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And this is the reason I love digging up banned accounts. So much site history, even if this is the more negative kind. Thank you, Scootareader, for making your banned users list.

Nothing like looking back on drama's past... Ah memories

She stole art (including a story) and faked being raped.

Comment posted by Sexy Lucy deleted Jul 28th, 2014


Night flash's actions.

What is? My response to you? Or the horrible things NightFlash did?


Oh wow, that's cold. {Just read Blinky's comments and now knows why the ban happened}

Dude, late to the punch does not even begin to describe how late you are to all of this. Why not go through the comments, like say, the one right bellow yours and find out.
Read BlinkyPony's comments and all shall become clear.
Let it be known however that NightFlash deserved her ban.

Is there a reason that Nightflash is banned?

May I ask what's going on?


Confirmed plagiarism. Original story on FiMFic located here. Site moderators and the original author have been notified.

Have a nice day.


Well, isn't THIS interesting. Looks like Sunset cloud, AKA, Nightflash's story was never hers to begin with, either!


Nice story, huh? Looks oddly similar to another one I chanced upon, as it happens. Which was by a different author. In two different places.



Two other places, and a different author altogether! How interesting. But, don't take MY word for it, go ahead and look for yourselves. You'll find that they a but more similar than they need to be.

Nice one, Nightflash. Smooth.


And so it shall be.


Your apology is accepted, then. To be honest, I was having a bad night as well. I don't suppose we can both move on past this and carry on with our business, hm? This drama is really of no benefit to either of us, really. It stopped being fun for me a while ago.


... I'm just really disappointed.

  • Viewing 684 - 703 of 703
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