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A bit about me

Hi! My name is Jenny. I'm a pegasister, 20 years old and the biggest Whovian you will find on this planet.

Best Pony: Luna

Best Mane six: Twilight Sparkle

Best Princess: Luna

Best Filly: Scootaloo

Favorite show: Steven Universe

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Hey, does anyone happens to know her in real life or has some means of contacting Jenny outside of fimfic? I hadn't heard from her in a while and I am worried if she had an accident or something :fluttershysad:

2154052 i'm glad to hear your doing well :scootangel:

and holy hell, a doctor? I really hope it works out for ya :pinkiehappy:

and I am alright thanks, i'm also still doing my IT course in college :twilightsmile:


Good^^ Studying to become a doctor^^ It 's hard but I'll manage^^

What are you doing?

2153820 but lets forget about that little oops moment of our equal failure how are you? :twilightsmile:

2153367 Yes you should have

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