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1: show that you have a deviant art account.
2: be nice and active.
1: Be nice.
2:Don't hate.
3:All art is good.
4:I'll add a story folder soon.

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Hi! I'm ShaleZookeeper7 on Deviant Art! I joined fimfiction a just a little more than a month ago:pinkiesmile:! I hope you enjoy my stories:scootangel:!

I am Lavenderlilic on deviantart :3

I am CoastGuardBrony1 on DeviantArt.

I didn't hate on the name, I hated on the website.

361774 Please, don't hate on the group name. :fluttershysad:

Deviant Art is stupid.

361712 I could help, if you wanted me to?

361711 whoops sorry that the only rank I can think of right now.

361710 I don't understand the ranking, what I see is one rank so it can't truly be called a rank can it if there's only one?

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