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After an unsettling experience with Soarin, and hearing that her friends think she's gay, Rainbow Dash starts to question her sexuality.

When she finds out the truth, will it jeopardize her relationship with Soarin and perhaps her friends?

The "Sex" tag is for language. This is not a story about being gay or not gay, but on uncovering one's identity and coming out.

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I have not read this yet, but I'm going to fave it anyway. 'Cause recently I was talking to my Dad about me being a brony and he actually asked me if I was GAY!!! WITCH I'M NOT!!! :twilightangry2: I just gave him a look that said 'you douchebag' :ajbemused: So take my fave.

An interesting read, even if the plot was played thoroughly straight (ba-dum-tish) so far. I'll be interested in seeing where this goes, but I'm going to toss my guess in right here: asexual.

It was most interesting to see the reactions and interactions between RD and the others of the mane six. It says a lot about your interpretation of both their relationships with each other and those around them and especially their relationship with Rainbow Dash.

Well done on the technical aspects as well. I didn't catch anything glaring on a steady read through.

Overall, I enjoyed it. It is, so far, a quick read with a good underlying plot and a good characterization of the main character and well composed as well. Thank you for sharing!

dat cliffhanger

Oh poor Pinkie trying to help and getting shot down...

An interesting read, even if the plot was played thoroughly straight (ba-dum-tish) so far.


I do personally think you have a good idea with Pinkie being Pan-sexual. It makes sense to me that she does not care she just finds a pony to love. I also think it makes perfect sense for her to have a crush on Dash even if Dash does not feel the same.

I am surprised that since this is not a one chapter story that you did not play up more confusion after the Pinkie incident since doing so would play out more drama in the long run I would think but since we are on a cliff hanger anyway maybe it does not matter.

Still feel sad for Pinkie though she got shot down pretty hard (though she took it like a champ and I don't blame Dash either she did get surprised).

A pretty good start, looking forward to read more

Is this in the Bride of Discord Universe?



..Demisexual fits Twilight so freaking well. You sir/ma'm, are a genius.

..This chapter made me want to study each of the different sexuallitys

4131675 YES!!!!!!!
That was the point of this!

Thanks Fanatic. This is kind of a dark time of bronyhood for me, and the fic is a bit of help (and comic relief) towards my "STBU. IM NOT GAY BECAUSE I LIKE A KIDS SHOW!" argument.
Keep writin'

Aw, Rainbow, don't be too mad at Pinkie Pie! She was halfway right, kissing sometimes can tell if you like that certain gender or not. :pinkiehappy: ..I think.

I do enjoy seeing my favorite of the 6 being so hung up on a small paranoid idea. I also enjoy the detail of the story. Professionally, I say, please make more

Unprofessionally, MORE MORE MORE! This is awesome!:pinkiehappy::derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2:

...Did you just take Gender Studies or something?
As someone who would be considered a pan-sexual, I've always found the heavy classification of these things to be a bit odd. I mean, I can see you're going for aesexual here, but I like the term "Lower Left Corner" a bit better: sexual attraction is often best represented in two-dimensional graphs.

Anyway... Neat little bit about this you wrote here...

4132067 No, I didn't take Gender Studies. I just went to college. :twilightsmile:
And one of my friends is pansexual.

Nice. Although I think I can figure the answer here (mainly because in an RP I've created a character with a similar inclination). Interesting to see Twilight's position on the spectrum, too. Interesting to see how it all plays out.

Ah. Sorry then. I had a couple of friends who took gender-studies and got waaayyy more into it than I thought was really necessary...

Based on that last question, I'm guessing she got the same result as Celestia. Great story. Really makes you think, and it's entertaining to read.

Interesting, she's sounding A-type. :rainbowderp:


Seems interesting, will favorite.

So if she's asexual then..... oh wow. Great story btw and I hope you continue it. Personally thinking she's asexual as do everyone else but it's your story so you steer it how you want it.

what is it?


WHAT IS IT?:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

For the last question, my answer would be why not both :derpytongue2:

One sided pinkiedash is pretty common these days and I can see pinkie being pansexual pretty easy so no surprise the author went that route she does love everyone right? Thats what pansexual is where you are pretty much gender blind and you are attracted to whatever.

