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I'm back! · 2:25am Aug 8th, 2014

So, here I am. It feels good to have my family together again after about a year and a half apart. I made a difficult decision last winter with my wife about leaving our oldest with my parents so he could finish school where he was. His staying led to him pulling off A B honor roll for the entire school year! Love that kid! So, I took some leave and spent some time in Texas with my family. Brought the wife and little one along for good measure. We had a blast at one of the local lakes,

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Well your thing you wrote provided a great deal of entertainment to my day. So thank you for providing my favorites bookcase with an entertaining thing. :ajsmug::rainbowdetermined2::darnitnogildaemojiblahlol:

Hey! You! Yeah you...!

Thanks for adding my thing to the thing. You're a nice guy. Here!


You caught me again. What can I say, you write good stuff. Keep up the good work.:scootangel:

Thank you very much for favoriting 'Sweetest Day Ever' :scootangel::heart:


I was always curious when someone would drop me a line. And you're very welcome.:raritywink:

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