh


Weetabix for life!

This group's gonna be so fuckin rad.

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