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Zipp and Pipp have always been distant sisters. Their interests never aligned, and rarely did they spend time in each other's company when their mom wasn't involved. But after returning from an adventure and making friends with earth ponies and a unicorn, the two royals have an important question to answer: are they sisters, or are they family?

Cover art by Tsuyu_Tatsu, which inspired the story
Edited by SolidFire and LoyalLiar

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You know, I was originally gonna write something similar to this story, but after reading this one and comparing it to mine, I feel like you did a better job at writing the Pipp and Zipp sister reconciliation story than anything I ever could write.

You really captured the essence of the characters here, and I liked how you gave some emotional depth to Pipp that I wish got explored more during the movie. Though, I thought that Queen Haven focused more of her attention on Pipp than Zipp due to Pipp always telling her everything, implying a close relationship. But with that said, I really like how you handled this story.


Pegahugs, v. good yes.

Zipp taking more interest in Pipp's life is good, but honestly that "I have fans?" at the end suggests they should also probably be including Pipp in more royal-business related discussions. She knows things about the pegapopulace that Haven and Zipp don't—disregarding it just because it's on the socmeds is unwise. Plus in general with a royal family of three, it's pretty silly to be completely excluding one horse from having and learning about royal responsibilities.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Dang that was cute and sweet.

Cute and sweet story.

I got a chuckle out of the apology video bit.

I like this story. It really shows a more relatable side to Pipp.

I'll have you know I was thinking of that exact picture at the end of this story

This was brilliant. Though I loved the film one of the few things I wish they explored more was the bond , or lack there of, between the new royal sisters. Especially Pepp’s anger towards Zipp after leaving her like that, it was actually kinda heartbreaking to watch only for it to be dropped a second later.

Loved what you’d done with them here, great work


This was a really great emotional fic. A level of writing that I can only describe by simply saying, "This is good."

This is perfection. Literally this is what would need to happen for them to grow in their relationship.


I would love to see something like this happen in the show

This is just so super duper sweet! The heartfelt moments and expressed emotions were on point and had no shortage of pure power! Absolutely wonderful stuff! I hope ya didn't mind, but I just HAD to make a reading of this fic of yours!

Audio Linkerloo!: https://youtu.be/q272xkLv384

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Very good story, so sweet. Great exploration of their relationship after the film.

“It is!” Pipp protested. “It is a genuine apology. But my fans only appreciate drama, so you really gotta turn everything up to eleven.” She gasped and turned to Zipp. “Idea!” she sang.

Ohai there, little piece of Rarity. Nice to see your glamorous-yet-dramatic side lives on in spirit.

Author Interviewer

We may not be two of your ‘Littlepipps’ or whatever you call them

i c wut u did der :V

A nicely realistic moment between the royal sisters. The pacing of the movie only allowed for so much, so Pipp’s rightful bitterness over what happened to her evaporates pretty quickly after getting to know her new friends and going forth to bring magic back. However, once the adventure’s over, she’d have time to think again about what happened, and Zipp’s involvement in her ruined show, and her lack of involvement in her life before this.

This was also a sobering reinterpretation of Pipp’s addiction to her phone; it’s the only way she can get attention, and even then, as she said, it’s only for what she does, not for who she is. It really makes you want to give the poor girl a hug…

Hopefully we’ll see some development between Pipp and Zipp in the show, but this was some lovely closure for these two. Well done. =)


Mascara and lemon juice? Thanks for reminding me why I despise social media divas and influencers. And Pipp was growing on me a bit.

“You left me there!” the younger pegasus exclaimed. “Hanging from wires, a fake for all the world to see! You could have done something, coulda… I don’t know!” Pipp’s lip trembled and she sharply turned away. “But you ran off and I had to get out of that mess myself. I barely got away before they arrested Mom!”

Ohhh yeah that's right that was kind of mean of Zipp to do that even though what pipp and get mother did was no better as well but still yikes

Oh wow this was a pretty nice story between sisters and yeah pipp was still pretty mad at zipp for leaving her hang in there when they got exposed and she felt like no matter what she does Zipp get all the attention from their mother and she felt like she was never important Zipp felt bad about this whole situation specially this whole favoritism she apologized to her and no matter how different they are they are sisters and they always will have each other and care for each other again this was a very good story keep up the good work

Solid story, im realizing more and more what a cool dynamic we're gonna have in g5 with these too, and how cool pipp actually has the potential to be (tho i never had doubts about zipp being cool, lol)

Now i just really hope that official g5 material will do them justice.

I like the characterization you did here. I really hope the show itself will touch on such a thing. Sister relationships things are always nice.

It's sooo cute. I love this story.

Short, heartfelt, and straight to the point. Pacing? Superb. Grammar? Splendid

Characters? Guilded! Holy smokes I gotta state that the whole "Pipp wants attention because she lacks it," was an angle I didn't even consider, and you managed to display it AND in a very elegant and heartfelt fashion.
Great job!

Oh my gosh this was wonderful.

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