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Solar Flare_28

I'm glad you're alive.

My One Story I Never Updated and is Now Being Rewritten and Stuff


I like:

-Friends :trollestia:

Awesome people who I love and so should you:

-Commander Rainstorm
-Vinyl Scratch289 (might've changed his username but whatevs)
-Unbridled Dolly
-Gamer X (she might've changed her username too)

They're all equally awesome, not in the order that I put them in really.

I also love all the rest of my followers! Rainbow Dash is best pony in MLP but Twi and Pinks are close seconds for now. My second favorites tend to change.

I dislike:

-When my phone gets like five notifications in a second
-When people think they have it worse than anyone else when they should be grateful (I've never met anyone on the site like this that I can remember, I'm talking IRL)
-High expectations
-When people make a big deal about wanting to talk to you then start talking about themselves when you finally put aside time for them (again, this is IRL)
-When you're trying to get someone to apoligize and they just won't see another point of view (IRL. Again. Which could be taken as me ranting, which I'm sorry for as I'm quite the hyprocrite)

((Damn, my Google Plus notifs are buzzing right now...just twists a knife in my heart every time. XD))


Happy Birthday to Unbridled Dolly!!!!! · 4:22am Sep 6th, 2015

Alright. So, to any non-Dolly people, I'm for the rest on this post, I'm gonna refer to her as "you" since she's the one I'm writing the birthday post for. All of you are amazing as well.:heart: Be sure to wish her a happy birthday!
Oh my gosh
Oh my gosh
Oh my gosh
I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY FOREVERRRR.....!!!!! AAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!:yay:x10000000000000000000 *Screen cracks from too much yay*

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Solar? Where you been sis?

Hey Solar. If you get on Hangouts or here first I need someone to talk to and your the only one I know that can cheer me up. Or can at least attempt with at least some success.

I'm pretty good. And goodnight bro! :heart:

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