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We are dashybrony2012 and Ashery Ash. Together we are RbBrony2012!

Story(s) Progress

(Title is yet to be determined)
-Chapter one is nearing completion

About Us

Hi there! We are dashybrony2012 and Ashery Ash. And together we are, RbBrony2012! Welcome to our profile! First off, this is Ashery that is writing this right now. Blue text is Ashery Ash and red text is dashybrony2012 speaking. Please try not to confuse that. Also, we may sign our names at the bottom of comments or blogs that we do. Example: You may see this or something similar: ~Ashery Ash for my signature, and ***dashy*** for dashybrony2012's signature.

We created this account for a purpose. So that collaborations between us could be posted and that we would both get credit for them. I didn't like the idea that only one pony could post the story, and only link to the other pony's profile, so instead, I made this account for the both of us to use! And that way, we both get equal credit for the stories we write.

(More to be added soon.)

~Ashery Ash

Upcoming Projects

Well hello everyone, this is going to be a short list of collabs we plan on doing in the future (or ones we're working on as of late) and will be updated as time goes on, for now our major project we're working on:

-A story featuring our OC's and some other characters (in progress, and the title is yet to be determined) so expect it soon...ish

Hey There

Hello everyone! dashybrony2012 here, and welcome to me and Ashery Ash's profile. Like Ashery said earlier this is an account for the both of us to use for future collabs we're planning on doing. So yeah, he pretty much covers everything about why we did this in the previous box, and that's pretty much it for me, so I hope you all enjoy any future projects we put out and feel free to PM via either this account or our separate accounts (which are linked above) if you have any concerns/comments/ or suggestions or just drop a comment below if you'd like.


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Thank you for the follow!!

Comment posted by Ironfire Skies deleted Sep 15th, 2014

1289632 Aw thanks Rainbow Dash99! Good luck with your fic by the way!

1287078 Not a problem Gamer, any friend of ours deserves a follow! ^_^
~Rainbow Dash99

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