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There are consequences to every action, but we can't always predict what they will be. I stay up at night wondering what I could have done differently, but I've already paid the price for my actions. All I can do now is deal with the consequences, and I've got several great friends to help me do it.

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Look at you trend setters, favorting the story before it hits the front page. Thanks. :scootangel:

... oh, look at that it was approved in 10 seconds flat. Usually I have to be on my best behavior for a week to get approved. :heart:

Everything else on hold.
Including my job.

As long as you're not a doctor...

... well, even then you can put it on hold. They were already dying anyway.

5279070 well that is a easy choice to favorite this story we just know it will be super good.

5279092 Is it Christmas already?!

I saw 10 likes to three views. Seems kinda skewed. Of course, one of those likes is mine...:derpyderp1:

Likes and dislike update instantly, views like once every five minutes. Makes for some good times.

It sure is. :rainbowdetermined2:


Excuse me while I add this to all my bookshelves. :rainbowwild:

Yeah, but it's still hilarious to see. I would just laugh if this hits the feature box before leaving the new story box. Now there will be some good times for ya!:pinkiehappy:


Here we go again.

~Skeeter The Lurker

With the way the first two have gone, I can't wait to read more of this. I'm digging the cover art. Dawn's color scheme is actually pretty hot.


I almost forgot about Fluttershy having feelings for Dawn. Now I can't wait for Lyra's reaction to this.

Also, two pregnant hormonal mares living together. I see some clop scenes.in the future, and that's before Lyra gets her hooves on them.

And so the the storyline continues with dawn being tortured

well this is a fun kick to the face for the guy that sacrificed alot to save equestria. if celestia decides to make this private and not public shes a super bitch. actions like this should not be hidden so all the population knows what happens when you get caught.

Damn soarin went psycho also quick thinking from dawn to make sure he didn't have to carry/birth/raise a bastard

Wow that got fucked up quickly...
Just like I have come to expect of you Kaiden

O Boy is this going to be a story to keep a vary close eye on.
I can think of several things I would like to do to soarin right of the top of my head.
but having fluttershy go stallion and over ride soarin's rape vary good plan now lets hope it works.
harts fire

I keep asking for a new story tag called "Kaidan Dark". "Kaidan Dark" is to Dark tags what Dark Chocolate is to Milk Chocolate.

Thinking outside of the box... not sure if a pun is intended...

A public trial will be more fun to write, and force more character interactions. Plus, cross-examination and testimony from the victim... I was rather inspired by Shattered in how well it handled the subject matter and gave me confidence to do the same.

But ends with cuddling in a dark room... I think it was worth it.

Not to mention the unique dynamic between Fluttershy, Dawn, and Dash, over the babies of Dawn-in-Dash and Soarin and Fluttershy and Dawn And Lyra wanting to be supportive and maybe lend a hoof to a hormonal mare. Though it's too soon to be worried about clop, I don't want it detracting from the main story so it'll be more carefully controlled if used.

I always did think female Dawn had better colors than Male Dawn (who was designed to look like he could be related to Dash). It does feel weird to be using JinZahn's art as a cover and not Tsitra's though. I really got some mileage out of that snoring Dash drawing.

Well, looks like this got to the feature box real fast...

I chuckled until the pain in my chest forced me to stop. “In league with Discord? He’s probably the only being in existence whose ass I want to kick more than yours right now!”

Logically, he might as well say he is in league with Discord because god does literally have his back.

Yeah, but I released the chapters together because I'm not that mean. I just find people more likely to read short chapters than very long ones, and it's much easier on tablets to save your place. So, world's shortest cliffhanger. :scootangel:

Six month hiatus of author + sequel to his most popular story = C-C-C-Combo Breaker on the featured box. I'm glad so many people enjoy it. :twilightsmile:


Wow, that was like all kinds of messed up. And I mean that in the best way possible.

I can already tell that part 3 will be quite a ride. Looking forward to it.

5279349 even if it was i wouldn't know what pun you were talking about

:twilightoops:Holy....hell. *liked*

If it was my choice what happens to Sourin I'd send him to Earth in the body of a horse to an area which treats them like crap.

Oh look, a third part of DoH. :raritystarry:

Let's see what's going on, now that Dawn has settled into his new life, is surrounded by friends, and has found love. :twilightsmile:


Yeah, I failed to notice the dark tag.

So...so... Like.... This isn't going to stay this dark right? I read the other stories looking for goofiness and laughs and shit. I don't think I could handle this being consistently dark.

