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Yay stories?

I know I'm not the best writer, and I know I'll never be. All I can ask of you is your patience, and understanding. Also, I appreciate constructive criticism, so that I can be the best writer I can.

I didn't write a Bio, because I don't really consider anything in my life noteworthy.

Just give me a chance?

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1418648 Thanks lol. Hopefully we won't let eachother down.

1418606 Thank you very much! :pinkiehappy: Also if you were wondering, I followed for the same reason. Your stories look interesting, so I think you'll continue to be interesting in the future! :twilightsmile:

1416048 No no, no creeping here. I like your stories. They're fun to read. That's why I followed. :)

Woah, is someone creeping up on me?? :pinkiegasp: I'm very thankful for your support! :pinkiehappy::heart:


haha i was online already :scootangel: Notifications and replying to readers is always my top priority :rainbowkiss:

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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