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Pipp invites her friends over to try Surströmming for the first time and film a viral video. Fermented fish is one of her favorite snacks, and it's renowned for its pungent odor. It goes exactly how Pipp had hoped.

I saw the art and knew I had to write this...
Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio here
Audio reading by The Mystery Fluttershy Fan here

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The art is from Uotapo, a wonderful Japanese MLP artist!
Looking forward to reading this!

Hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

My only issue with this story is that I think Surstromming should be an Earth pony delicacy, considering their proximity to the sea. Perhaps that's where they get the "rotten sardine smell" stereotype from. :pinkiecrazy: Missed opportunity there...

Fun fact, people who actually enjoy Surstromming don't eat it indoors and straight out of the can.

From the above video:

  • Open the can in a bucket of water so the juices don't spray everywhere.
  • Remove the guts from the fishes before eating.
  • Eat it outdoors on a warm summer day.
  • Serve it on flatbread with yogurt, potato, and lots of garnishes.

As someone who likes durian (another stinky food), I sympathize with Pipp. I can just imagine the comment thread on Pipp's livestream: "DON'T DO IT SUNNY!!!11!!!!1"

I am actively angry that I didn't think of this myself. Upvoted.

I have been told of an... incident, shall we say, at the school I went to in my younger days. Mind you, this happened after my final year, so I wasn't present to witness the spectacle, but I'll try to summarize.

Anyway, one of the teachers had brought a can of Surströmming with him one day, and one of the students found said can and decided to open it... suffice to say, the room got vacated pretty quickly. It didn't help matters when he decided to toss the thing out the window and down into a sandbox where other students were currently playing around... although I'm told that they scattered in multiple directions very quickly, and that it was quite hilarous to watch.
I believe the classroom was left vacant for a while until the stench had been dealt with.

I can see absolutely nothing wrong with this plan.

Yep that's the right way to do it.

And here's the wrong way :D

It would have made more sense as an Earth pony thing. It would definitely have explained why Earth ponies, and anything Earth-pony adjacent, smelled like fishes. I needed Pipp to be the instigator though. :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome thanks for the source so I could better credit it, I think the success of this story is 99% the artist's talents and the idea, and 1% mine. :scootangel:

You can do Surstromming 2: Surstromming Harder. Coming to an enclosed space near you soon.

I'm glad no one in school thought to try this, they probably had to deep clean the class room and even then I doubt it was enough.


In context, it makes sense that it would be a pegasi thing, rather than earth ponies. It's already a pretty common headcanon that pegasi, at least, will eat fish -- and more importantly, if Pipp has been getting this stuff "from a small fishing village up north" and eating it for a while now, that village is almost certainly a pegasus village, since the three tribes were actively avoiding contact or trade with each other until the events of the movie.

I miss Wreckless Eating episode 9...

Welp those rooms of the castle need to be boarded up and abandoned. Cause that smell’s never coming out.

Welp, while we're the subject of unusual foods, allow me to bring up the most unusual thing I have consumed:
Kumis. An alcoholic beverage, very popular in Turkey and Mongolia. A little sour, a little salty, burns on the way down but leaves a refreshing aftertaste.
Made of fermented mare's milk.

If that's not the plot of a clop fic, I don't know what is.

That is the wildest thing I've heard of, but also, you're right on about it being a good story idea.

The weirdest thing I've seen someone eat was one of those partially-developed chicken eggs. I guess I've never really tried any of the crazy stuff though.

Surstromming is the real reason Zipp and Pipp are going to move to Maretime bay. Queen Haven will need to build a whole new castle.

All honesty, no one told me what it was until after I drank it.
Probably not a good habit.

It seems like the prank backfired to Zipp. And poor Izzy, she's gonna need some therapy later.

Sometimes you see something and get inspired and have to write it now while the idea's fresh, which is nice. It takes a lot less planning and obsessing over outlines that way. :twilightsheepish:

Izzy had it the worst, but maybe one day she'll consider this "The most fun she's ever had getting pranked by a friend!"
Or maybe she'll get even with Pipp, but I don't know how you one-up Surströmming.

11018223 Given how wildly inaccurate they were regarding C2N14, I wouldn't really trust the rest of this.

Sci Show? Granted this is one of their older videos - 2014 - but their up to four channels with the Sci Show name now. The Green brothers did some work with Crash Course too.

11018241 In general? Yes. In this video I think they failed to do the research. An explosives chemist decided to put the C2N14 myths to the test. Yes, it's a super explosive, but it's not as sensitive as they say here. He was able to hit it with a hammer and have it not detonate, and as for heat he could bring it up to its melting point before it exploded.

