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I write pony words. Millions of them. Some people actually think they might be worth reading. I am very thankful for that. Also, I have a Patreon now?


This story is a sequel to The Prince

Returning to the land of his birth as the human TD Powell, Antares must try to find a way home. But if he returns to Equestria, will it be the same one he knows? Will he be able to cope with the ever-changing world around him?

Edited wonderfully by Strike89 and roker12

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Bronywriter is here!

Yeah, the reemergence of Star Wars is pretty big. Makes sense that that'd be a question you would ask if someone disappeared before the movies started coming out.

Wow, that was quite the emotional chapter. Great way to start the third book.

:moustache: Yeeess... Excellent...

Must resist reading until finished with the story before it!

Aaaand, we're back! :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, I wonder what will happen if Discord decides to bring TD back to Equestria. I do wonder how his Earth family will react to such a thing. Heh, hopefully by kicking Discord's ass for messing with TD.

it certainly would be something to see what would happen if say the entire town was accidentally teleported to Equestria with TD due to someone attacking Discord or something like that. Perhaps with something that can harm magical creatures from earth. There are legends that faeries and the like were weak against iron...

I wonder, could there be a bit of magic left in TD that could help him get back to Equestria?

Awesome... That being said I'm going to need more.

Fucking Awesome. Personally, I would come clean if I was TD, but that's just me. I mean, if people were legitimately considering alien abduction, his story isn't so out there.

more i can t wait for more

if for no other reason than that you're family is on its way.


One minor complaint: as stressed as TD was, his blood pressure and pulse should be higher.

You were really good at showing TD's reactions and emotions. I personally wouldn't have responded this way, but TD's core personality is different from mine.


The feels! Have been shattered!:raritycry:

Excited for this new story, though I hope he doesn't keep the secret for too long. As it's been explained saying he went to a world of talking magical ponies would probably help him more than staying quiet.

The spin-off now has half a story more than the original storyline (if you count the first half of the first story) and I'm not sure which one I love the most! :twilightsheepish:
This is a great start to - what I'm sure will be - a great story and I can't wait for the next update! :trollestia:


Not necessarily. The "something" in his blood is clear indication that he's not 100% back to pre-Equestria condition. Maybe alicorns turned human have a modified stress response or an even lower resting blood pressure and heart rate.

I shall send Mob to help TD...

He's rather effective against weird chimeric monsters with strange powers...

Always look to anime for all your powergaming and godmoding tips! :pinkiecrazy:

"Alright. Who was the president then?"


"And who's President now?" TD asked curiously.

"Donald Trump."

"..." It was then TD suspected Discord had already arrived on Earth. Unfortunately, the reality was far worse. Alondro's Plan had come to fruition and humanity was F'd in the A. :trollestia:

Oh, and I'd wager this Grimdarker version of Discord is currently raping and murdering and eating alive slowly all the ponies and mutating some into cannibal monsters so that when TD does make it back it's just a horrific scene of blood and gore and demons... kinda like that WTF scene in "Berserk" when the writers obviously had a really bad acid trip combined with all the most graphic and brutal scenes from "Blood-C" combined.

Speaking of which; WTF, Japan? W...T... F???

7867957 I intentionally left that out because I didn't want a hundred comments about it.

7867979 No.

7867979 Anime was toned down in terms of violence

7867986 You should have known I'd notice the omission and make full use of it. After all, I am...


The body's right too: pasty, white, scrawny, and no musculature to speak of!

7868003 I will sell you out to Denmark.

tjing tjang tjing nutilej!

Bronywriter is in da HOUSE!

Soooooooo awesome. More!!!!!

7867957 I'm sorry that you couldn't get a communist or a warmongering old hag for president instead, here, take some Kleenex and wipe those salty tears away.

look on the bright side at least you don't have Theresa May or that ignorant wannabe marxist Fud Corbyn... unless you're from the UK.

Scrolls through Main page... wait a minute... sees "Resurgence"...

Mother of god... its here...

7868081 Not here. No non-Antaresverse politics, please.

7868014 You silly boy, who do you think is running Denmark?


He's one of mine too.

It's too late, don't you see? My agents run almost every nation on earth. And soon, I shall broadcast Order 67 and become Emperor of the Earth.... and then, THE GALAXY!!!

And how can this be? For my TRUE form is the super villain, Bastard Man! Nyah ha ha!


7868099 I for one welcome our new overlord Alondro.

7868099 As long as you stay clear of the finnish, they are scary.
Russia found out the hard way

dang now this is how to kick off a sequel.
love it.
this is looking to play out fast passed with a hole bunch of cliffhangers.

I wonder if he will be any more forthcoming to his family, maybe give them a very, very vague overview of what happened, even if he doesn't tell them exactly where he was. Telling people exactly where he was might do more harm than good.His story matches a popular fiction people know for a fact he has consumed, a good enough reason to dismiss it. He might as well say that the flash was Son Goku getting him out of the way, and he's been gone for so long but aged little because time flows differently in Narnia. No matter how much he insists on it, people will still think he's being cynical and fucking with them to hide the truth.

This raises an important question: How do nightmare weapons work against Discord? I hope they saved a few.

Oooo! I'm excited to see this story get updated. TD has a lot in store for him. I can just imagine him sarcastically saying that he was in a magical land full of ponies where he became the prince of the ponies.

If they do work, I can see Antares and Celestia spending a lovely day together with a few Nightmare bows and using Discord as target practice. Once Antares gets back, of course.

Wonder if you have any magic....

7868556 I am thinking he might, It is certainly a possibility he should pursue, since he knows something is up with his human body, something detectable. I mean really what other options does he have, how else is he going to get back?
If he can demonstrate magic it's far more likely he'll be able to get people to assist him, both because it removes most doubt for his story and gives him something to bargain with.

I approve of this sequel!

At last!

me: is alive
G.witter : i see Mr TD is having some PDST with hospital with is good for that OC then there the way back you sneaky devil if now one pick up the thing in the blood being one of the biggest hints on about 3 to 5 ways it may go if you went that path and time on that one would be about a month to a year before Mr TD gets back....

7868455 the curse of being unable to read spoilers on mobile :(

7869336 if you copy the spoiler part and paste it in the search bar you should be able to see what is written inside

I just remembered that in TD's world MLP was a thing .
Where were you ?
TD: Oh you know in alternate dimension where MLP is realety

I would have tried to find some middle ground with the doctors.

You can't tell them "where" you were for the simple reason it sounds impossible. So leave out the specific details that make it impossible.

Yes you know exactly where you were for five years.

For a while you tried to find a way home but eventually gave up. Five years is a long time.

Your scars are because you fought in a war. You had given up hope of returning to Earth and became a citizen of your new "Home", of course you're going to fight to defend it.

The reason you are so hostile is because you left behind a wife and child with a second one on the way. Every thought, every breath, every fiber of your being is desperate to return to them.

You stop at the goood parrtt awwww

I love this chapter and I'm very excited to see what will happen next.

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