Or if they master the time spell, send them back during the time where horse were treated extremely bad. Forgot what era but I know its from Black Beauty era.


i mostly brought that up cause if i recall celestia was all "im watching you" crap and dawn could use this and be all "yeah so how was that watching me thing going for ya? kinda a shame that one of your ELITE fliers kidnapped me and tortured me, kinda funny how it was one of your own specialized soldiers that did this dont ya think?" *end snark*

Damn, Soarin, I mean damn... That is messed up on so many levels. I mean seriously... you done did screw up big time with Dash, and the whole Dawn-in-Dash situation was weird, but just... damn. Just beat him up in an alley or something, no need to go full on arch-nemesis with a overly complex plan of revenge...

Couldn't Dawn just take the Equestrian version of the morning after pill?

5279470 Dam, I forgot to say to get him turned into a mare, and failing time travel send him to a breeding place.
5279511 There's a potion forcing the baby to happen. However, there's always a bigger fish, so all they need is stronger magic or a stronger potion (basically Celestia and/or Luna because Zecora is good with potions); except that might not be possible - and based on Kaiden's track record, it won't be.

"...Just when I get used to my life it got flipped, turned upside-down.”

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside-down.
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there,
I'll tell you how I got raped and became a pregnant mare.

I would like to say that I will like and favorite this, but I already did. It would feel hollow to say it now.



Did I miss where it mentions that Sorin is an expert on 100% effective can't take back conception potions?

It's soon enough that fluttershy can potentially fuck the sperm out of Dawn; yet there is no way to give him some emergency or magical contraception?

5279566 Take a moment to remember who the author is.

Unless Sourin used/stole the wrong potion, the potion is probably good. Sourin might not be an expert but Zecora is. Actually, they should contact Zecora to see if she has a counter for the potion and if it was the correct one. I'm not sure how potions can stop abortions though - except is the baby is Fluttershy's...

you’re both in good health


SOARIN!!!!! :flutterrage:

Also, that retcon with Chrysalis being in league with Tirek is...interesting, but I guess somepony had to replace Discord as his assistant, since Discord is somewhat...indisposed.

Welp, on to chapter 2, to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I think Soarin' may have gone just a smidge too bonkers, but if nothing else, it's certainly an attention grabber, and a set-up for character interaction. I suppose I picked a good time to read the first two stories last week.


Re-reading he does say "a little fertility potion, and a stabilizer to prevent it being reversed…" I thought he was just talking about a stabilizer to stop the poison joke from being reversed.

But even so "Quick turn into a stallion with the convenient gender swapping potion thats left and impregnate me better than the rapist just did because i'm definitely pregnant with 0 other options. While i'm probably drugged out of my brains on you don't know what potions." Seems a crazy quick plan for fluttershy to agree too.

I was in what it seemed like a grayscale version of Ponyville, the place looked like it had been hit by several disasters, and abandoned ages ago.

"Hey Dawn." Said a little filly voice, it was Firefly, she was hurt, stuck in a wheelchair, with an eye swollen shut, and wearing bandages and casts.

"You look like crap." I blurted out.

"Like you are any better pal."

"So... is just you?"

"Yes, the others are worse than me..."

I didn't know what to say, so I just stared at the representation of my courage in silence.

"Dawn... whatever happens, renember you are not alone, you have the mane six to help you going..."


Then I feel myself waking up..


I keep asking for a new story tag called "Kaidan Dark". "Kaidan Dark" is to Dark tags what Dark Chocolate is to Milk Chocolate.

Pfft. You are white chocolate.

5279564 OH MY GOD...
The amount of win there is to damn high! :rainbowkiss:

yay part 3 is out!

please at the very least tell us what celestia does with soarin

I feel so angry and yet so sad for Soarin...I was like him once, sadly. :ajsleepy: I never actually did anything he did but I felt I was really close to doing something similar. I think he really did love Dash. Love is a powerful emotion. It makes people do the craziest of things. That includes good and bad things. Love is scary, as is a broken heart. Everything happens for a reason. Whether that reason justifies it is a completely different story.

I look forward to your chapters. Keep up the good work.

I really wish I could have favorite your comment.

So, this story should have a Dark tag. Rape, Kidnapping, and Torture are not light. But, this story is off to a good start and I hope to see inferno Soarin'.

*“We’ll have to wait for a DNA test.”*

Shouldn't take that long, with magic and all.

Noticed one error your proofreaders missed.

instantly as a pegasi shot

Pegasi is plural, sir. You need the singular.

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