Dash is Cakesexual. Just like Celestia.

Hmmm... I once participated in a short lecture-y thing at a youth group convention I went to. It was run by this one woman from an LGBT organization, what the name is, I completely forget... But what I do remember is that she described herself as pansexual, and you nearly word for word simulated her response. I really like this story and I'm hoping there is more coming soon. You earn a like and fave:heart::pinkiehappy:

I am hereby putting my money on it saying she is demisexual like Twilight.:twilightsmile:

You know, I've been thinking a lot lately about my own asexuality, and I realized that ace Dash was the closest thing I had to a headcanon. It fits so well with everything we know about her! I spent a long time searching FIMFiction for anything relating to ace themes and turned up almost nothing, to my disappointment.

And then this drops into the feature box, well-written, sensitive, and anything but simplistic. Thank you. Just... thank you for writing this.

Am I the only one who thinks RD is demisexual?

What's demisexual? is that another fancy term for pan? if you dont mind explaining that is.

4133621 Twilight explains it in here. It refers to someone who experiences no sexual attraction unless they have a strong emotional connection with someone.:twilightsheepish:

Oh! Well silly me thanks for taking the time to explain.:twilightsheepish:

After a similar experience,...

Just how similar was you experience exactly? :rainbowderp:
i merely jest of course :raritywink:

Honestly, I wasn't expacting a story titled "I Am Not Gay" to be about asexualluty... or demisexuallity... or any sexuallity other than homosexuallity...

4133752 My boyfriend didn't come on to me, if that's what you're thinking. I don't even have a boyfriend!

4133428 doubt it, she would probably feel sexual feeling towards soarin if that was the case as she spends a lot of time with him and clearely has at least some emotional attachment towards him.

:pinkiegasp:Pinkie And Rainbow? that is just :rainbowhuh: i don't have anything against it im just surprised because i don't read many stories about Pinkiedash.

"Oh, well that sort of make sense, but WHAT?! I suppose there are rumors about me and Rarity too?!"
Applejack tapped her chin. "Actually, I haven't heard much about you and Rarity."

Grrrrl, I am offended as a RariDash admin :ajbemused:

Seriously though, while the characters feel kind of like mouthpieces, your writing style and handling of the subject matter is tactful enough for an intriguing read.

I'll give you a fave and see what happens next :ajsmug:


Seems far more asexual with a platonic attraction.

Don't tap out, author, you have to actually answer the question to provide a satisfying ending for your readings.
Unless you want to write multiple endings, that is. That might satisfy everyone.

4134125 Sorry, it's just that I don't see RariDash as often as the others.

"You can relax, I don't mind. Besides, I got my eye on someone else."

It's Spike, isn't it... 100% Sure it's Spike. If it's not Spike I would repaint the ceiling of sistine chapel with my nose.
It's clever how you can get this ship into every story you write, I like that. :pinkiehappy:

4134017 After reading "Spike Has His Eyes On a New Gem" nothing seems weird to me anymore... :twilightoops:

"You're welcome!" Pinkie called. After a few seconds, she sighed sadly. "Note to self: no more falling for best friends."

:pinkiesad2: Poor Pinkie Pie :pinkiesad2:

I'm still holding out hope Rarity's bi, because RariJack.

Applejack I'm hoping is a lesbian, see above.

Fluttershy...I don't know.

4134479 Shrug, she could be bi, but there's no doubt she at least likes stallions.

Jake R #50 · Mar 25th, 2014 · · 13 · Fears ·

Well, by your own admission, this is just kind of a self-insert fic.

It's not bad by any means, but this is kind of a ludicrous scenario designed to be an asexual soapbox. And I am by no means suggesting asexuality is not a thing, far from it. However, I'm personally not interested in reading fics about characters overcoming the h8ers of their super-special sexuality and what have you.

I'll leave the upvote, just because, like I said, your writing style and handling of sexuality are tactful. However, this is just a kind of story I'm not interested in reading.

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