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Little Wood

Creativity is intelligence having fun!

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Hello there! I will give cookies, cupcakes, and cakes to spread happiness! There is special things too!

*Cakey Chocolate Chip Cookie: Given to those I choose specially!
Minty Cookie: Given when asked for!
Chocolate Chip Cookie: Good story+me reading it=This Cookie!
Banana Nut: Given randomly at random times!

Chocolate Chip: Given when asked for!
*Rainbow Frosted Cupcake: If you get your story reviewed by me, you get this cupcake!

*Confetti Cake: Special occasion.
Smile Cake: When you need a smile!
*Mane 6 Cake: Cake with the Mane 6 frosted onto it! Given when I really love a story!

Anything with a star(*) is a specialty!
Made-By-Derpy Muffin: For those I think as Best Friends!
DEMAND: If you want a special flavor, of a cookie, cupcake, or cake and you have helped me somehow(follow doesn't count!) you get that demand!
Blueberry Muffin: For those I think as Friends!
Rainbow Muffin: If you are following me, you get this muffin!

Demon of Darkness

I am also a Demon, Demon of Darkness to be exact. Be warned though, for I can turn any person to do my bidding, kill any living being with only a line of sight. Death, comes to me with only one thing. I am everywhere. Fear the Darkness. Fear the Demons.

Goals on This Site

100 views [x]
1000 views [x]
Get 1000+ views [x]
Get a story onto Equestria Daily [ ]
Get a story onto front page [ ]
Get 100 followers [ ]
Get 1000 followers [ ]
Get 1000+ followers [ ]
Write 10 stories [ ]
Write 50 stories [ ]
Write 50+ stories [ ]
Lets see if I can accomplish these goals!:D

And some goals I did not think of getting...

Getting 5000 story views

Current Projects:

Mind Swap (story)
A Queens Revenge (story)
The Chaos Among Harmony(story)
Good Mare Gone Bad(story)
The Journey of a Hero(story)
Foal Fun (story)
True Love (story)
The Amazing Adventures of Acriimony and Little Wood (story)
Reading is Magic(blog)
My Little Reviews(blog)

I'm hoping to complete the stories by the middle of the year.
The blog things are infinite for now so have fun with it!

Quick Quill & Little Wood!

Wanna know about my 2 main OC's?

Little Wood:

Love's cookies and loves to play! Hates it when her friends are sad and almost impossible for her to be sad or angry!

Quick Quill:

Loves to read books and bake. Hates bugs, but loves to eat toast! (Actually a unicorn, but I forgot to add the horn... Opps...)


Welcome Everypony! · 5:09am Dec 31st, 2013

Hello Readers, and welcome to my little corner of the web! I'm Little Wood and I create little books just to keep myself entertained and most importantly, YOU entertained. I hope to inspire others to do the same of following their hearts! It might sound cheesy, but bear with me! I will keep track of everything and will have big projects in life for all of you!
With Warmest Regards,
Little Wood!

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Hey Everyone! · 1:42pm Feb 19th, 2015

Hello Bronies! I have an update and a little favor to ask of. First, the update.

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1751464 Okay! Glad you could contact him! Have a nice night and Happy Belated Easter!

Nevermind. I was looking for a way to contact him in person but I already did. Thanks anyway!

1736696 I am afraid I do not. We have spoken a few times though and I say we are good friends. Why do you ask?

Do you know the user Sam Polson in real life?

1586237 An awesome person like you deserves it!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the watch....

1566453 Well, thanks and your welcome! Any person that helps me, is a friend of mine!:twilightsmile: What do you want to talk about? Should we do this over private messaging? :rainbowderp:

1566410 oh D: -sends snow- here :)
And im glad youre feeling better :3 I feel better too because of you :)

1565974 No snow here! And that's great. I'm doing better now, thanks to you guys!

1565826 im good :) Just got off a lunch with my grandma. Ill be flying home soon xD (Long story), so im reeeeeeaallly excited :DDDD

how bout you? hows the snow there?

1565769 Hi there! How are you?

1470017 Your welcome! And no idea.....:derpyderp2:

1469309 Hiya!:pinkiehappy: And thanks!:twilightsmile: What brings you here?:rainbowkiss:

Hi! I like your two OC's! :pinkiesmile:

Hi LW, haven't spoke much lately. Just saying hi.

Thanks for the follow

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Thanks to all of you!

Hello Bronies! I just have to say one thing to all of you! Thanks for helping me on this site and for everything you do for me! I hope that we all will have fun together as we write and do some creative things on here. Some people have inspired to do the things I do on here! I have big things planned for everyone and I can't wait to start! Everyone that is following me, helping me, or just being kind, thank you. I came on this site to inspire others like others have done for me. And that is just what I'm going to do! Please follow me if you aren't and follow those I'm following, they're some of the people who have helped me! Thanks again!
This is Little Wood, signing out!

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