They sensationalized a lot in this one.

you're so lucky I've always wanted to try that.

like from Ghost of Tsumi…
not even going to try and spell the full name of the game.

ive had gefilte fish at least once, maybe twice and im failrly sure ive also tried lutefisk.

And that's how Equestria was unmade. AGAIN.

We have to import it from a small fishing village in the north.”

Hm, it doesn't said who lives in the town. Maybe Queen Haven had secretly been doing buisness with earth ponies for a long time?

Hmm that guy is going to need a new car.

Hmm isn't Sunny an alicorn? I've not seen the G5 movie so I'm going on just what I've read around...

She activated the McGuffins that restored Equestria's magic, and in the process she got some spectral wings and a horn. The jury's still out on whether it's permanent or just a result of the magical explosion, since the screen cut to black shortly afterwards.

"Yup, tastes like shit."

Nope. It tastes mostly salty, with enough umami after that. Not that bad. And after draining it doesn't even smell particularly strong. Personally it's not worth the price [one can is about 25 euro plus shipping]

Actually, with the earth ponies being *on* the sea, I think it does generally make more sense for pegasi - why would earth ponies need to put this much effort into preserving fish that are *right there*?

Now, of course, the real question:

Will Pipp go along with it if Sunny counters with casu marzu, which is a coastal/island food?

(If you look it up, do not be eating. Especially not cheese. ESPECIALLY not through image search.)

And a wig, I suspect.

The most important think to know about eating Surstromming?



First of all, balut is not weird and the best ones to eat by themselves are the duck egg versions. Second of all, you're supposed to open up the can of surstromming underwater. Third of all, durian or fermented durian needs to be next

Casu Marzu is... Fermented cheese with live insect larvae? So It's both aged, and fresh, at the same time. I love it. Pipp should definitely have one of those "sub goals" to eat some of it, and all 100 subs would be gifted by Sunny. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh yeah, weirdness is subjective and western diets are pretty vanilla. There's a lot of interesting cuisine out there if you know how to prepare and serve it. Balut is an easy example because you can get it from vending machines in a lot of places. Everyone eats eggs, so it's relatable, and it looks a lot worse than it actually is. I hear it's a bit salty and the beak is crunchy but it's not bad. :twilightblush:

And also have a discussion on the video about the greatest debate surrounding it:

Do you, or do you not, knock the maggots out before you eat it.

I'm from Vietnam, balut is pretty much our equivalent of a hot dog. Also, its not salty and if the beak is crunchy, the egg is overdeveloped. Once again, durian or fermented durian needs to be next

Zipp came prepared. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know why, but fermented durian sounds pretty good... like it'd hardly be punishing Pipp. Fruit usually gets sweeter and more alcoholic when fermented? :twilightsmile:

*Later on*

Pipp was live streaming to her fans when she got a notification, a few actually, that all said the same thing: "Look behind you!"

Turning around she saw none other than Izzy standing there, wearing a gas mask, and holding thirty cans of Surströmming in her magic, each with a can opener ready to pierce the lids.

"So..." Izzy slowly said, her voice sounding deep through the mask. "I will admit that was a good prank, but you forgot one thing: Payback is a pain in the flank."


Too late. With a demented laugh Izzy stabbed the openers into the lids and twisted.

If a friend of mine did what Pipp did, that's just how I'd get payback. Overkill sure but...

Pipp did say that Surströmming is her favorite dish, so she would know how to prepare it before eating or opening the can, but I don't think even she can handle the smell.

Never tried or even seen a Surströmming can IRL, but I have heard how bad the smell is.

Which makes me wonder how bad thirty cans would be. :twilightoops:

Well, that’s pretty much every non-machine-washable keepsake in her bedroom in the trash.

If you want to try a "training wheels" rough approximation, you can use a tin of kippers and serve them up with the traditional sour cream/(plain) yoghurt, boiled potatoes, and minced red onion/chives.

Mix to combine and serve with flatbread. Yum!

As a Minnesotan, I say. Lutefisk.

ok its only been two days and its on the front page of the site

It will also make for a good crackfic... I'd love to see that X'D

Finally got around to reading this.

Sunny should have filmed Zipp's reaction.

My god this is a beautiful mesh of chaos and comedy! Especially that bit at the end, man that was hysterical! Hope ya don't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this beautiful fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/BZlFK9rXQX0

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Thanks again for another reading. I'll put the link in the story later. You must keep pretty busy. :twilightsmile:

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